Dark Elves Pics & Prices

Dark Elves go up for sale in 4 days and here comes next month’s prices and the first glimpses!  Farsight makes an appearance as well.

This has been doing the rounds on the tubes:

It would seem that Dark Elves Warriors get a new trademarkable name – Dreadspears.

And the “kraken” is indeed the Kharibdyss for all you Greek mythology buffs.

This looks like about half of the purported Dark Elf kits, so the 2-month window is looking more likely with each passing day.

Dark Elves Pictures

A note on the last minute pictures.  Remember that GW traditionally clamps down on information the month leading up to GamesdayUK (this weekend), so they can get a lot of hype (and hopefully ticket sales) for the big show.  I would expect gorgeously painted Dark Elves to be all over the place.  Everyone get your cameras ready!!!

~Have at it. 

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