End Times Thanquol – First Look & Review

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If you could sum up the new Thanquol book in just one sentence it would be: “Death to all but Skaven” and it wouldn’t be very far from the truth.


In perhaps the most visceral brutal book of the End Times Series, everyone seems to die. Which if you think about it, is a feat unto itself as there really isn’t many people left still alive at this point!

If you like the Old World in general you’ll love the story in book four, as it seems to span the entire length and breadth of the world over.


Dark and gritty stories of battles with Lizards, Dwarfs, Men and rats alike fill the pages of the new Thanquol book only to end with the promises of a new God to the story.

This book seems to be to the End Times what The Empire Strikes Back was to the Star Wars saga.


Product wise the Thanquol set is packaged in the standard two book slip cover set in (hardcover), with spectacular graphics and layouts galore.

Book One is a 230 page tome that contains all the fluff on the beginning of the end, and the second 65 page book contains the new rules, and scenarios for the new Skaven, and one Dwarf.

Go close up and checkout the soft cover edition in my first look video review below!

  • That image of Archaon and the Verminlord. so beautiful~