Goatboy’s Monday 40K – XTREME SCOUT ACTION!

Ultimate Flat Top!

Goatboy here again and on this Holiday I want to chit chat a bit about some Extreme Scout list ideas that have floated around my little circle of 40k friends.

A quick heads up – this list is going to be a copy and paste extravaganza.  The idea is to flood the table with flat top jerk heads and see if you can win the game with the ultimate form of MSU.

I first remember Reece talking about playing 50+ scouts during the heyday of 6th edition and Seer Council.  They push for first turn or the seize and punish the death star with a barrage of bolters.  They also cover the table in scoring units and made a death star only able to kill a few guys at a time and thus limiting their movement and ability to affect the tempo of the game.

With the changes of 7th edition the idea of needing a mass number of troops becomes a lot less viable.  They need to do more then just score most of the time and I feel this is where Scouts start to actually get more interesting.  They have a lot of rules and a cheap costs that makes this list idea actually tick.

We all know investing in expensive units can win you some games.  An opponent that plays the game of trying to remove the unit will fall into the trap that these type of armies create.  The scout army goes for another trap and instead just gives you too many choices that no one choice is the right one.

Enough of this discussion of the army – lets look at some builds that could be viable.  Let me warm up my ctrl+C on my keyboard and get these lists out.

Power flat top!

(Looks like the BoLS migration issue caused some list problems – but Ive updated and fixed the list for ya so they are legal and what not.  Also these are built for 2 source events that are sour on two full CADs even though 2 Detachments are ok.)

Codex: Space Marines CAD (Sentinels of Terra) + Baal Strike Force (Blood Angels Detachment)

HQ: Librarian, Force Axe, Lvl 3, Auspex, Bones of Osrak
Troops: Scouts X 10, Combi-Melta
Troops: Scouts X 10, Combi-Melta, Melta Bomb
Troops: Scouts X 10, Combi-Melta, Melta Bomb
Troops: Scouts X 10, Combi-Melta, Melta Bomb
Heavy: Centurion Devastators X 3, Grav Cannon X 3
Heavy: Centurion Devastators X 3, Grav Cannon X 3

Baal Strike Force Detachment (Min 1 HQ, 2 Troops, 1 Elite – from Codex: Blood Angels)
HQ: Librarian, Force Axe, Lvl 2
Elite: Command Squad, Flamer X 3, Meltagun X 3
Troops: Scouts X 10, Combi-Grav Melta Bomb
Troops: Scouts X 10, Combi-Grav Melta Bomb
Troops: Scouts X 10, Combi-Grav, Melta Bomb
FA: Drop Pod
FA: Drop Pod
FA: Drop Pod

This list  floods the table with 80 scouts – lots of crazy bolter action and tons of Grav.  You thumb your nose at Flyers – but with most armies dropping the flyer action/support down it isn’t nearly as big of a deal.  You also have 2 lovely Drop Cent combos with the added benefit of dropping cover saves by 1 a times with the two Librarian toting Auspexs.  You don’t have any counter assault but this is just a quick – idea list.

I think you could create another army that utilizes a fast death star, lots of objective secured, and some long range death.

Supercuts for the win!

Codex: Space Marines CAD (Sentinels of Terra) + Champions of Fenris

HQ: Librarian, Force Axe, Lvl 3, Auspex, Bones of Osrak
HQ: Command Squad, Apocathery, Meltabombs X 5, Storm Shield X 3
Troops: Scouts X 10, Combi-Melta, Melta Bomb
Troops: Scouts X 10, Combi-Melta, Melta Bomb
Troops: Scouts X 10, Combi-Melta, Melta Bomb
Troops: Scouts X 10, Combi-Grav, Melta Bomb
Troops: Scouts X 10, Combi-Grav, Melta Bomb
Heavy: Centurion Devastators X 3, Grav Cannon X 3, Omni Scope

Champions of Fenris
HQ: Wolf Priest, Bike, Runic Armor, Melta bomb
Elites: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 3
Elites: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 3
Elites: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 3
FA: Drop Pod

This one gives you a small fast little Death Star while covering the table in scoring units.  You also have a knife of a Devastator unit that can come in and kill a ton of things as needed.  The idea of using an MSU set up mixed with a tough as nails unit should give most armies a fit as they try to “win” the game.

I didn’t want to use White Scars in my combo lists as the hit and run is powerful – but if you are going MSU you want those units to die as soon as someone pays attention to them.  The ability of close range bolter drill mixed with a powerful psychic relic made Sentinels of Terra a better option.  Plus those Devastators are brutal to just about everything with Tank Hunter and the brown noise ability of Grav guns.

Will we see a ton more 50+ scout builds in the coming events? I think any event that likes to utilize some kind of Maelstrom design to build missions will be a great event to run scouts.  So look through all your old battle force boxes and grab as many scouts as you can.


