40K Breaking: New Necron List Construction

The Necrons rules tidalwave is here – with the latest wave opening up a whole new way to build your armylist:

via Archibald_TK 1-19-2015

Necrons have a whole new way to build an army! The Decurion. It’s both opening a lot of options and restrictive at the same time, as weird as it sounds. You can use it instead of normal FoC if you want. also keep in mind that it’s the usual me reading the WD super fast when I have the time so there may be mistakes:

You basically can chose a base formation that includes all of your basic units.
It must contain: – 1 Overlord (or Zandrek, Anraky, Trazyn or a Barge), 2 units of Warriors, 1 of Immortal and 1 of Tomb Blades.
You lose Objectives Secured, Overlord and all units from this formation within 12″ reroll 1 to Protocols, and two fluffy but not usually useful rules: Move through Cover and Relentless (in case you really want to charge with your Warriors/Immortals after shooting =/, which is funny because even in the WD they realize it’s the only use).
You can add 6 units of Warriors, 3 of Immortals, 2 Lychguards, 2 Tomb Blades if I remember correctly and 3 Monoliths.
No reroll on the Warlord table for it, probably because it’s not really a normal detachment.

Once done you can add a Royal court formation: 1 Overlord (same as previously except it can be the Stormlord now), up to 3 Cryptek and up to 3 Lords.

Then, you can add up to 10 of the available formations, which are all about a theme, in any number if I’ve read it right, (which I’ll be able to confirm later today) so you can go full Destroyer if you want for example:
– One is 1 Destroyer Lord, 3 units of Destroyer, and can add 1 unit of Heavy Destroyers (Ohhhhhhhhh, they are no longer Destroyer upgrades?).
– One allow you to add a Nightbringer Shard, Deceiver Shard, ACtan or Vault. (Ohhhhhhhh, they refer to the shards by their name!)
– One is 2 Annihilation Barge and a Doomsday Ark
– I think there is one with an Obelisk and 2 Monoliths.
– One is 1 Spyder, 1 unit of Wraiths, 1 of Scarabs
– 1 Stalker and 2 Praetorians
– 1 unit of Deathmarks (yup, just 1 if I remember right)
– 1 unit of Flayed Ones
– One is up to 4 Doom Scythes (remember folks, I go from memory so I may be messing up numbers)
And so on, I have no idea if these formations can be taken outside of the Decurion, as I didn’t have enough time to read in detail. Also I’m pretty sure that there are no Night Scythes and Ghost Arks formations, thus they shall still be dedicated transports I suppose.

Also I do not expect anything else for the Necrons as the end of the WD refer for the following week to “Dance of Death”.

~So do you all now focus on Formations first when building your armylists in 7th?

  • pad_uk

    Dance of Death? Harlequins????

    • BT


  • benn grimm

    Wow, formations formed of formations, a whole new way to buy lots of models you’ll use a couple of times…

    • jonathon

      DE Covens book is the same

    • PrimoFederalist

      I think it may have begun in the Ork Supplement, but if not it was definitely in the Champions of Fenris Supplement. They have lots of formations and then one big Detachment made up of all the formations. Par for the course, mon ami.

      • georgelabour

        Definitely became a thing in Stormclaw, and continued into Deathstorm.

        Seems to be a good way to make the boxe set models enticing even when a player shifts to adding more toys to their collections.

    • muleyyy

      thats exactly what i thought, formations are GW’s wet dream, they create a formation and force people to buy x amount of y model to fit the formation (and get the rules buff)

      so one of your models isnt selling well, probably because the sculpt sucks, or because expensive and does little on the table, so release a suppliment which includes 1 page of rules for a formation (that requires you to buy several of them) and sell it for the same price as a full codex because it has 10 pages of copy+paste fluff and 10 pages of pictures of minitures

      so you sell extra mini’s and an extra codex, its win-win!

