SHOWCASE: Eldar Corsairs – Part 1

When we saw Kingsley C’s amazing Eldar Corsair army we knew we had to share it with the world.  Come take a closer look.

Here is the rundown of the hobby side of the Corsair list, so you can break out those paintbrushes and get cracking:

Overall Design

This project started back in 5th using the DE codex, but modeled in a way to allow me to use the Eldar book whenever it would be updated. Eldar have always been my favorite army since I started playing in 2nd edition, and there is a soft spot in my heart for those retro models. I decided that if I combined DE Warrior and CW Eldar Guardian kits together I could make a convincing ambiguous Corsair. Is he Dark Eldar or is he Craft World? For the guns I raided my second edition plastic guardians for their lasguns which, combined with the stock from the splinter rifles, was an easy conversion.

Another throw back to the second edition Eldar Codex are the Exodites, nomadic Eldar that ride dragons! Thumbing through the DE codex it became clear that the rules for the Beastmaster unit could easily represent a herd of dragons and their wranglers. Raiding the Lizardmen and Dark Elf ranges gave me models to put together a very unique unit on the table top.

Paint Scheme
Started with a base coat of foundation mechrite red
Then painted the shadows and creases in the armor with dark flesh
Repainted armor with Velejo Heavy Red
High light Valejo Flat Red
Final highlight Macharius Solar Orange

Hawk Turquoise
highlight Ice Blue

Calthan Brown
Kommando Khaki
Bleached Bone

Regal Blue
Lightning Blue
Ice Blue
White dot

Exodites Dragons

These are painted using the GW article on how to paint Lizardmen and the Exodite Gold armor was painted following the GW guide on how to paint non-metallic gold for the Sanguinor.
Now the army fluff and pics you’ve all been waiting for: 
Corsair Fleet: Void Serpents
The Void Serpents have been sighted all over the Eastern Fringe but most notably surrounding the Malestorm and it is widely considered by the Ordo: Xenos that this is where their pirate base is concealed. For centuries the Void Serpents have eluded the Warders of the Maelstrom while plaguing shipping lanes and plundering nearby systems. However not all Imperial contact with the Void Serpents has been hostile, for it is rumored that the Hamadrya pet of Chapter Master of the Astral Claws Huron is I fact an Exodite Dragon given to Huron by Prince Yamaril, for reasons unknown.  

Many outcasts find themselves traveling with Corsair fleets and use their skills of infiltration and scouting to aide their kin in battle.

Oculis Rabidus leads a band of Corsairs into battle. Gotta love those late 90’s facial and hair sculpts!

Oculis Rabidus’ twin brother leads a small squad atop a Corsair Venom armed with a Scatter Laser. The Void Dreamers are looking forward to one of them dying so that the pair can “pilot” a second Wraithknight…

The FW Corsair Jet Pack upgrade kit combined flawlessly with the Swooping Hawk models; making a far more unique and more dynamic unit than with Guardians. They are deployed as either Scourges, or Swooping Hawks just as easily.

Corsair Prince
Prince Yamaril has been admiral of the Void Serpents since their first recorded raids in M39, but little is known of their origins or which Craftworld they herald from. Like all Corsairs, Yamaril is bloodthirsty and extremely tenacious and impossible to corner. The Mantis Warriors chapter of Space Marines in particular have expended considerable recourses chasing the shadows of Yamaril’s fleet in and out of the Maelstrom.

Many Corsair fleets keep close ties with tribes Exodites while using their planets for docking and trading. When these planets come under threat, the Exodites and Corsairs combine forces to expel the Alien invaders. The Exodites use a variety of beasts generally categorized as dragons; all of which are extremely fast and incredibly dangerous in combat.

~Look for part 2 with all the Corsair vehicles coming soon.  So tell Kingsley what you think!

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