Dreadball Xtreme: BoLS Unboxing


Come closer and take a look at the brutal back alley games of Mantic’s BRAND NEW Dreadball Xtreme.

AdamHarry unboxes the underground version of the future’s most brutal sport: Dreadball Xtreme – from Mantic games. A cross between Rugby, Football and Tron, this bloody version does away with the refs and encourages teams to step-up to the pitch.



On Friday 23rd January 2015 you’ll be able place pre-orders for DreadBall Xtreme from your local stockist or the Mantic Games website.

With a focus on violence and carnage, DreadBall Xtreme takes the simple mechanics of DreadBall and twists them together to create something altogether more unruly!

Gameplay Features

  • 2-player miniatures sport game for ages 10 and up. The average game time is 60 minutes.
  • Brutal Action: No referees and no fouls makes this the deadliest DreadBall yet!
  • Dangerous Environments: Play ball in abandoned warehouses and improvised arenas out of sight of the law, with pitches littered with concealed traps and explosive crates!
  • Illicit Sponsors: Assume the role of Sponsor and bet, intimidate and threaten your way to victory!
  • Blood Money: Create a bespoke team of your own choosing, from convicted criminals, alien Kalyshi and money-grabbing Free Agents.

DreadBall Xtreme contains two match-ready Convict and Asterian Kalyshi teams with prone figures as well as a selection of Free Agents, coloured hex bases to easily tell teams apart, 48-page Rulebook, Sabotage and Special Move Card Deck, Counter Sheet, and 14 Dice.

Find out more on Friday 23rd January!

  • Craven Moorehead