This Week in 40K Podcasting – 03/21/2014 – 03/27/2014

Welcome to another installment of “This Week in 40K Podcasting,”
Here is this week’s top 5!

40K Global – 116 **Explicit***

Highlights:  This week the boys cover their part one of the UK GT!  While not as long at last week’s episode, this one is still a big one at 4+ hours.  They kicked off the show with ‘War Stories’ where BJ had an interview with Rob Mimms from Houston, Texas and they discussed his Triple Riptide Tau list, the meta in his area, and his results of a local tournament there.  They also talked about his Kickstarter for affordable mini cases, called the ‘The Mini Box’.  Next, Dave, Franco, and Josh sit down to discuss day one of the 40K GT!  They first covered the specifics of the event, how players were selected for this event, and the new venue.  Next, Josh and Franco discussed the lists that they brought to the tournament and a round-by-round of each of the three games they played on day one.  This included the lists that they played against, and all of the tactics, strategies, and follies of those games.  Next, BJ had an interview with a member of the Greman ETC Team (you I dared not to butcher his name here).  They discussed the ETC and his experiences there since 2007, what the meta is like there in Germany, and what the tournament scene is like. 

Opinion:  First, a big thank you to the guys for breaking up this show into two separate shows.  Last week was brutal guys.  Now, that being said, what an outstanding show.  First, this show was bookended by two great interview with two very different looks at the current meta.  And of course the meat of the show was their coverage from the UK GT, which was jam packed with great tactical talk.  Easily my favorite of the week!

The Heroic 28s – Episode 91
Highlights:  This week the guys are covering the Imperial Knights Codex!  They opened up the show with what they have been up to lately in gaming and the hobby.   This included Chumby in a local RTT and some announcements.  The guys then moved on to talk about the Texas Game Con primer and about how this event is set up.  The main points of contention were limited and unlimited events and how they feel about the idea of an ‘open’ event to include Escalation, Dataslates, Formations, etc.  Next, it was on to the boy’s review of Codex: Imperial Knights!  They started off with their one-word descriptions of the codex, before moving on to discuss the fluff of the book.  This include the snub to the forces of Chaos.  They then discussed the reasons why, why was this army released?  Why the mix between 40K and Escalation, and is this just a big push to narrative play over competitive play?  They then cover the six pages of special rules, including Superheavies, the big D weapons, and the Universal Special Rules of a Knight Titan.  They move on to talk about how to add Knights to your army, and the whooping two entries to the codex, the Knight Paladin and the Knight Errant.  They closed out the show by discussing Knightly Ranks, the Warlord Traits, how cool the model really is, and some tactics for and against the Imperial Knights as per each army.
Opinion:  I really enjoyed the topics on this week’s show, starting with the idea of a competitive event splitting into two separate events, one that allows everything and one that is limited.  I really see this as the direction that most competitive events will be heading.  And despite its very meager content, the guys did a great job covering Imperial Knights as well.  Very good show this week!
The Overlords – Episode 147 ***Explicit***

Highlights:  This week Steve returns to the show with the rest of the great cast!  They opened up the show with the news, with included some of the leaked IG photos, the Legion of the Damned, and the Crimson Slaughter.  They moved on to discuss what they have been up to lately in the hobby and gaming.  This included the restart of their Badab Wars campaign, old models made new, and the Imperium of Man project!  Next, the moved on to their ‘Smells like Tactics’ segment, and this week they focused on the importance of Deployment.  They started off with the old fashion ‘gun line’ deployment and tactics to allow that gun line to have the best firing lanes.  They also discussed some of the best way to set up against that nasty gun line and how to break it.  They then moved on to talk about ‘castleing up’ and how a solid castle can be very difficult to break, and spilt deployments. 

Opinion:  Any show that Steve is on is going to be a great one!  And I have to say, these ‘tactical discussions from the guys are a very welcome addition to the show.  It shows that the guys truly to have a great understanding of the game and how to place models on the board with tactics in mind.  I am really enjoying these and I hope they keep it up.  Great work guys!

