DIRTY RATS! Painting Skaven the GW Way


GW MovieStar Duncan Rhodes shows the right proper GW way to paint up your gazillions of Skaven.

There are some pretty neat tricks and techniques going in in these.

I have to say that GW is really doing a good job with these painting tutorial videos. Its a great introduction for beginners and hits technical skills such as drybrushing, decals and masking as they go through them.  BRAVO GW!

~Have at it.

  • Chris Andrew

    Quick, someone say something nasty and disgusting about Games Workshop! This post is too positive and upbeat. Someone show us why Games Workshop deleted it’s official Facebook page. Give us a perfect example of why Games Workshop has comments blocked on their YouTube videos including this one!

    • Ikit_Claw

      You sir, win the internets….

  • Dennis J. Pechavar

    Now paint 200 more rats… Great tutorial and if done in batches you’ll get those clanrats done eventually 🙂

  • WestFargo Dave

    How to paint a Skaven Clanrat tutorial: Better late than never GW!

  • Calriel Elf

    Only thing I’d definitely do different is the drybrush on the fur. I used the old Vermin Brown for that, it looks fantastic. Other than that, this is some real nice, simple painting!