40K Necrons: The 1st Rules Arrive!

The Necrons rumor tidalwave is here – with the first wave of new codex rules:

via TKoS 1-18-2015

“I have your first Necron leak for you.

There will be a few new rules but no new units (And the obligatory 7th Ed “Balance” that we have all come to know and love)

a grand total of 12 hot new formations, ranging from mostly chaff to absolutely broken.

One of the bigger changes is that Cryptexs and Necron Lords now occupy an HQ slot of their own. For every HQ character in your list, you are allowed to take one of the new Cryptex/Lord detachment (ala warlock council) which is between one and five characters each.

The old royal courts we know and love are gone, but are now a formation (Aptly called a Royal Court) consisting of an Overlord, 1+ Cryptexs, and 1+ Lords.

The Overlord may not take a Command Barge, and all the characters are clumped into one unit.
+1 to reanimation protocol (which is not going away or changing) which stacks with a resurrection orb, and some other buffs that I can’t remember, but one had to do with phaerons (Oh, and any phaeron in your detachment MUST be your overlord).”

~And the last hardcover 40K Codex arrives!  Now what?

  • So… no magical ferret of flyer smiting? No “preferred enemy (all living things)” No “Can Possess any vehicle within 6″ on a roll of 6?”
    Psh, these rumors are lame.

    • life of adept brian

      I know right? If you’re going to start rumors, you should at least include unicorns… Or at least make like there will be an exclusion of an awesome unit that made the army fun or playable. This guy sucks at this!

  • Ry

    I hear they replaced that rules for the resurrection orb and the ability to return models. They are now invul saves.

    • Rob Godin

      Don’t believe it. They can’t remove Reanimation

      • Gabor Fazekas

        actually they can 😛 they do whatever they want with the rules, but they wont remove that rule

        • Rob Godin

          Removing Reanimation from Necrons would be the same as removing ATSKNF from Marines.
          It is the rule that defines them as an army.

          Remove ATSKNF from Marines – lose most of your marine players.
          Remove Reanimation from Necrons – lose most of your necron players

          • Craig Biddulph

            Remove ATSKNF and lose most of your players? What utter rubbish. Just look at how many people play 30k Marines. They don’t have ATSKNF.

            I can see them changing Reanimation, just like they have with Power from Pain, Faith, ATSKNF over the years.

          • Mr_Pickles

            GW changed Mob Rule pretty heavily for Orks, maybe they did something similar for Necrons.

      • chris

        They could, but I’m sure It’ll Be Back.

        • bginer

          i saw what you did there…


      yea i think you heard it here, it was very very very probably wrong.

    • latro990

      If anything i’d think they’d give em fnp

      • I expected the old WBB to turn into FNP the last time they got updated, but we got Reanimation Protocols instead. At this point, it could become anything.

    • Xander

      they wont because they have already included rules in Mephrit dynasty cohort for rerolling 1s on reanimation roll.

  • nefu

    You keep saying that, last hardcover dex thing. You’re clearly forgetting something. Well, so is GWs though.

    That said, these look nice. Stable rules without loosing too much. I’ve rather liked the “underpowered” overhauls that’ve been coming.

    • King Muddah Effin Brandon

      Because eliminating BA Vanguard’s Deep Strike Assault was fair when Reanimation sticks around?

      • Bigwebb

        since they took it out of the space marine codex as well yes its fair.

      • Rob Godin

        Reanimation has been part of Necrons since the beginning. It is part of their army. You can’t take it away without killing the character of the army.

        It would be like re-writing Eldar, and removing all the aspects, because you think they are overpowered

        • Gullinbursti

          So what you’re saying is that Aspect warriors are going to be removed on the next Eldar update 😉

          • chris

            Aspect Warriors are being removed? OMG I need to tell Natfka…

        • Michael Gerardi

          Ward already killed the character of the army. Unfortunately, it will NOT be reanimating.

          • Tj Deoliveira


      • Avensis Astari

        Special Rule for one unit =/= Special Rule that defines an entire army.

      • A.P.

        You cant have an un-dead army that dies and then doesn’t come back, it is kinda contrary to what they are at the core un-dead in space.

  • I look forward to this. I’ve been playing necrons since the white dwarf days and it would be nice to be able to play them now without feeling dirty lol

  • Drew

    I just hope the book isn’t bland. I’m a very casual gamer, so I don’t care about “power level” of the codex in the least, but I hope it won’t be for Necron players what the Ork book was for me or the Blood Angels book was for my friend- namely, “Can we just have our old codex back instead? It was more fun to play…”

    • as they are bringing all of the books back in line with each other i’d expect the same treatment the orks and blood angels etc all got with this one as well.

      • chris

        Correction: As we “hope” they are bringing all of the books back in line with each other…