(Jan 22) The DiRT – FASTEST/LEAST EXPENSIVE Infinity Demo Terrain (and other news)



News, FAQs, and the Fastest way to get your first Infinity Demo game on….


So I keep getting content ready to post on BoLS and Corvus Belli keeps releasing news (or something new) on Wednesday that makes me go back and write a different article.  Not that I’m complaining.  Having fresh news to share is always a great thing.  So let’s get it started….

THE NEWS –  Human Sphere and Campaign:Paradiso FAQ

Released yesterday, Corvus Belli has provided an FAQ for both Human Sphere (HS)and Campaign:Paradiso so gamers can more easily use the rules and profiles contained within in a 3rd edition game.  Most of the FAQ is centered around name changes.  The PDF is under 5, and answers a lot of basic questions where HS and CP either reference the 2nd edition core rule book, or minor word changes to translate functions to a 3rd edition mindset.  Download the English FAQ.

infinitythegame.com archivo  ENG _FAQ_HS CP.pdf


THE SKINNY – The Terrain Triangle Paradigm


Terrain Triangle1

There is a concept for project managers called the triple constraint.  Often it’s represented by a triangle with the sides labeled Time, Cost, Scope.  All projects fall inside that triangle (if they’re successful at all).  It is supposed to represent that you cannot have all three.  I can have reduced time to complete and cost, but then the scope of the project has to be diminished.  I might be able to complete the project quickly, with a large scope but then it’s unlikely to be inexpensive.  This happens because it might require a larger head count to pull it off, or you might have to pay for better quality resources for your head count.  I want you to keep this in mind, because it seems to me that all of the “attention” in blogs and on YouTube focuses on the scope of the project.  These are hobbyists show off what they’re capable of.  My comment is not a detraction on those content providers.  I love seeing what people are capable of.  If you have that sort of hobbyist talent, please continue with what you’re doing.  If you are selling product, please continue to show us your wares, because the innovations in miniature wargaming manufactured terrain is just awesome.


Terrain Triangle ,media



But sometimes and for some people, getting to play the game is the focus.  This is why I’ve tended to focus my attention above the center point of the triangle.  When I get asked about what is the greatest consequence of a smaller YouTube community.  it’s not seeing the variance of people’s attitude to various aspects of a wargame.  Using the same triple constraint triangle, if you wanted the perfect wargaming perspective, both your time and cost would jump up considerably since the scope would be immense.

So for the next part of this article, we’re going to look at playable Infinity terrain that (as best as I can get) at the tip top of the triple constraint triangle.


The DIRT – Infinity demo terrain for under $9/10 minutes

What you will need to make this happen:

  1. Go to a store and buy 7 to 10 tissue boxes. Ideally you’re get 3 different sizes of tissue boxes.  Choose one of them to be light in color.
  2. 1 or 2 sheets of paper (lined or plain does not matter).
  3. A stapler with a few staples.
  4. Something to write with (dark ink).

Just acquiring the above, you’re about 25% of the way there.

Least Expensive  Fastest to Prep Terrain for Your 1st Infinity Demo Game under  9 10 min1

To add some versatility to the terrain, we’re going to use the marker with the light colored tissue boxes to draw in some ladders.

Least Expensive  Fastest to Prep Terrain for Your 1st Infinity Demo Game under  9 10 min2

Here I’m using a straight edge, so if I choose to stack the boxes on one another, the ladders will line up.  Once you draw in some ladders, add all the tissue boxes to your board diagonal to the table edge (not parallel to the edges).

Least Expensive  Fastest to Prep Terrain for Your 1st Infinity Demo Game under  9 10 min3

After adding all the tissue boxes to the table, get one of your sheets of paper and fold it over three times (diagram only shows twice) and add staples just slightly less than 1 inch down from the fold.

fold twice

Underneath the staples, fold the two flaps out and you have some low ground terrain.  1 sheet of 11.5″ x 8″ paper will make between 2 and 5 of these low ground terrain features, just make sure that you have at least two staples in each terrain piece to keep it from unraveling.  Then add it to the board.

Least Expensive  Fastest to Prep Terrain for Your 1st Infinity Demo Game under  9 10 min4


And you’re ready to play.

