The Ultimate Tyranid Rumor Roundup

There are so many Tyranid rumors out we decided to round them all up into one post.

So sit your but in a comfy chair and grab a beer, because this is a long list with stuff from all over the Internet.

Release Basics

New Releases January 11th
Author: Troke

At least 1 new unit per FOC category. 
Biomorphs are in a seperate codex section in categories, with various Tyranid creatures having access to different categories. Biomorph categories are:
– Basic biomorphs
– Rare biomorphs
– Psychic-Leader biomorphs
– Unique biomorphs (only 1 each per army)

Synapse providing Eternal Warrior. 

Miniatures Releases (look here)

Codex Tyranids $49.50
Tyranid Psychic Cards $6 
Tyranid Harpy – Hive Crone $80
Tyranid Exocrine – Haruspex $73
Tyranid Warriors (3 model kit) $51
Tyranid Hive Guard/ Tyrant Guard (3 model kit) $70
Carnifex Brood (2 model kit) $90
Tyranid Swarm (95 model boxed set) $170

– 40 Hormas
– 40 Termas
– 10 Gargoyles
– 4 Ripper Swarms 
– 1 Carnifex

Tyranid Warriors Kit
3 model kit
 Tyranid Prime bits included 
Lash Whips
Rending Claws
Scything Talons
Barbed Strangler (1)
Venom Cannon (1) 

Army/Unit Rules 

– Purchasing a single 30-model Termigant unit unlocks Tervigons as TROOPS choice.
Tervigon upgrades include:
20pts – enlarged spawns roll 4d6.
15pts – unlimited spawns, never “burn out”
Both upgrades can be purchased

Troops FOC
Unit size up to 30
Cost: 4pt
Default comes with Fleshborer

+1 pt Spike Rifles
+2 pt Spinefists (now Assault x(minimum of 2) Twinlinked)
+4 pt Devourers

1 per 10 can take:
+10 pt Strangleweb
+15 pt Electroshock Spitter (S4 AP6 Template Assault 1)

+1 Adrenal Glands – Fleet and Furious Charge
+1 Toxin sacs – Poison (affects cc attacks)
+2 Toxic grubs – Poison (affects ranged fire) 

Units Rumors

-Ymgarl Genestealers retain their ability to assault out of their hidden location.

-Lictors only allow snap shots plus gain a hefty cover save when they are unveiled.

-Raveners and Hormagaunts are Beasts.

-Hormagaunts come equipped with Fleet by default.

-Carnifex gains a T bonus, and may take virtually every biomorph in the codex (bringing back all those plastic bits from the kit into use.)

-Trygon Primes move to HQ.

-Venomthropes and Lictors are purchased in broods of 1-3 per FOC slot, but deploy and operate independently on battlefield.

-Broodlord comes with fixed psychic power and a large number of biomorph options.
-Trygon & Raveners digital dataslate from GW Digital the same month as the codex release with a formation allowing Raveners to assault out of the Trygon’s Deep Strike tunnel.
– Bounding Leap on Hormagaunts: +3″ Run.
– Old One Eye: In the WD report is regenerating like crazy.
– Crone: S:8 VECTOR STRIKE, potent missiles (those funky bug thingys on it’s wings in the pics) and it even comes with an additional flamer template weapon.
-Zoanthropes come with Psychic Scream, and Warp Blast as standard
-Brain leach devourers no longer strength 6
-Exocrine has two different firing modes, one being a Large Blast(s???) or SIX S:7 AP:2 shots!!!
-Haruspex has the ability to magna grapple vehicles and enemy troops.
-No Doom, Parasite, or Mycetic Spore!

Psychic Powers table:

Primaris: Dominion: blessing, +6″ synapse range for the caster
Catalyst: FnP for caster and unit, and another unit in 12″
Paroxysm: ???
The Horror: ??? – Broodlords have this power
Onslaught: ???
Psychic Scream: 1 charge, Nova 6″, Each target takes 2d6+2 minus its Ld wounds without cover nor armor saves.
Warp Blast: 2 charges, Witchfire, same effect as now.

NOTE: Tyranids CAN take rulebook powers.

Point Costs

Exocrine is costed as a Keeper of Secrets
Crone is costed as a Daemon Prince of Slaanesh

Venomthrope: 10pts cheaper
Trygon Prime: 10pts cheaper
Hive Tyrant: 15pts cheaper
Harpy: 25pt cheaper
Carnifex: 40pts cheaper
Tyrannofex: 60pts cheaper

Tyrant Guard: @same
Tyranid Warriors: @same
Genestealers: @same

Ripper Swarm: 3 pts more
Swarmlord: 5pts more
Tervigon: 15pts more

If you made it all the way through that you are a true bug lover!  And make sure you check out all the rumors and the discussion on the BoLS Forum.

Tyranid Rumor Roundup

So what unit are you most excited about?


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