40k/Fantasy Crossover: The Skaven-Eldar Telephone Call

Games Workshop has been working for years to further separate 40k and Fantasy from each other.  They just blurred the lines a bit!

Read over this bit I found in the new Thanquol book and see what you think of it.


The setup is the Skaven have overrun one of the major Lizardmen temple cities, and are looting all the treasures and ancient devices the Slann use when they happen upon this:

“The warlock engineers soon discovered the Device of the Great Beyond, a communication apparatus that spoke to beings from beyond the stars.  As they swirled its many dials, a querulous voice spoke through the stone speakers. That voice, fair and clear caused the Skaven to bolt away.  The device was something like the far-squeaker, but the melodious tones that issued forth were, if anything, kin to the despised speech of the elf-things. As they did not understand the alien language, nor how the arcane contraption worked the warlock engineers pulled the device apart and shot it with warplock pistols until it stopped making any sounds.”
So did the Skaven just call up an Eldar Craftworld, panic and hang up?  

If you know what else this passage could be referring to leave it in the comments below! 

  • Mason Carroll

    I get the feeling that Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000 are about to get the Warmahordes treatment.

    • Archimedes T. Warplight

      Part of me is very okay with this.

      • Dez

        I kinda am too, using my Skaven army for all games would be nice. I could go even more overboard with conversions…

    • SacTownBrian

      I totally want Lizardmen to show up in 40k! The Old Ones Return…

      • Secundum Ave

        I still have my Lizardman with Plasma Pistol!

      • Moik

        Tyranids are Lizardmen in space.

        • Bayne MacGregor

          They may have been a final creation of the old ones possibly. But the froggies and Tyranids were not related in 1st ed 40k even when the froggies had their own 40k army list. I would like to see them back though.

      • And then you can have Lizardmen vs Tyranids mega DINO battles! I’m in!

    • Charon

      They already had merged backgrounds once (aside from Plasma weapons/Powerfists on chaos champions and the Khorne Lord of Battle in the Background of the 3rd? edition armybook) but GW retconned most of it to keep it seperate. Some connection points remained as the crashed gate in the chaos wastes is a collapsed entrance to the webway.

      • Oliver Grimwood

        Be’lakor is still in both games as well, the dark shadows campaign introduced 40k wargear to WFB as rewards at the end. As you point out the backgrounds were very much linked. I didn’t feel they’d actually retconned anything they just don’t mention it any more

        • BrianDavion

          yeah my gut feeling is this is basicly just the writers having some fun

      • Craven Moorehead

        Look even further back, to RT and 2nd/3rd Edition.

    • Anggul

      I’m not sure they’ll actually have crossover games as Fantasy wouldn’t stand the slightest chance in a fight, but story-wise there might be more references.

      • euansmith

        Engineer, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic…”

        Wizard, “Headus Explodinatus!”

      • Henry Faulkner

        yeah but with 9th ed they may balance that out by giving the fantasy armies powerful magic.

        • Anggul

          Rendering almost everything but wizards useless, and psykers would have those powers too. No way that’s going to happen, they won’t just sell wizards and nothing else.

          • Henry Faulkner

            true true, they could find other ways of balancing it though, magical armour/weapons for normal troops. i don’t believe they will do it for the record, just that they potentially could find a way around it.

    • John W Sansone Jr

      ….I really hope not. I don’t think the system in its current state would be able to compete against 40k.

      • Spiritof69

        No armor or ward saves against magic.

        • Scott Staten

          Anything that counts against Psychic powers would work against magic in a merged system.

          • TweetleBeetle

            Yeah, but plate mail against boltguns?

            One Space Marine would have to cost 90 points against a Fantasy army, have its stats inflated, and it’s armor would be immune to crossbows and arrows.

            Also, magic spells would be much slower to manifest than psychic powers. You’d be dealing with super human librarians that have forcefields against magic, while they themselves could just fry the brain of the magician.

            Oh, and power weapons everywhere. Not to mention tanks, flyers….

            These are two systems that just aren’t meant to cross in game play. Fluff, and perhaps a few one-off units would be fine.

          • Cergorach

            I still have the original Warhammer Siege from WFB 3rd, that would argue with you about WFB/40k integration…

          • miteyheroes

            Yes, WFB armies just get 25% extra points and then everything runs as normal.

          • Spiritof69

            Your thinking in limited terms. There is a reason it’s called Fantasy and Science Fiction. None of this is “real” so you can make whatever rules you want. (Just ask GW.) I’m thinking Warpfire could cut through armor. Cannon balls can glance. Empire, Dwarfs, Skaven and O&G can pick up weapons and use them. Ogres cause fear. Chaos is the same stuff anyway. If you, or if you were GW, wanted it to work, it would work.

