Iron Hands Supplement Rules

The Iron Hands are here!  Clan Raukaan is out and the Iron Hands get buffed!  Here are the details:

via Deadlift on the BoLS Lounge:

Army Rules

March of the Ancients
Allows us to take Ironclads, Venerable and standard Dreadnoughts in elites and heavy support.

Scions of the Forge
For every HQ (not including other Techmarines, Servitors, Command Squads or Honour Guard) slot you use you may take a Techmarine which will not use up a FoC slot, If you take a Master of the Forge then that unlocks 3 Techmarines.

Gifts of Gorgon
Any Character in your Clan Raukaan detachment can only use the chapter relics listed in the supplement.

Warlord Traits
You can choose to either roll on the the warlord traits in the main rule book (not space marine codex) or on the traits available in the supplement. 

1. Adapt of the Omnissiah
In each of the shooting phases, instead of firing his weapon, a character with this rule may choose to repair a single vehicle that he is in base contact with or embarked upon. To repair a vehicle roll a d6 and add any modifiers

servitors with servo arm +1

character has servo-harness +1

if you get a 5 or more you may either restore a hull point or repair a weapon destroyed or immobilised result immediately

2. Will of Iron
Your Warlord is fearless

3. Flesh is Weak
Warlord adds +1 to his FNP roll

4. Student of History
Your Warlord and any Clan Raukaan detachment can choose to automatically fail any morale check

5.Merciless Resolve
Your Warlord and all friendly Clan Raukaan units within 12″ have the Crusader special rule

6.Target Protocols
Warlord and any Clan Raukaan unit he joins re-roll to hit rolls of a 1 in the shooting phase 

Gifts of the Gorgon (Relics)

Only 1 can be taken per army and obviously for use by Clan Raukaan.

1. The Mindforge Stave
Only Librarians
x2 Str

2. Axe of Medusa
+2 Str
Melee, Master-Crafted, Severing Strike, Unwieldy
Severing Strike
Each time the bearer of the Axe rolls a 6 to hit the weapon is +4 strength instead of 2

3.The Ironstone
This isn’t a weapon, its part of the armour.
Friendly Clan Raukaan Tanks and Walkers within 6″ of the bearer pass their IWND rolls on a 4+. If the Bearer rolls a 6 then you also repair a weapon destroyed, or immobilised result suffered earlier in game, your choice

4. Betrayers Bane
Combi Melta that can be fired either as a boltgun or meltagun each turn. Either shots from the gun are Master Crafted.

5. The Gorgans Chain
The wearer of the chain has these special rules depending on how many unsaved wounds he has suffered during the game.

0 wounds = 3+inv, +1 to FNP and Eternal Warrior
1 wound = 3+inv and Eternal warrior
2 wounds = 3+inv
3 wounds = 4+inv

If you recover a wound from your IWND roll the effects of the chain change immediately

6. The Tempered Helm
When taking morale tests all friendly units with 24″ of the bearer may use his leadership instead of their own. You can also choose a single friendly unit within 12″ and at the start of their shooting phase that unit re-rolls to hit rolls of 1. This is even if the bearer is embarked on a vehicle or in a building.       

The Flesh is Weak!


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