FIRST LOOK REVIEW – End Times Khaine

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Civilizations are rising and falling in the Olde World, and even the Elves are not immune.
The End Times have pitted brother against brother (literally) as the Elves struggle to unite and fend off the Daemonic incursions from the north.

 If you are a fan of the Elven lore, this may be the book for you.  The new Curse of Khaine follows the same two book format that Nagash and Glottkin did, and sets up the fourth and (final?) book of the series. The first book of Curse of Khaine is 160 pages of lore which tells the tale of the Elven Civil War during the End Times, and the second 55 page book presents the new rules for playing in rapidly changing magic environment.

There are three different army lists introduced here that can be played for the Elves. One has Tyrion at it’s head, and the other two are led by the Phoenix and Eternity King versions of Malekith respectively. If you haven’t read all the rumors yet you can probably guess from those titles who wins the final battle, but it seems like all the elves lose something in the end regardless.

 The new rules also upgrade Alarielle and Imirk as well. Teclis, while not upgraded, does benefit from all Lores of Magic gaining new End Times spells as well. Plus any level three wizard now gets access to the Conjure Arcane Fulcrum spell. Those fulcrums also come with the new Magical Lodestone special rule as well which gives them a whole slew of useful in game bonuses to boot. Exciting times indeed!

 New gods walk the lands in the realm of man and beyond, as the Vortex has been shattered and it’s power turned into vessels of the gods themselves. So the stage is set for book four with the conclusion of the Elven civil war, the deaths of heroes and gods alike, and the crowning of the Eternity King which united all elves in strangely familiar land. Checkout our exclusvie First Look  of the End Times: Curse of Khaine below in my latest video review. -MBG

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