GW vs Chapterhouse – The End at Last…

The famed Chapterhouse vs Games Worhshop case has been ongoing for over 2 years.  It’s over at last…


One month ago, Chapterhousemade an announcement on thier facebook page that they have had assets frozen pending an appearance in court to have the decision reversed.
Chapterhouse Facebook

Our assets have been frozen.
Yes, thats pretty much the issue. Many of you may know that Games Workshop has been in a legal battle with us for almost 4 years now.. maybe its 5…
Anyways, they have asked the courts to freeze our assets and this has happened, this happened early September, not long after I posted the photos of the last set of products that were being produced and almost ready to ship.
What does this mean? #1 we have no means to ship or produce or pay for anything… and I mean anything, internet, phone, gas, nothing. We cant use or accept funds (well technically we can accept but I wont do that without a means to ship out new orders).
#2 the demon lines are sitting at the casters, waiting to be shipped but not able to be shipped to us. Even if they were shipped to me, I couldnt ship them out since they are technically “assets” and I am not allowed to ship them out.
#3 the company infrastructure, email, website, is pretty much frozen.
I am flying out (which GW allowed us to buy a ticket) to chicago next week to step in front of the courts and plead my case to have assets released and do business as normal until the appeal is addressed.
For those of you who are understandably upset, I am sorry, this has been a long and hard road and many of you have stood by me. I wish it was better but its been very stressful and now I have learned that its not only my company at risk but my personal assets and home are being threatened as well now.
Ill do my best to keep you all apprised.
And to be clear, no orders were taken after I found about about the freeze mid september.
Any orders that have issues were due to customers not putting in correct addresses and a new shipment needing to be sent (and couldnt due to the freeze).
Or lost orders in the postal system.

And Now…
Over the weekend, word broke that both parties reached a settlement.  Paperwork has been jointly filed (see below) by both parties with the Chicago court to withdraw all pending litigation due to a private settlement that had been reached by both parties.

The details of the settlement are not disclosed and in almost all legal cases are sealed.  So we will have to look for signs of what happened “from the outside”.

This case has been a long twisting road full of victories and defeats for both sides along the way.  Here are the final motions:

Stipulation and Order of Dismissal
Joint Withdrawal of Pending Motion

Memorable Moments From the Case:

Games Workshop vs Chapterhouse Trial Begins 6-3-2013

Games Workshop vs Chapterhouse Trial So Far 6-13-2013

Chapterhouse Attorney’s Declare Victory Over GW 6-18-2013

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