SHOWCASE: Necron Tesseract Vault by Mr.Chaos

I love to see great paint jobs and today Mr.Chaos brings us a fantastic Necron Tesseract Vault.  Lets get to the pretty pictures.

Now first off, while I enjoy the “eternal horror” sci-fi vibe of Necrons, I always found their default black with silver drybrush scheme to be a little… uninspired.  Much like the Black Templars and lots of other “black with trim” schemes, its great for beginners, but doesn’t turn heads on the tabletop.

Mr.Chaos has given us a treat with the corroded white/cream external scheme with crisp blue color accents.  The scheme pops and almost has an electric Cygnar feel to it.

You still get the dark, rusty Necron cabling and interior, but limited to those spaces, it only serves to add further contrast to the bright exterior areas – a good visual trick.

I’m particularly impressed with the high-gloss electric spheres and how much visual ‘pop’ they add to the drab exterior, and of course, its almost impossible to pull your eye’s away from the caged C’Tan within.

You can see even more of Mr.Chaos’ AWESOME Necrons (with lots of pictures) here:

Tomb Kings in Spess

~Enjoy everybody!

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