40K Schedule: Putting Together the White Dwarf Pieces

This weekly release schedule can get your head spinning.  Here’s todays’ cheat sheet to keep you on track of the next few week’s releases:

This is all pieced together from the previous sets of rumors from all over the last few weeks.

Announced Mar-8 (Released Mar-15) 
CSM Helbrute
Crimson Slaughter
CSM Attack force

Announced Mar-15 (Released Mar-22) 
Damocles Warzone Book
Tzeentch Exalted Chariot Dataslate
Knight Formation

Announced Mar-22 (Released Mar-29) 
IG Ogryn/Bullgryn
Codex Astra Militarum

Announced Mar-29 (Released Apr-5) 
Astra Tempestus Scions
Taurox Prime
Codex: Militarum Tempestus


1) The week of March 15 looks mighty slim on the minis front and would be a good spot to throw in another Chaos Kit.  Those Havoks and Chosen may still be floating around out there somewhere…

2) The week of March 22, could in theory move to April 5th AFTER the Scions/Taurox/Tempestus week, as that would allow GW to hold back on the Codex until week 2 of a faction’s release window. It would also open up another week for CSM releases, and push IG deeper into April.

3) The Hydra Flak Tank and 1-2 other IG releases (probably the missing artillery kit) are floating around in here as well, almost certainly on the far side of April 5th.

Full IG Rumor Roundup

This weekly release schedule is going to be murder on people’s wallets.

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