POLL: The Great GW Pricing Poll

We all talk a lot about how GW’s prices are affecting the playerbase It’s time for a community poll and to really get some percentage breakdowns.

Today I want you to help us take the community’s temperature. It’s time to be honest here. I want you to look at your hobby budget, price some of the things you want to buy and answer the poll.  Here’s the question:

If GW wants to get people like YOU buying much more regularly and starting new armies what should they do in the next 6 months?

a) Prices are good – GW is costed properly for their quality now. They should focus on even higher quality to pull ahead from any competition. My GW buying habits are largely unchanged.

b) Lower Prices 10% – GW is slightly overcosted now. It’s not too bad and a small reductions would increase sales substantially. I now keep an eye on my GW purchases.

c) Lower Prices 20% – GW is moderatly overcosted now. It’s pretty bad and it will take a notable change to turn things around. I now buy only occasional GW products.

d) Lower Prices 30% – GW is severely overcosted now. GW is killing itself with their prices and needs to act decisively to turn things around. I am pretty much priced out of GW games.

Remember to compare their costs to the competition that mosts interests you.

Take the Poll Here!

While not on the poll, PLEASE DON’T just do the knee-jerk “they should cut prices as much as possible”.  I really am trusting you as savvy-consumers to seriously think about what amount of stuff you buy currently and would buy at lower price levels – then take a hard comparison to what other companies you are interested in are charging for their minis.  You might be surprised…

Have at it.

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