Imperial Vox Cast – Episode 111 ***Explicit***

Highlights:  This week the boys tackled the topic of ‘Counts-As’ armies in 40K.  They opened up the show with what they have been up too lately in the hobby and gaming, plus some news which included the release of Imperial Knights.  They then moved on to review a listener submitted Blood Angels list.  They talked about some of the best competitive lists they could think of for that ailing army.  Next, the boys were joined by Josh and they discussed the concept of ‘Counts-As’ armies.  First, Josh gave his gamer credentials, before covering a list that Dawson is working on that is really out of the Chaos Space Marine book but in the fluff is still a loyalist army.  In this he has a lot of ‘counts’as’ models he will be using, including replacements for the Maulerfiend (Slaughterbrute), Heldrakes (Phoenixes), Spawn (Nurgle Bile Trolls) and Lords from Fantasy.  They also talked about other armies they have seen using GW and non-GW models alike to fit the theme of their army.  Josh them talked about his ‘counts-as’ Eldar army that he built out of Wood Elf models from Fantasy, a scratch built Ent/Wraithknight, and much more.  They then addressed some questions from their FaceBook fans on the topic of ‘count-as’ armies and some of the potholes to them.  They also discussed what draws them to ‘counts-as’ models and armies, and this included cost, theme, and much more. 

Opinion:  As a person who plays a ‘counts-as’ army (although it is Marines playing Space Wolves so not that big of a stretch) this topic has always fascinated me.  I loved hearing about some of their ideas and models they have used to replace existing models.  Not to mention the idea of without official GW events, anything within reason really is a go.  As always, the guys put in a great effort with another great show!
The Independent Character – Episode 98

Highlights:  This week Geoff rejoins the cast and they are talking about their preparations for the Mecca of all wargaming, Adepticon!  They first kicked off the show with ‘The Work Bench’ where they discussed what they have been up to lately in the hobby and gaming.  Next, the guys talked about their upcoming trip to Adepticon 2014!  They started off the event itself, what it there, how quickly it sells out, the guests there, the classes, and much more.  They moved on to talk about the awesome Vendor Room and the events they plan to attend this year, which included the 40K Friendly, the Team Event, the Warhammer Historical, X-Wing, the classes the plan to attend, and much more.   Next, Carl had an interview with Matt Weeks, one of the main organizer for Adepticon and they discussed all of the work they have put in to make this a great event.  This included the preparation for the 40K Championships, the 40K Friendly, and all of the great plans they have for this year’s convention.  Next, Carl talked to Steve and Arror who are both going to Adeptiocn this year and they discussed what they have done inyears past and what they are looking forward to this year. 

Opinion:  Someday, when my little ones are just a bit older, I too with make the pilgrimage to this amazing place called Adepticon!  First, it was great having Geoff back on the show (missed you buddy!).  Second, just listening to all of the amazing events taking place there make me want to go all the more.  If you are on your way there this year, or like me, wanting to see what you’re missing out on, this is a great show to turn to.  Thanks guys!
Honorable Mentions– All great podcasts that just missed this cut this week, but you should still check them out, in no particular order:
Signals from the Frontline ***Explicit*** General Gaming News, Rumors, List Reviews, Tactics, and Rants!
Hitting on 3s – Episode 42 ***Explicit*** The CSM Codex and how bad it is, Old Man Wargaming, and more
Life After the Cover Save – Episode 101 ***Explicit*** Interview with Mack Martin from ‘Dice Like Thunder’ and Wyrd Miniatures Fame!

Jaded Gamercast – 169 ***Explicit***  Latest model releases for Firestorm Armada and IG leaked photos

Death or Glory – Episode 32 Review of the ‘Death or Glory II’ event
Wolfkin Podcast – Episode 4 New GW Models, Void Shield flub ups, and more GW complaints.
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