Goatboy’s 40K Hobby – I Build Weird Daemons!

Goatboy here again to just showcase some of my major 40k love – building CRAZY Monstrous Creatures.

I think I have an issue as I have built something like 12+ giant Monsters with this new Daemon book.  I think it all started when I came back to the game and built my first Nidzilla list and started loving painting big models.  So with that let’s show some of these things.

Slaaneshi Creepi
Will start with my newest one.  I blame Isotope99s model’s for this latest one.  His design for his Artillery piece inspired this monster.  Plus I had a ton of random bits laying around needing a chance to shine.  This guy was built to be a Slaanesh Flying MC.  Bits for the model – Daemon Prince Legs/Arms/Leg Pads, Tentacle/Gun from the Forge Fiend, Chronos Pain Engine Body, Cut Apart Maxmini Jump Pack, and green stuff.  I wanted him to be creepy looking with the flat mask.  He is very skinny so he has that feeling of grace that the normal Daemon Prince doesn’t always have.  The larger arms gives the model a threat of violence as well which gives a great feeling for a crazy Daemon Prince.  I used the Tentacle Maker from Greenstuff Industries.

I am sure he shoots something terrible – it just doesn’t go that far.
I also blame Dark Future Games for all these MC’s too!
I’ve started another gun one again using the Helbrute, Forge Fiend Legs/Guns, and more Greenstuff.  Look for that guy on my blog soon as I look at completing out a new Daemon army build.  Plus I will have some different looking Daemonettes or Daemondude’s.
Next up I wanted something different for my Fateweaver.  I don’t like the flying chicken model and thought I wanted another Cybernetic looking guy that will be a lynchpin of a lot of Daemon Armies.  I think most armies need him so I needed a cool one.  Thus I built this guy.  Parts are Tomb Spider Center/Legs, Crypt Ghoul Wings, Random 3rd Party Chest bit, Pink Horror Head, Chaos Spawn bird head, Maulerfiend Plasma Cutter arms, and of course Green stuff.  
I bet they fight over the check.
He has no booty!
The Helfinch
Next I have a new Dragon I did to be easier to carry around.  I know a lot of people have done this online and I decided to do it as well.  I originally built one for the Wargames Con army and thought I needed one too.  It makes it a lot easier to carry around.  I normally play that only the base counts as the thing that needs to fly over you as I thought spreading the wings out is kind of BS.  But hey – I usually know what I need to hit and when I can hope to hit it.  Woohoo!  Pieces are the Dragon, Forge fiend Head, and of course green stuff.
I can fly with this jerk now!
Finally I figured I would show some none crazy evil stuff.  I wanted to make a Dark Angel Librarian on a bike and found all the pieces from the last boxed set to combo this guy.  Dark Angels Librarian, Dark Angels Sarge Bike, Warding Stave from GK/Purity Seals, and some random Necron bits to create the Power  Field Generator.  I then thought why not try a Tech Marine on a bike too.  This one has lots of random bits as well but the Servo arm is the missile launcher back pack from the old Black Reach box plus Necron bits.
That is it for now.  I have some plan for some Soul Grinders.  I have one sort of built that needs more work to add the gun and other pieces.  It feels way too top heavy right now so it needs more work elsewhere.  Who knows what I will do with the new Tyranid book.  I am sure they will have some crazy monsters to build, cut, and combo your way kick ass model heaven.  
I hope you enjoyed my monsters – what do you think?

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