40K NEWS: New IG Codex Unveiled – maybe???

We said that the end of March would reveal upcoming IG goodies and look what the cat dragged in – a mystery!

This image has been doing the rounds all over the tubes today:

It shows three kits:

Militatus Tempestus Taurox Prime $48
Militaus Tempestus Scions combo kit $35
Codex Militarus Tempestus 72pp $49.50 (apparently another supplemental codex)

All this stuff is looking like a March 29th pre-order with a street date of April 5th.  Right on time.


That said, there is just something “not right” about that image up there and I wuld invite all of your would-be detectives to take a closer look.  It certainly fits the pattern of all the rumors we’ve heard up until yesterday, but that Taurox Prime image looks “odd”.  We are reporting it becasue it’s out there, and we are inclined to take it at face value – but there is still a 15% spidey-sense going off whenever I look at that image.

Full Imperial Guard Rumor Roundup
with even more pics

Hmm, what’s your take on that transport???

UPDATE: Better quality pics are making the rounds – it looks like the Astra Militarum are real!

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