BREAKING: Imperial Knight CODEX Inbound, Plus IG, 7th Edition and Ork Details!

You heard that right –  Imperial Knights is a full-fledged codex with a kinds of variant lists.  Here are the details on them, the IG 7th, & Orks – OH MY!!!

Imperial Knights
Imperial Knights Codex (March)
Knight Model makes multiple variants

40kRadio adds:

1st Army: Imperial Knights Army
2nd Army: Mechanicum Army
3rd Army: Freeblades Army (Mercs that can ally)

Imperial Guard (Astra Militarum)
-Plastic Ogryns

-Plastic Stormtroopers
-New large tank

40kRadio adds:

-Commissar Squads
-New Larger Transport
-Stormtroopers, Commissar Squads, and Bullgryns are Astra Auxilary. These units may be taken as “plug-ins” to other Imperial armies.
-Catachans and Cadians are covered in the new codex. Catachans are not going to direct only.

Warhammer 40,000 7th Edition

7th Edition arrives in May
-A “true” release
– Updated fortification fules
– Integrated super-heavy rules
– Clarifications and FAQed rules from 6th
Lower quality chatter speaks of:
-Overwatch altered to deny shooting next turn
-Unit to unit assault leaping via consolodation moves returning to the rulese

Orks (lower reliability sources)

– June
– A workmanlike release
– Focus on moving range to plastic
– New buggies
– New Koptas
– Plastic Tankbustas/Flashgitz
– Plastic ‘Ardboyz/Madboyz
– Plastic Meganobs 
– Clampack bigmek
– Clampack warboss

So Imperial players – your thoughts?  We may be looking at the first full fledged codex including a Superheavy. WOW!

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