The flat top is back baby!

  • Mad Maximus

    those lists make about as much sense as a mullet.

    • Ben

      Business in the front, party in the back?

  • Herpguy

    Thanks for the disclaimer. We did not expect you to make copy + paste lists.

  • hazal

    If you want to make this work try the following. 2k list.

    Scout (5) – Sniper/ML/Flak/Camo – LSS – MM
    Scout (5) – Sniper/ML/Flak/Camo – LSS – MM
    Scout (5) – Sniper/ML/Flak/Camo – LSS – MM
    Scout (5) – Combie melta- LSS – MM
    Scout (5) – Combie melta- LSS – MM
    Scout (5) – Combie melta- LSS – MM
    Stormraven Gunship

    Sanginary Priest – Powermaul
    Scouts (5) – meltabomb, CCW
    Scouts (5) – Vet sgt, Powermaul, CCW
    Scouts (5) – Vet sgt, Powersword, CCW
    Scouts (10) – Vet sgt, Powersword, CCW
    Scouts (5) – Sniper/ML/Flak/Camo

    2x autocannon dreads
    Aegis line

    – Salamander scouts with snipers vacate their rides so the blood angels can take them and use as assault transports. Snipers hide behind aegis line with dreads (needed for the +1 I to BA scouts)

    – 10 man scout blob + sang priest and Vulkan go in Stormraven.

    • Greg Verzosa

      The only issue with LSS still is that they’re dedicated transports so the BA scouts can’t start the game embarked in them like the FA transports in the SW/BA dex. With good terrain, it’s a but safer, but otherwise your using a turn to embark and then are limited in how far it can move that first turn.

      • Darge

        Can’t you embark turn 1 and flat out up to 18?

        • Greg Verzosa

          Yes, so long as the LSS hasn’t moved prior to the embarking. It is true, scout and infiltrate can give them greater threat range, but without good terrain or first turn, they’re kind of stretched out without support. Being unable to embark until t1 also takes away the outflank, something I’ve found to be super useful with heavy flamers and sometimes when I’m being cheeky, multimeltas that can get into rear arcs. Super useful on hammer and anvil, but I guess you can always leave the regular scouts in their LSS during deployment if you want to keep that kind of transport delivery open.

          • hazal

            I think the strength with this sort of list is the ability to do this… or not.

            You can scout move everything, or infiltrate everything or outflank everything, or even deepstrike it. Even switch up who gets to use the LSS.

            Knowing when to use each and how to exploit opponents setups is where it is at.

          • Darge

            Not to mention you can infiltrate and scout then shoot multi melta combi melta or even use heavy weapons because scout and infiltrate don’t count as movement. They’re a redeploy.

          • Darge

            Oh I forgot about that. Lss have infiltrate. Infiltrate it and the ba squad up and behind cover. Embark turn 1 and profit.

      • hazal

        There are some drawbacks, but turn 2 charges are worth it IMO.

        You can also infiltrate the BA scouts and Scout move the LSS to be near them turn 1 so your threat range is still quite large.

    • Really interesting idea. Frankly, (no disrespect intended to Goatboy) this is a much more interesting idea than those expressed in the article.

      • hazal

        I have been aching for a good list to take advantage of the LSS assault ability. I have a 1500 pt version of the list I am building towards.

  • Desmond Burke

    Baal Strike Force requires an Elite choice as compulsory.

    • Thomas Reidy aka Goatboy

      You are right – I can’t fix the article just yet – but imagine an elite choice going in there – maybe a command squad to fly down in one drop pod? Drop a scout.

      • hazal

        Dreads in pods are your cheapest choice and brings you in some MM/Str 10.

        • Desmond Burke

          This is my favorite choice at this time, though I prefer the Fragioso – Frag Cannon with Heavy Flamer.

  • ColonelFazackerley

    Makes sense as Imperial Fists. Chapter tactics reroll 1s to hit with bolters. That will add up with that many bolters on the table.

    • lykum

      Sentinels of Terra makes Bolter Drill twin linked inside of half range. Double tapping scouts are awesome with this.

    • Darge

      Plus he’s using the sentinels of terra supplement. They replace reroll 1s with twin-linked at rapid fire range

    • hazal

      I have felt the love which is sentinels of terra bolter scouts in LSS.

      Amazing amount of damage they can put out.

  • Secundum Ave

    Some of those lists are flat-out Illegal.

    • nonafel

      Well to post on BOLS doesn’t require you to know the material.

      • Archon4Lyfe

        Neither does commenting.

    • Greg Verzosa

      The BA and SW detachments have modified force org charts.

      • Thomas Reidy aka Goatboy

        The only one not legal is the Marine + BA one – need an elite.

