New Aug White Dwarf Review & Lizardmen Pics (video)

Here Lizard, Lizard, Lizard.  If the White Dwarf was a Taco Bell Chihuahua, that is what it would sound like I think . 

As you’ve probably heard by now, Warhammer Fantasy’s Lizardmen are getting an slew of new releases from a new Army Book to a Plastic Carnosaur

Being a closeted fan of Warhammer Fantasy Battles, when the new issue of White Dwarf came out, I made sure to read the magazine cover to cover.

I would say a vast majority of the whole magazine is GW continuing to show off how awesome they can make stuff, and even this release will leave us scrambling to further discuss and dissect their creations. 

I mean look at these monsters!  Why do the Lizardmen seem to get all the monsters?!!

This issue showcased the newest Lizardmen models, and went over some unexpected releases like the new Space Hulk video game, and upcoming Black Legion digital Codex Supplement.

This White Dwarf was once again about 150 pages, with the normal 1/3 of the magazine devoted to new product features, and summaries (which included Forge World, and Black Library previews).

New Lizards aside- this issue, just like in July’s had all the normal articles, (from Kit Bash to Paint Splatter) but was once again sans a Blanchitsu article.

The Battle Ground article was another bright spot in the magazine, as it was all about making terrain that was big enough to stand with new Apocalypse Kits.

The battle report (pitting Lizardmen vs. Tomb Kings) was pretty well done this time around, not the atrocious pile that they left on our doorstep for the Eldar battle report.  Like the Apocalypse feature from last month the layout was done well, with great shots of new Lizardmen models bludgeoning the forces of the undead.

So there wasn’t really a peep about all the Space Marine rumors from the last month or so, but I guess well know more about that soon enough.  

Oh and while this issue pretty much focuses on the new MONSTER release, it still featured a fair amount of Warhammer 40k material as well (from the Battle Ground to some cool features in the Paint Splatter section).

That’s all for this time guys. Checkout the video below for a more comprehensive look at this issue and the new models, which are now all on advanced order and will release Saturday August 3rd. -MBG

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