40K Breaking: First Necron Product Images Arrive

The Necrons are coming, and the first product images are here. Come see!

image via Forge the Narrative

The fancy  Cryptek edition in all it’s $165 glory

And the new Necron bundleset ringing in at $185

Necron Overlord: $28
Codex Necrons: $49.50
The Tomb Awakens: $185
Codex Nerons Cryptek Edition: $165
Datacards Necrons: $12.50

~And the last hardcover 40K Codex arrives!  Now what?

  • Houghten

    …where did all the comments go?

    • Hey Houghten, we just migrated to WordPress a few hours ago and some of the comments threads are still coming over. We’re working with DISQUS to get them all back.