40K RUMORS: The Hivemind Evolves!

The Hivemind is ever adapting, and growing stronger.  Here is the latest batch on the Tyranids.

First off, most rumors are pointing to November for Nids – and we all know that new releases ship the first Saturday of the month.  Just saying…

Now, onto the rumors:

Carnifex – significant cost reduction

Harpy – big overhaul. New model/dual-combo kit, Flying Monstrous, Sonic Screech combines with Vector striking. Additional Spore Mine Cysts may be purchased as upgrades. Default Stranglethorn has new upgrade options.

New Flyer – Fast Attack choice, the alternative build for the Harpy kit.

Ymgarl Genestealers – New special arrival rule is shared with the Lictor, may now purchase standard Genestealer biomorph upgrades.

Hiveguard: new weapon upgrade option (available to a handful of units) that grants skyfire with an “enhanced ability” to ground FMCs.

Nom, nom, nom…  I’m loving the visuals of those dastardly winged daemon princes being harpooned to the surface and torn apart by the swarms… hehehehe. 

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