40K BREAKING: New Tyranid Formations!

Shield of Baal is upon us and the bugs have many new formations!  Come see!

pics vis El Descanso Del Escriba and Forge the Narrative

New Tyranid Formations:

Hypertoxic Node
I Hive tyrant
1 Toxicrene
3 Venomthrope broodsInstant death on to-wound rolls of 6 (5,6 for Toxicrene), 12″ Toxic Miasma

Neural Node
1 Maleceptor
3 Zoanthrope Broods
+6″ Shadow in the Warp, reroll 1’s on psychic tests
Skytyrant Swarm
1 Hive tyrant
2 Gargoyle broods
+6″ synapse, one giant unit, may use Look Out sir!
Skyblight Swarm
1 Hive Tyrant
I Hive Crone
2 Harpies
3 Gargoyle Broods Objective secured, 4+ goes into reserve when units destroyed

3 Mucolid Clusters
3 Sporemine ClustersInfiltrate, destroyed formation members go back into reserve on a 4+

1 Skytyrant Swarm
3 Skyblight Swarms
1 Sporefield

+6″ synapse, reroll failed rolls to replace destroyed swarms while Tyrant lives!

Aside from the sheer craziness of the Skytide (mainly for giant apoc games), I’m digging the Sporefield. Its effective, irritating, and pretty cheap in points!

Lots more info – GO!

~Which formation is your favorite?

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