Bolt Action! Scratchbuilt Terrain, Part 2!

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Hi, SC Mike here from Santa Cruz Warhammer. Today we show off some Bolt Action terrain that is cheap to make and a breeze to build. Check it out!

I finished this larger terrain piece in a spurt of inspiration, but in my excitement I completely forgot to take any production pictures, and so the finished terrain piece is all I can offer you. But is is simple to make and with a few slaps of paint, will do quite nicely on your Bolt Action game table!

Before we move on, here’s a shot of a building I presented to all of you last week and this one kind of shows how all these buildings are made: Balsa wood, plastic card  from Weescapes and some beach sand.

OK, let’s move on to the buildings for this week!

With the images above you can see both viewpoints in the front. Grey paint scheme, burn damage around the areas that have taken a big hit. The piece is about 12 inches long and the three houses individually are the same size as the single one from part one.

I added broken glass to the windows, using old blister packaging. It really adds a nice touch and is very simple, as you can see below, there is glass in all three windows.

In contrast to the monochramatic front, I decided to paint the back more colorful. Also, I imagined it to be three separate houses, so they would all have different interior colors.
Here’s a back view of glass in the top window
Some models for scale. All the doorways are large enough for models to walk through. I find it looks better cinematically during the game if the models can actually move through the terrain in a realistic manner
The left top of the piece has a little ledge that could hide a lonely sniper…
but the piece is also big enough for a good size squad!
It’s fun to photograph the models inside this model…
this one looks awesome!
Hope this inspires! And anyone in the Bay Area that wants to play Bolt Action, shoot us a line on our facebook page which is right here: Bolt Action Bay Area
SC Mike
  • Mike M

    The different colors for the interiors add a lot to the piece, great work.

    • madphil101

      We’ve had similar discussions in our group to “un dull” things.

      Cue high weight paper, download dolls house wallpaper PDF, white glue, old pair of pants. You’ve got wallpaper and carpet… For added authenticity we had even set fire to the edges of the pants for change of texture… No pics. Try it yourself.
      (Oh and behind the torn wall paper on one wall, just visible… “Don’t blink”)

      • scwarhammer

        great ideas!

  • Dennis J. Pechavar

    I like it, not for Bolt Action but for any buildings I will want. Thanks!

  • Moik

    Wow, great.

  • euansmith

    Great stuff; just the rest of Stalingrad to finish building then?

  • btmcrae

    Looks very good, but the scale of the Spanish roof tile is to large. I believe the “O” scale version is what people will want for both the roof and siding textured sheets. Try the Plastruct code # PS-121 “O” scale (1:48) Spanish Tile Sheet instead for a better look. For the stone walls use Plastruct code # PS-61 “O” Scale (1:48) Random Coursed Stone Sheet. Various suppliers carry Plastruct, or you can get it direct from These sheets are made of styrene, so standard plastic cement works on them (though you can attach them to foam core using PVA or cyanoacrylate glues). *WARNING*: Anything Plastruct sells with material listed as “ABS” (such as many “H” beams, “I” beams, railings, and other industrial bits molded in a dark gray, shiny plastic) does *NOT* go together with standard plastic cement, and requires Plastruct Plastic Weld ( If Plastruct doesn’t have something you are looking for, try Evergreen Scale Models instead at I use both company’s products.