40K Non-Apocalypse Formations Arrive!

Yes you read that right!  GW Digital unveiled the latest Advent publication – and with it a new concept – non-Apocalypse Formations that can be used in standard 40K.

First of all yesterday this came out:


Tau combat doctrine places great emphasis on defeating enemy forces using superior firepower and technological advantage. At the heart of this method of warfare are their battlesuits; giant mechanical suits that are armed with the most powerful Tau weaponry. Foremost among these are the terrifying XV104 Riptide and XV88 Broadside battlesuits, capable of demolishing enemy battle lines and armour in a blaze of particle beams and howling sub-munitions.

The Tau Fireblade Support Cadre Dataslate presents the rules for fielding this advanced formation in your games of Warhammer 40,000, the cadre containing the impressive XV104 Riptide supported by six Broadside battlesuits, a terrifying prospect for any opponent to face!

Now the formation itself is fairly basic:
– 1 Riptide
– 2 three-suit Broadside Teams
Seven models in total (not counting drones) and they all get Tank Hunters and PE: Space Marines.

Tau Support Cadre Discussion

But the big thing is there are a lot of very worded rules that introduce this new FOC concept of a Standard 40K “Formation”.  It works as follows:

– It must include the units described.
– It counts as the same faction as the codex it is from.
– Any number of them can be fielded alongside other detachments and each counts as a detachment.
– They do NOT count as an allies detachment.
– They CAN be fielded if they match legal allies to an army’s primary detachment, but they DO NOT count as the single allied detachment in this case.

So for example, A Space Marine Detachment, could field a Tau Formation (counting as battle brothers), and then purchase any other legal allied detachment (Sisters for example).  Don’t forget about those free floating Inquisitorial detachments too!

I’m betting we can look forward to lots more formations in the days ahead. This is going to get really sticky real fast…

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