          • 90? Try 900!

            EDIT: If we’re going off lore, that is.

          • euansmith
          • Azrell

            But they have before and did originally. Besides all you really have to do is replace “magic” with “power” and your basically there.

            Plus… have you even read much 40k? its not even really sci fi as much as it is space fantasy.

          • Marky

            Unless they say it doesn’t 🙂

    • Moik

      I really doubt it, but at the same time, we have this, and the rules have had a lot more effort put into making them identical across systems.

    • I really wouldn’t have a problem with that. I really want to oppose chaos warriors to imperial guard.

    • Azrell

      Well they cant have Mantic being raking in all that space skaven money, can they?

    • Craven Moorehead

      Totally fine with that.

    • Will Frank

      Actually, in the old Cannon, the Warhammer World was just one of the many worlds in the 40K universe. There are even suggestions that Sigmar was a Space Marine fallen to the planet.

    • Chris. K Cook

      Nope thats indigestion. Take a few Tumms and it will sort right out.

    • Mr_Pickles

      Does that mean that Orks will get rules for looting Lizardmen/ Fantasy beasts?

  • EwanPorteous

    I thought exactly the same thing when I read that passage.

  • Sebastian Fare Kjeilen

    Add that Dragio Kaledor was met earlier to.

    • ChubToad


      • Drew_Da_Destroya

        Star Lord, man… legendary outlaw?

  • Dan Di Cicco

    A little bit of the silliness back in the fluff 🙂

    • vlad78

      Minus the writing skills.

      • bfmusashi

        It’s the same quality I grew up with >.>

        • vlad78

          Then maybe you should find out how things were in the beginning to realize how much wealth GW is killing right now.

          GW managed to convince people the garbage they turned the WFB setting into is golden.
          This is quite a feat.

          • bfmusashi

            Oh sweety, I’ve been playing since Rogue Trader. It was horrible back then too, you’ve just got your nostalgia goggles on.

          • Haighus

            Hehe yeah, I wasn’t around in that era, but I’ve been reading as much of the old literature as I can get my hands on for fluff nuggets and modelling ideas, and this little gem is still one of my favourites… 😀

          • Haighus

            It is almost like this description was written by Fox news…

          • Azrell

            Go get yourself a copy of “space marine”, like the original book. 40k Had realism and actual dark and horrifying chaos powers. Not this washed down 5th grade writing assignment drek they push now.

          • bfmusashi

            It really didn’t. The original book was Rogue Trader, Space Marine was Epic. Chaos was a regular thing that happened and if you worshipped them you got a big face in your chest or you fused with your armor and had to find new ways to pee. The Chaos gods were unknowing horrible blind monsters that visited misfortune and glory upon their worshippers with abandon because they couldn’t tell the difference. That’s only scary to the people worshipping them.

          • Henry Faulkner

            i beg to differ!

          • Henry Faulkner

            case closed lol

          • grim_dork

            Boom goes the dynamite.

          • Mason Carroll

            40K has gone from silly back in 1st (Rogue trader) and 2nd edition, to dark and brooding in 3rd, to a little darker in 4th, to slightly less dark in 5th to…well. There you has it. The writing has taken that sort of roller coaster ride as well. The writing was much better in 3rd and 4th. Partially because they didn’t go too over the top, and partially because they knew how to be subtle and to not make characters too larger than life. They also didn’t forget that the Warhammer 40K universe is one of receding technology and ignorance. Now, new tech pops up all over the place and we have a terrible fan boy character in silver armor, walking around the warp and knocking over Tzeentch’s labyrinth like it was a lego set.

    • Mason Carroll

      Eh…don’t like the silliness. Orks are supposed to be silly. Otherwise it would be too dark and grim. The Tau add a little hope to it. But I just think they’ve gone overboard and now they’re going overboard with okay writers at best. (Draigo is an example of fan boy writing…)

  • Psyfer

    Well, I guess the Hrudd had to come from somewhere…

    • chris harrison

      I always thought the Hrud were space Skaven too. They wouldn’t be too much of a stretch since WFB Skaven already have guns, and a good working knowledge of other advanced stuff, like eugenics and enhancing machinery with magic.

    • I’ve always had this theory that during the ending of the War in Heaven when the Old Ones knew the C’Tan were winning, they made “Arcs” containing all the sentient races they had created and sent them into the stars. One of these seeding ships apparently crashed on a world in a warpstorm and the overseers on board all died – hence Old World.

