Tournaments – Everything You Have Been Told is a Lie

Another Adepticon has come and gone – and I wanted to take some time to set the record straight on what these tournaments are really about.

Here is what the internet will tell you tournaments are all about:

-WAAC Players
-Min-Maxxed lists

Sound familiar?

The truth however is quite a different thing.

First of all, you will encounter at least some of each of those over the years – but that’s not the tournaments fault, that’s the fault of individuals.  I’ve seen just as much of each of those behaviors at major tournaments as I’ve seen at store pickup games and even in-home play at folk’s houses.

What tournaments are REALLY about is this:

-Meeting up with great old friends
-Remembering the great moments of past friendly battles and playing your heart out with today’s rules and models.
-Inspiration and respect for both the amazing tactical players and the true artists among us.
-Talking shop about your favorite game with gamers/hobbyists both familiar and new from all over the world.

This past weekend I could barely walk 20 feet withing bumping into an old friend, fan, or just an amazing gamer or hobbyist.  It took forever to get anywhere with so much to do and see.  In the end – I LOVE Adepticon and all the major events I go to – not for the game – but for the players.  Games, rulesets, tactics and uberlists are transitory (anyone remember Eldar Falcon-spam – HA!).  It’s the bonds of friendship you will make with your fellow gamers that last a lifetime.

The next time you are thinking about going to a convention, or tournament and don’t know if it’s worth it – I want you to look at these pictures.  The decision will be easy.

I’ll see you all out there.

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