GW: What Is the Mystery Box?

It’s been a fun ride trying to decipher the contents of this year’s mystery box, but we are getting down to the wire – what is it?

Lets go back and look at what has occurred before.

First we had the 2009 reboot of  Space Hulk, and boy did everyone lose their minds. It was a fantastic reboot of the game with topshelf models and a great new board and presentation.

The seasons passed and next came whispers of a new version of  Man-O-War.  The excitement and electricity was in the air and Games Workshop pulled the covers off of Dreadfleet.

Let’s just say that one went the way of the Titanic… glug-glug-glug…

Over a year ago we began to hear word of a Blood Bowl reboot.  The industry had seen the massive success of  Mantic’s Dreadball kickstarter and many figured GW would bring out their classic game of Fantasy football an reopen some competition in the fantasy sport boardgame arena.

Then in the spring all talk of Blood Bowl died off and was replaced with this:

GW is about to enter the skirmish scene with the release of:
Warhammer 40k: Inquisition

Inquisition is designed for 2-4 players and each side will use custom cards and dice. Army sizes consist of about 5-10 models per side. A whole new set of models drawn from Blanche artwork will accompany. The game should be flexible as you can make and design your own Inquisitorial retinue. As for rules complexity that is anyone’s guess, but the general marketing goal for Inquisition is a gateway game into the greater Warhammer 40k universe.

Beyond that GW, seems to be taking cues from Kickstarter projects like Sedition Wars and home-brewed rules like Inq28 for Inquisitor. This also might not end up as a limited edition run, but that all depends on sales, and if any support is continued will be done through digital expansions and updates.

Many details and the classic drip, drip, drip of rumors continued till even today:

The owner of my FLGS was told by his GW rep that the “mystery box” is in fact a Skirmish system for 40K similar to Kill team. Take it for what it’s worth, with as much salt as needed.

Yet just hours apart, other websites are back to reporting that it’s still Blood Bowl.

So what gives? 

At this time we are getting contradictory rumormongers pointing fingers at each other.  The vast majority say it’s the Inquisition-Skirmish Game, while a holdout or two still say its BloodBowl.  What everyone agrees on is that’s it’s coming at GamesDay UK next month as a very limited release product.  GW doesn’t want this Mystery Box to end up in a watery grave like it’s predecessor.

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So what do you want more? Tick-tock, tick-tock…

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