        The other ones are using different army list CADs – Marines are always the regular CAD while any of the other ones are the Great Wolf Detachment I think is the name and then the Strike force of Baal or something like that.

        But the only thing needed in one is an Elite choice.

  • Garrett Sorensen

    Tau would eat these lists for breakfast. they can put out an ungodly ammount of s7 ap4 shots and if built correctly can even split fire. not to mention ignore cover much of the time. i would expect a tabling by turn 2 against such a list.

    • sethmo

      And non melta lists die horribly to knights.

      This is 7th, there is no “I WIN” button anymore.

      • Garrett Sorensen

        the tau list I’m thinking of would have at least a couple of buffmanders in it. and a least one squad of deep striking melta toting squads of combat suits. having tank hunter goes a really long way toward making those s7 shots take the knights out. this list is balanced for dealing with knights and other armies. it would just happen to murderize scouts without even trying.

  • benn grimm

    I liked Reece’s version better, and by better I mean I didn’t like that much either, but at least it was kind of original and slightly less yawn-worthy.

  • Warrior_of_Sound

    not a single scout bike

  • Repentant Unforgiven

    Assumed this was relating to scouts usr bit disappointed as DAs can pull some nice moves using scout was hoping for more ideas…

  • Tesq

    I think it’s not bad idea but if these are 1850 list you will simple got problem with mass cc army( ork, tyranids), and with heavy armor list even if you have 1-2 melta x unit.
    I would simple start second. put units with good save on sides and make all near in 1 spot, you will surrunde me use bolt then i will simple wrek your 2 units focusing with all my own army on my turn.
    What about the rest? fortification like turrets will most not let you move from your deploy zone, as they are 40 dakka S5 re-roll that hit at 5 and they work damnit well. Melta need to be in 6″ to benefith from thh special rule , so basicaly 3 maulerfiend + 2 helldrake can + 2 turrets can kill your own army in 3 turn,
    If just 1 maulerfiend survie the rest of your army cannot be finish turn in 12″ from my maulerfiend as i will move charge and half your units willl be dead, on your turn it will be completly dead, and i move and charge again….. i speak for me as i know well chaos but im sure other army have some way too.
    Drop all those model in few space could leave you undefended versus some area weapons too.
    Then what about scout? didn’t they allow you to re allocate “only” in deploy zone? i found it a lot less usefull than infiltrate and almost useless when “all” your units lack of 48″ range.
    Drop pod need a nerf btw….. that rule is just stupid i could allow they could automaticaly enter but not on first turn…..

    • Conrad_Dakarn

      Maulerfiends are only armour 12 and don’t have a huge number of attacks. All scouts have Krak grenades to punch through and cause glancing hits and that meltabomb from the serg is going to be the last model you kill….they only need to cause 3 Hull points of damage and your fiends are toast.

      Scout doesn’t allow you to relocate “only” in the deployment zone. It allows you to redeploy anywhere within 6″ of where you already are.

      The turret fortifications -must- have someone on them in order for you to keep control of them. If you don’t keep a model on them then the scout player can quite easily take them off you and turn them against you by turn 2 (especially if they’re running bikes). Cover is a scout army’s biggest allie and most of the time they get a 4+ or even 3+ save from that.

      Never try and theory hammer against a scout list. You can’t predict how someone who uses scouts will use that list and you can’t predict their tactics.

      I run a 70 scout 1500 army and have done very well in every game that I’ve used them in….winning most of them down to tactical use and care with my play. I’ve beaten armies which have included flame, flyers, armour and beasts.

  • Ryan

    How so you have a lvl 3 Libby?

  • Conrad_Dakarn

    I’ve been running a scout army at 1,500 for a long time now and have to say the addition of Centurions or Iron Wolves is a little disappointing in your own lists.
    I try to run the list as pure to scouts as a possibly can with the models I have, though I have added 2 things to deal with air units….though I argue that they’re manned by scouts (even have a scout modelled as the pilot)

    The list I run is:
    Chaplain w/ Plasma Pistol & Auspex

    2x 10 Scout w/ CCW, Serg w/ P.Lance & M-bombs
    2x 10 Scout w/ Bolter, Heavy Bolter, Serg w/ P.Lance, Combi-Melta & M-bombs
    2x 10 Scout w/ Sniper, Missile Launcher

    5x Scout bikers, Serg w/ P.Lance & M-bombs
    5x Scout bikers, 3 Grenades, Serg w/ P.fist

    Storm Talon w/ Skyhammer & Assault Cannon

    With an extra 500pts, I’d probably drop the Hunter for another scout Talon and add a couple of shotgun squads (and another chaplain HQ to make the second force org) and some more Scout bikers. Maybe throw in some flak missiles.