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January 1, 2014

40K: A New Year and a New, Old Way to Kill Psychic Deathstars

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Hey everyone, Reecius here from Frontline Gaming to talk about a tip pointed out to me by a Las vegas Open attendee that I really wanted to share with all of you!

I hate the 2+ reroll save units, openly and unapologetically. They suck, they're not fun, they take no skill to play and in general make 40K a less enjoyable game. Can they be beaten? Yup. But are they enjoyable to play? Nope.

So, anytime I hear of a way to bone them, I do the happy dance and choose to share it with the community!

Here's a great big bone to slap them with, brought to my attention by Adam Tricola. It isn't really a trick, in all honesty, just rereading an old rule almost all of us have forgotten about in the context of the current 40k meta and seeing how useful something from the past now is.

Basically, he asked me how the Dark Eldar Crucible of Malediction works on the Screamerstar and JetseerStar.

For those who are not aware, the Crucible is a once per game piece of wargear that forces every psyker (friend or foe) within a 3d6" radius (average of 11" radius) to take a Ld check or be removed from play with no saves allowed.

This is a nice little weapon to hit the lower Ld units with, such as Daemon Heralds and Warlocks. While the odds of killing a Farseer with Ld 10 is only 1/12 or 8.3% making it really not that great. However, the odds of killing a Ld8 model is 10/36 or 28%. That is pretty brutal. If you hit a unit of 10 Jetseers, you will on average kill 3 of them. That may just be a critical power, gone! Or, against the Screamerstar, it could eliminate a Herald with the Grimoire or Fortune. Yes!

Now, if you really want to get mileage out of this, find ways to combo it with Ld debuffing wargear or powers. Also, eliminate Ld buffing wargear or powers before using it, such as Grisly Trophies. It is also useful against any psyker, and the lower their Ld, the better. Daemon princes are often only Ld9, as are some Nid psyker units.

Either way, hooray! Get those crummy 2+ reroll units out of here, IMO, and this is another way to do it for anyone using Dark Eldar as a primary or an ally.

On a lighter note, Happy new Year everyone! May 2014 be filled with happiness, games, health and prosperity for you all!
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