Wargaming on Deployment – The REAL Heroes in Wargames

Today I want to share some photos of a warband of Emperor’s Children – but these Fallen Astartes are doing a job way more important then my entire collection of Loyalists – they are keeping a soldier company.

Reader Tyler R. has been deployed to Afghanistan for over a year.  While he can’t discuss any details beyond that for obvious reasons, he is an avid BoLS reader, and wanted to share his love of the hobby with us all.

Here are his Emperor’s Children, who are really getting to see the world!  Tyler sends his regards, his pride in his models, and wants us to know that he not only checks in with us regularly from across the world, but is happy to have his miniatures and wargames to pass the time and keep him entertained during the quiet times.

Tyler, THANK YOU for sharing and thank you for your service.  I for one love to hear from our men and women in uniform, and am happy that we can provide a little bit of home to our forces deployed overseas.

Everyone feel free to throw your support for Tyler, and his Emperor’s Children who are literally facing a warzone day and day out.  Stay safe!

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