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July 1, 2013

Goatboy's Monday - List Idea - Tau/Eldar - Larry, Darryl, and My Other Brother Darryl

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Goatboy is back with another list to cause groans of spam and other nonsense.  I have decided to post the initial idea I had for a Tau/Eldar combo that tries to push the use of MC's and the idea that Tau/Eldar can be very aggressive.

I think a lot of lists are missing the point of moving beyond just bullets and going back to actual board control as a means to win the game.  So this is my response to what I consider to be a very strong mid board list that can put out enough quality firepower to put a hurt on most lists.

Tau/Eldar - 1850 point list of doom - Larry, Darryl, and my other brother Darryl

HQ: Farsight
HQ: Bodyguard X 7
Bodyguard #1 - aka Gadget - Flamer, Puretide Chip, Command and Control Node, Multiple Spectrum Sensor Suite (say that 3 times)
Bodyguard #2 - 5 - Missile Pod X 2, Target Lock
Bodyguard #6 - 7 - Plasma Rifle, Fusion Blaster
HQ: Farseer, Bike
Elites: Riptide, Early Warning Override
Elites: Riptide, Early Warning Override
Troops: Firewarriors X 10 (I made them 10 because their points became nicer)
Troops: Firewarriors X 10
Troops: Firewarriors X 10
Troops: Windrider Jetbikes X 10, Shruiken Cannon X 3
Heavy: Wraithknight

This was originally my idea for an Angry Tau list with some Eldar help.  Of course this is a dent in your wallet with 3 big kits and a lot of jetbike annoyance.  Still the overall design of the list is to give you all the options needed to beat just about any list - with only one set of doubles and 3 identical troops (didn't want Kroot cuz they smell).  It's barely spammy at all!

Let's break it down a bit to give a better idea on where my thoughts are.  I know last time people were still trying to question my choices and I figure I would break this down.  This list most likely works well for me as it gives me the things I want which is movement plus aggression.


At the top with have Farsight.  He is an interesting option as he isn't nearly as useful as his friends are.  You can use him as a deep strike option to come in, hit a target and control the opponent in making him timid.  He can also be used as a mobile strike platform that is harder to remove and mixed with his 3 buddies a not so distinct target for your opponent.

His bodyguard set up is designed to replace the Broadsides in a normal Tau list and give you a jack of all trades styled option.  You have 16 TWL Str 7 shots that have Tank Hunter/Ignore Cover that can shoot different targets.  It is great for those games where Vehicles start to come back (they are coming - so prepare).  The two Plasma/Fusion Blaster guys are there to help deal with tougher options and give a chance to dump 2-4 wounds on another annoying MC.

The Farseer is a good add on to the Jetbikes and it gives me some good psychic buffs to add to the army.  If you happen to get Fortune then you can make a really annoying troop choice that can get anywhere on the table.  With 3 big fatties on the board - the Bikes might live longer then you expect and win the game in the end.


I needed two Fat brothers to help out the Knight and the Riptide does the job well.  It is fast, has a decent set of weapons and in a pinch can go drop kick something.  I can see getting very aggressive with them when facing other Tau broadsides as you move up and threaten that unit.  Plus with it moving so fast and having a chance with Incerceptor it might take out a Dragon every now and again.  I think the Riptide is one of the better threat units in the game and it reminds me of a better Dreadknight with it's extra wound, better gun, and constant movement.


You need troops to win so I just set about getting a fast troop with a decent back option.  The Fire Warriors are alright and with 30 of them you should have enough survive the Dragon flames to hold something in the backfield.  The Bikes will move forward and threaten your opponents objectives so hopefully the Firewarriors will get some shots here and there.

I answered the reason for the bikes already but I think they will be a help getting those last few wounds on an MC as well as give you an option to get from point A all the way to point B.  Plus they love Fritzing the objective in the end.


Finally we have someone I have become a fan of - the Wraithknight.  This guy does a lot and even though he is expensive his ability to come in strong and be aggressive is something to fear.  Yes you have to worry about those Bale Sword MC's but I have a feeling Farsight's friends will do a number to most flying guys who are coming near.  I worry more about the DE coming back as a spoiler list but I still think the basic Wraithknight needs to be looked at.  With the two brothers backing him up I don't see many armies posing a threat as this guys jumps, gets close, and prepares to kung fu kick you in the mommy and daddy button.

This list seems decent on paper but with the cost of 3 large plastic kits it makes it hard to really try out.  I think it has enough firepower, movement, and overall board control to give a run to a lot of the top lists out there.

What are your thoughts?  Too hot, too cold, or just right?
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