40K Deep Thought: Is the FoC Dead?

Deep Thought – Is the FoC a relic of the past?

Dr Love42 here. Time for a thought I’ve had buzzing round my head all day – is the Force Organisation Chart a relic of the past?
There’s been a picture floating round the intertubes popping up on Blogs and Facebook showing the how crazy the FoC would be if you plotted it in its full. I don’t know the original source, so I apologize for whoever created this and not giving them full credit. But here it is;
It got me thinking. Is the original core FoC just a faded memory that is long forgotten and expanded on, seeing as it forms only the most basic of rules now, not the fundamental rule it once was. 
These days the limits of 3 of each of the slots is long gone. Factor in double FoC. Then ally in a bonus slot. Add a dataslate. Add one of the supplemental forces. Your just not limited anymore by your slots, only by the points limit of your game.
In the old days you could turn up to a game and know your opponent isn’t going to have more than three heavies or elites. Now you could conceivably turn up to play a game against someone with a HQ, 2 troops and 9 elites.
At this point, where you can conceivably ally with yourself or take a data slate, is the FoC relevant any more? Would a simple ruling of you must take 1 HQ and 2 troops and then just go nuts on whatever you want work? Because for some armies that’s the way it appears these days.

So the conversion starter then my friends:

Is the FOC officially too complex to be useful anymore? Would a Fantasy style percentage based structure work better? 

Or how would it work with the all the supplement books? What are your thoughts on this, o denizens of the internet?

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