  • Drew

    I like the silliness- that’s good, harkens back to the Warhammer of old.

    I don’t like merging the games; I’ve always been of the opinion that fantasy stood just fine on its own (and was around for years before 40k appeared) and didn’t need to somehow be shoehorned into 40k in order to be worthwhile.

    • chris

      But surely you’d like to use your entite collection in a game aka unbounded? /sarcasm

    • miteyheroes

      Considering they merged the games in 1988 (in the excellent Warhammer Siege book), it’s hardly a new idea.

  • deris87

    Got a chuckle from it, but it was subtle enough to be ambiguous, so if your personal head canon has the two games totally separate you can just ignore it.

  • Noncompoop

    In 2nd ed. Warhammer the Amazons could be armed with weapons they had looted from the Slann temples. those weapons included power swords, needle pistols and laser pistols. The Slann were a crossover race in the begining having models for both rogue trader and warhammer that were the same except for the weaponry.

    • miteyheroes

      Ditto Zoats.

      • Chris. K Cook

        Yeah but they were always a massively different ‘Nid Slaves versus ancient Reptilian Hippies.

  • PlasmaCow

    Not the first time. Liber Chaotica had warp-dreams of chaos space marines.

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    Does this mean the Lizardmen army goes from being in Fantasy to now being in 40k?

    • BrianDavion

      well this would be the year for them to put out a new race and codex for 40k

      • Red_Five_Standing_By

        Very true.

  • Malevengion

    I recall some of the “magic” artifacts from the WFB Albion campaign a few years back seemed suspiciously like WH40K wargear with almost identical rules too. The “Fist of Power” comes to mind as well as the “Sun Pistol” (which had a description and stats like a laspistol.) There was also a Amazon warband for Mordeheim similarly equipped where their “Sunspear” was modeled to look like a lasrifle minus the stock attached to a spear shaft. It’s nice that GW seems to be having fun with he fluff a little once again.

    • Chris. K Cook

      I was going to point this out. Thanks.

  • Christie Bryden

    well the skaven showing up on terra would be bad for the imperium, they are harder to wipe out than orks and much better with tecnology, Also that grey knight guy showed up too.

    • miteyheroes

      It’s interesting that there have now been 2 appearances during the End Times series. I wonder if this is signalling something about the future?

  • Christie Bryden

    Maybe end times will end with archieon being teleported to infront of abaddon and killing him eforlessly to unite the traitor legions.


    • 6Cobra

      Somehow I think that interaction would go a *little* differently…

  • moonshadow101

    99% chance: A cute little easter egg that will not lead to anything nor be expanded upon in any way.

    • BrianDavion

      yeah thats my read. My bet is that GW is feeling a bit more relaxed about doing stuff like this. and may well be taking an additude of “hey it’s the end times! let’s have fun!”

      • Enlightened Sons

        If you add this to the Draigo cross over, it might be a bigger thing then you think.

  • euansmith

    “Your call is very important to us… please hold…”

  • Koszka

    Well that was a crappy prank phone call…

  • Azrell

    Eldar Exodite plan:

    1- Terraform planet into lush paradise
    2- Have Slann pacify the local inhabitants of said planet
    4- Eldar profit.

    • JamesD

      Craftworlds and succubi!

  • MightyOrang

    Wow, are they out of ideas for WFB if this is what they’re reduced to.

  • Shawn

    Ohh, I’d love this too. I’ve always liked the idea of ratmen. I’d love to have an IG force of Skaven who yell across the battlefield “Pew, pew, pew!”

  • Glenn Davis

    If WHFB and 40K crossover….that means dwarves in space! Sooo…Squats are back!!! =)

  • Bayne MacGregor

    I like this.

    I don’t know if i will like which of the possible outcomes they may go with, but i like some of them and it’s about time they gave fantasy and 40k some context with one another again.

    I always took it that WHFB was a world isolated inside a giant warpstorm, the Maelstrom of even the Eye. So this works.

  • Mustafa Hajjar

    Of course you can play 40k vs Fantasy – all your fantasy models have the statline of all 1’s. I won’t even charge for these rules. 😉

  • BT
  • Enlightened Sons

    What would you do if you were the Eldar on the other end of the line? I think they may be obligated to investigate this. They just got a butt dial from the “old ones”. They might have heard the sounds of the Warp fire pistols firing right? Maybe the rat speach was tranmitted on a open line for a short time? If i were the Eldar, i would send a Troupe of Harlequins to investigate.