GENCON 2013 Roundup Pt.2 – Infinity, X-Wing, DUST, Dropzone Commander

On to part two of our Gencon coverage.  Lots of Fantastic minis in this one, from tons of your favorite companies (even GW).

Going in alphabetical order by manufacturer, we begin Part 2 with Corvus Belli
Here’s that cool ne Anaconda TAG that’s been making the rounds.
And a mix of some of their newest and most iconic minis. Some of their new Bootleg models. Unfortunately they didn’t bring along too much. It can’t be cheap to ship it all in from Spain.

Up next we have some shots from the Dream Pod 9. Having never played Heavy Gear, I’m not sure what the new coolness is here. I decided to just take pics of everything.

These tanks seemed to be causing some excitement.

Here are some more X-Wing shots from the Fantasy Flight Games booth.

This looked like some new stuff for the Inquisitor RPG.



And some new invasion stuff.

All the Dust stuff was over at the Gale Force Nine booth.

They also had a case full of D&D Collector’s minis.

And a cool cave scene for them to hang out in.

Games Workshop returned this year and brought a nice impressive diorama to show off.

They had some other cool painted pieces hanging around the booth.

And as always they brought all the Forge World stuff.

Up next is the Hawk Wargames booth who had plenty of Dropzone Commander to show off.

The thing they were most excited to show me was this prototype for a new plastic starter set. It will come with a rulebook, plenty of models, some of those cardboard city pieces, and a low price of entry for anyone interested in picking up Dropzone Commander.

Here’s a production prototype of one of the sprues. They’re still working out a few final kinks but the end product should look very much like this one.

Here’s a close-up to show off the detail.

I also got some shots of this col Scorpion Walker with an articulated tail.

It folds up under this drop ship.

There were also some prototypes for a new faction, The Human Resistance.

Tons of detail on these guys, even on the bottom.

~ And that ends Part 2. Come back tomorrow when we’ll be kicking off the last of the Gencon Coverage starting with Mantic.

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