Infinity: Haqqislam Faction Review

Doctors without peer, the only manufacturer of medical Silk for resurrection, creators of a new renaissance of Islam; followers of Haqqislam have a new path and a new home.
The mid 21st century was hard on a lot of people after the economic fall of many Western powers.  A new religious doctrine that combines Islamism with a neo-Muslim culture formed the beginning of the Haqqislam or “new Islam” movement.  They are quite possibly the only faction in the Human Sphere that is the most concerned with advancing the soul of humanity.

Farhad Khadivar always stressed that it was the message that was most important and not the messenger.  He sought to bring hope to a fatalistic people suffering under ignorant religious leaders.  Although he only reached the age of 42 before he was assassinated, his words and insights carried over to new generations.  He wanted to create a more humanist movement within Islam and bring back the golden age when Islam lead the world in medicine and philosophy.  This new idea did not go over very well with the religious leaders of the time…

Several years of debates and fighting resulted in the Haqqislam movement gaining support and momentum.  Beginning in the 22nd century they wanted to apply for their own economic and political status but no one was willing to lend them land.  The answer came in the form of scripture.  Scientists discovered the exact night sky that was over Jerusalem when Mohammad began his journey from the rock.  Claiming it was Allah’s will, they discovered a wormhole that directly lead to a new planet in an unclaimed system.

The planet was at first inhospitable but determination and terraforming made it possible to start a new life there.  Bourak became the systems name and the Haqqislamite movement rocketed into a new golden age.  Medicine became the primary focus and Haqqislam is the leader in medical and biochemical sciences.  There is the secret to their vast wealth; you wanna feel better, you gotta pay the merchant…  Cube resurrection would be impossible without the proper medical supplies and expertise of the Haqqislamite sciences.

Although Bourak boasts many tourist locations for health and relaxation, they realize that this is dangerous universe.  The Sword of Allah is the military wing of Haqqislam and it currently the largest army in the Human Sphere.  Where other factions have resources to build TAG’s and other heavy infantry, the environment on Bourak is hrash and lends itself to large mobilized light infantry. There is even a rumor that there is a secret society that uses assassins to eliminate certain targets, but like the ninja rumors it’s all just stories…

Hassassin Bahram Sectoral Force

Like the ninja’s employed by the Yu Jing, these forces come straight from myth and field like legends.  It can be said that this branch handles the special or dirty jobs the rest of the army does not need to know about.  Haqqislam may be a more humanistic approach, and although they have cast away their more fundamentalist roots, this is one legacy that has remained.  The Hassassin’s assist the Sword of Allah with a hidden blade and sometimes they infiltrate other aspects of the Human Sphere with deadly motives.
What’s not to like about these guys?  Religious Troop, Impersonation, and high Willpower; yes please!  Impersonation can be better than the best camouflage because you essentially set up with your opponent’s army!  They have to try to discover you while you’re taking out models…  Like the rest of Haqqislam you can get cheap doctors with high WP that will keep your models standing.  Finally, the Lasiqs can get viral sniper rifles which means your enemy rolls BTS and not armor!
Qapu Khalqi Sectoral Force
With the entire Human Sphere’s medical supply exported daily, you’re gonna want some protection for those ships.  Another legacy from old earth comes back in the form of merchants and corsairs ready to trade in the coin of credits or death.  This force combines the best of Haqqislam; in money and firepower.  Guarding shipments can be boring but only if you’re not trained properly.  Sometimes mercenaries will come along because there’s always work when a caravan is moving…
These guys really are a mix of interesting, a dash of hmmm, and sweeeet.  The Odalisques are a team that can be linked for firepower or dominating close combat.  Not your bag?  Maybe the Bazouks who can parachute in and then deploy holoprojectors?  Djanbazan troops practically cheat with Regeneration, Multi-spectral 2, and good weapon loads.  Finally you can get up to five Janissaries; armor 4, Wounds 2, and BS 13!  This force is literally a bag of holding…
Haqqislam gives you a new path.  Is your soul prepared?

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