SHOWCASE: Miniatures at Gencon’s Painting Competition

Gencon’s painting competition always attracts incredible minis. This year was not an exception. Here is a showcase of some of the wonderful miniatures that were on display.

 Every year miniature people from around the world flock to Indianapolis. It is here that Gencon, (The best 4 days of gaming) occurs. This year around 56,000 people came to the convention to play and be around people like them.
As you might expect this also brings a lot of the companies that sell boardgames, card games, and miniatures. Privateer Press, Games Workshop, Wyrd Miniatures, Mantic, and many others arrived to show us what they have for the upcoming year, and give the public the posibility to get their merchandise before their friends.
The arrival of big companies also means that many of their employees come, and some of them are the people responsible for the painted figures we marvel at, in the magazines and their website.
As part of the convention there is a painting competition that is not affiliated with any company. This allows the professionals to bring their artistic A-game and compete for who is the best. This year many superbly skillfull painter participated like: Marike Reimer, Jessica Rich, Meg Maples, Sam Lenz and many others.
You may have seen their work online, but the experience of watching incredible works of art in person, is hard to describe.
In this showcase I will show some of the pieces that were place in the display case. This is only a chunk of the great pieces that were shown in the convention center. The pictures were taken before the judging had occurred, yet you can see the piece that won the best of show by Marike Reimer, at the top of the page.
I leave you now with some of the models from the competition:
Winner of Best Diorama:
This last picture if of my entry into the Machines of War open competition. I won first place with this Imperial Knight which is the brother (although more heavily weathered) of the one I showcased some time ago. Here is the link.
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What do you think of the models shown? Have you ever gone to a big miniature painting competition and seen how amazing the models look in person? 

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