SHOWCASE: Toys for Tots Superheavy Only 1 Day Left!

Want an amazing Dark Angels Superheavy conversion and help out a great holiday charity? You only have 1 day left!

project by Machinator

Here’s the basics of the Toys for Tots eBay auction:

The Angelus Redemptor’s service to the Dark Angels Legion can be traced back to the later days of the Great Crusade where it served as the command vehicle of their elite armored company known as the Ironwing. Constructed by the Legion’s techmarines under the gaze of the Mechanicum this super-heavy tank was fitted with a unique dual chambered plasma reactor that could not only power the machine’s main drive indefinitely but could also be tapped to provide munitions for its vast array of plasma based weaponry. However, in the chaotic aftermath of the Horus Heresy the Angelus Redemptor disappeared from the Imperial records and it was feared lost to the Mechanicum, until now….

At long last it is here, rolling from the forges of Blood & Skulls Industry and expertly painted byTommy Clark “Munkey Joe” I present to you the Dark Angels very own super-heavy tank: The Angelus Redemptor! Based on the Baneblade plastic kit this tank is loaded with tons of resin parts from Blood & Skulls Industry and Games Workshop plastic bits making it one huge custom model that would be the centerpiece of any Dark Angel army. Gothic, mysterious, and armed with more plasma weapons then you can shake a Sword of Secrets at this machine of war truly has a place alongside the sons of Lion El’Johnson on the battlefield. And now it can be yours!

The Angelus Redemptor is now available for auction on eBay but the story does not end there! In keeping with the holiday spirit 100% of the money raised from this auction will go to Toys for Tots, and I’ll even cover the shipping. So be your own angel astartes to the children in need this season and place a bid today!

Have at it folks – only 1 day left to bid!

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