  • mac40k

    Decurions appear in Shield of Baal Exterminatus. Like a formation, they net special rules for taking them. I don’t see any difference other than the name. This seems to be a way for GW to push sales of less popular models by including them in Decurions and also get people to pick up multiples of units they might not otherwise get. For example, Anrakyr’s Stategic Decurion includes 1 Immortal, 2 Warrior, & 1 Deathmark squad, plus a Ghost Ark and a Doom Scythe. This comes to 765 points with minimum squad sizes and nets you the Grand Strategy special rule which allows you to reroll Seize the Initiative and (as long as Anrakyr’s alive) reroll reserve rolls. Never mind that you might prefer to field a Night Scythe instead of the Ghost Ark. Zarathusa makes you take all of the above (swapping an Overlord for Anrakyr) and adds Pretorions, a Triarch Stalker, and 2 units of Wraiths. These give people fluffy reasons for buying models they might not otherwise include in their army if left to just build detachments as you aren’t just looking to spam the most powerful units.

    And Dance of Death is obviously a reference to the Harleys.

    • ChubToad

      I agree. These formation/detachements are at the least interesting to take and play. They also work as a “recipe” of what to buy next. I reckon this is a way for GW to direct the game in the direction they want instead of mindlessly releasing models few players will buy. Formations and detachements are a great idea IMO.

      • muleyyy

        great idea for GW sales, bad idea for your wallet as always

  • Majere613

    Relentless Warriors and Immortals sound pretty handy to me. If you’ve got a tank in rapid-fire range, no need to choose between gauss-glancing it or charging the rear armour, you get to do both. Also handy if you shoot up a squad and leave a couple of survivors who happen to have very large guns.

    • BT

      Yeah, relentless is never bad. Besides, who knows what the weapons lay out might be and how that will change. They may get heavy weapons or may change the weapons they have… or the load-outs where you mix-match weapons in a unit.

      • hazal

        I run a choppy paeron with a 20man blob currently. The ability to clean up the stragglers from a rapid fire and move into a better position is priceless.

    • DaveTycho

      If you spam enough warriors and immortals with relentless, it could be useful for a massed charge after you let rip with rapid firing gauss weapons.

  • apackistany

    I very much dislike some of the people in this hobby. They beg for new stuff but as soon as they get it they whine and complain. I’m so sick of it.

    • Brian Tallisker

      A prime example is taken from the skaven FB group;
      *one week later*

      Not to mention, i have a friend who plays Tau, and complains about their shooting being mediocre at best because BS3. While he is wiping tables.

      I love this hobby, but god damn some of these people..

      • apackistany

        Yup I’m in the same boat love they hobby but some people are bananas.

        • Brian Tallisker

          I will admit to having whined and moaned a little about my tyranids in the past. But they have proven to be pretty effective against my local meta, and i KNOW they will do well against pretty much anyone if i do them right… But i feel i have better reason to moan about my Haruspex’s modest damage output, than my friend has to complain about his tactical-squad-removing, Thrust-Moving, Ion Cannon Supercharging Riptide being overcosted junk, even if he brings it every game.

      • DaveTycho

        Your friend who plays Tau- he is an idiot for complaining about shooting with BS3.

        • Brian Tallisker

          BS3, which is EASILY upgraded to BS5, which also pins and ignores cover*

          On the bright side, he has a second army too. He also plays Eldar, leaning heavily on his T6 Wraith-troops with S10 flamers.
          Which apparently are far too expensive for what they do.

          • Chris Eyler

            He plays Tau AND Eldar, and likes to complain about how his army sucks? I think we’ve all met this guy before!

    • dubhgilla

      Mate GW have long since figured this out, thats why they no longer try to pander to gamers BS tantrums.

  • Secundum Ave

    So, a formation of 4 Doom Scythes? Yup. Prepare for Flier spam again.

    • JP

      Still not as bad as the Ork flyer apoc formation with no size limit that lets them kamizae dive bomb into superheavy’s faces while ignoring saves.

  • JP

    I can tell you from personal experience that Relentless on Necrons is flipping awesome. Being able to shoot full range while advancing until you get into rapid fire range, and then charge after that if necessary is utterly devastating. I know what you’re thinking – Necrons in combat? But they’re surprisingly hardy in combat as long as they’re not fighting a dedicated CQC unit. Put a Lord with a res orb and scythe in there and they’ll be winning combat without much difficulty as long as you don’t pit them against Death Company or Meganobz or something like that. At the very least it’s something your opponent won’t expect. Now let’s hope they give those Flayed Ones rending.

    • muleyyy

      they will but you’ll have to take them in a detachment that requires you to buy an extra 2 units of flayed ones lol