Dreadball Xtreme on the Finish Line

This is the last weekend of Dreadball Xtreme, so get in your Kickstarter pledges while you can.  Here’s what you’ve missed:

It is the last weekend on the DreadBall Xtreme Kickstarter and what a journey it has been.

At least 10 new teams have been funded, including the Koris…
The Crystallans…
The Sphyr…

Plus a huge crop of new MVP, Free Agents and Sponsors!
There are some great deals to be had on the Kickstarter, with the sweet spot Rampage getting all the Season 4 teams, one bonus Season 6 team, one bonus Season 5 team and a huge number of MVPs!
Of course, for the completionists out there the Limited Edition Frenzy pledge contains all you’d ever want – every stretch goal is included. That’s every team, every MVP, and every Giant!
Plenty of details about the game have now slipped out – the game features Sponsors that allow you to build you own teams out of any of the players you have available, increased violence, multiple pitch layouts and more.
You can download the beta rules to see for yourself! 

This is the final weekend of DreadBall Xtreme

Please pledge your support!

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