Tyranid RUMORS: “It Tore Through the Cockpit!!!”

The Shadow in the Warp is closing. New Tyranid creatures have been engineered.  Here is the latest batch on the Tyranids.

This last set has been doing the rounds on Warseer and all over the place.

Army-wide notes– No FOC and ally table changes
– Devastation and Adaptation are new power tables with 3 powers each + primaris.
– Primaris for Devastation = Warp Blast, Adaptation = Onslaught (similar to battle-focus)
– All Tyranid powers can be used with either one or two charges to increase the effect.
– Ravenous Advance: Units with this rule can run & assault in the same turn.
– The Ground Trembles: All MC cause d3 Hammer of Wrath hits.
– Red Terror, Deathleaper and Old One Eye are unique upgrades to their respective broods.
– Harpy/Erinye, plastic dual kit.
– Harpy is designed to kill infantry hordes/provide support via its special vector strike.
– Vector striking it can either use Spore Mine Cyst to create blasts along the path or Sonic Screech to halve initiative and cause a pinning test.
– Erinye is an AA variant in Elite, very different front torso/head piece with gribbly tentacles.
– Increased Swoop speed and its gimmick is grappling other flyers.

This is an interesting set.  Its has a level of specificity that would lean against it being a general wishlist.  On some individual points is contradicts previous rumors (which you see often from various sets of evolving playtest and final rule rumors), but overall it lines up quite well with the general direction of what has been coming out regarding the new Nid codex.

I’d give this set a better than average shot of being truthful.

OMG, sign me up for a giant flying gribbly that GRAPPLES enemy flyers and tears them apart in assault.  I’m all over that. 

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