From everyone here at BoLS:

2013 has been an amazing year, and we’ve had a wonderful time bringing every one of you the wargaming coverage you’ve come to expect from BoLS.

2013 brought us Warhammer 40,000 on STEROIDS!  We saw Dark Angels leading off a FIVE CODEX year, wrapping up with Stronghold Assault & Escalation, and more new supplemental books than you can shake a stick at! Privateer Press followed up on 2012’s Colossals and Gargantuans with 2013’s new faction Convergence, an RPG, and a new novel division, Skull Island Expeditions!  Warhammer Fantasy kicked out it’s own FIVE ARMY BOOK year with Warriors of Chaos and wrapping up with a complete revamp of Dark Elves! Flames of War brought forth the Japanese,  Wyrd launched Malifaux 2.0 and FFG blew the doors off with X-Wing. Continuing from last year we saw the explosive growth of Kickstarter-based products such as Mantic’s Deadzone and  Mars Attacks.  2014 looks to be even better for wargaming with new arrivals and amazing products coming out of the woodwork.  Here’s to bigger and better toy soldiers for us all!

 Thanks for reading!

~Open new years thread guys, jump in!  How’s your New Year celebrations going, and what are you planning for your wargaming 2014?

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