From the DOREMICOM YouTube channel:

IF you missed any of the instructions above, check it out live on my YouTube channel.


So that’s the NEWS, the SKINNY, the DIRT on getting the terrain ready for your first Demo game of Infinity.  What other home items have you used while miniature wargaming?  If I was to do a Triangle Terrain series of videos, what would you like to see as a time and dollar constraint on building out other terrain boards.  Let me know in the comments below or on my YouTube channel. 

  • chris harrison

    Not bad. My first wargaming terrain was a fort made of pieces of Styrofoam from computer accessories and hardback books for hills.

    • I think we all started there, or somewhere very close.

  • Schweinboy

    What is name of the character above?

    • doremicom

      Umbra, part of the new Combined Army starter box

  • Sin Synn

    I really wish Corvus Belli hadn’t nerfed my Shas.
    Oh, and killed off the Exrah in the new Edition.
    Sorry but I won’t be playing this game any more.
    There’s only room in my life for one Games Workshop.

    • doremicom

      Totally sorry to hear that because I’ve greatly enjoyed your comments throughout 2014 (this is not sarcasm in any way shape or form). Hopefully, you can take a peek over on The DiRT articles and just keep you in the loop. Also, just because I have not played the Shasvastti in either edition, how do you feel that they’ve been nerfed. Again, not trying to dispute you here, trying to understand so I can investigate it for myself.

      • Sin Synn

        The way the old camo attack rule worked was:
        Attack from camo, resolve attack.
        If defender survives, then he reacts.
        This worked JUST FINE.

        Now the defender gets to react simultaneously.
        And no, I do not care that the roll is modified. Replacing a RULE with ‘moar dice rolling, hurr-hurr’ is stupid, and since I have awful luck with dice, this just won’t work for me.
        Now, instead of breaking from camo and killing my target, I’ll be dragged into another complex face-to-face situation.

        The old rule was crystal clear and worked fine. Now there’s rules for ‘what kind of attack’ you’re pulling, and rules for the defender, and the whole thing is overly complicated.
        Oh, and let’s not forget that camo marker tricks are gone for no good reason either.
        And my Exrah models are so much junk.

        What makes it worse is CB putting up a post mocking the situation over on their website (read ‘of camo and drama’ on their main page).
        Even GW never sank that low.

        Nah, man. CB can blow a monkey. I’m done with them.
        GW is bad enough with unpredictability and random changes for no good reason.

        • doremicom

          Sorry that you’ve run into any negative feedback regarding your concerns. Never a good tactic.

          And thank you for posting why you feel there was a nerf. This is something I will be contending with as well with my heavy use of Ariadna camo. I’m not trying to sway you one way or another, but I hope you are not offended if I do end up taking a deep dive into Camo changes at some point in the future.

          There are some changes that I’m not totally excited about on the surface, but the camo stacking trick/displaying your orders on the table/Lt order just being an order and it forces the identification of the Lt, were clearly put in place to deal with people who were cheating. I’m NOT saying you did, I’m saying that there are people who attempted that (to the point that I went to one tournament that required photographing not only hidden deployed troops, but what was under EACH regular camo marker as well).

          I do hope you keep up with the article, just in case there is something new that I find as I continue to play more games that may give you an invigoration back into the system. And I haven’t read this yet, but just as a point of reference, Did Shas models get cheaper point wise?

          • Sin Synn

            No worries dude.
            I spent years putting up with GW’s bizarre schizophrenea, so I certainly won’t be putting up with it from yet another company. Better to just make a clean break.
            To tell ya the truth, I’m wrapping up my gig at the HoP this Sunday and I’m ghost. There’s no minigame I wanna play anymore.

        • GrenAcid

          Well, you Ignore part where it was unfair and CB did say they want to rid off situations where ARO player just pick up models.

          Now BOTH players play and your post makes me think CB did great job in removing bad rule.

          As for “of camo and drama”….try grow a sense of humor, since wargaming isnt serious biznes.

          • Sin Synn

            Two words-
            Multispectral visor.

          • GrenAcid

            More words:
            How MSV could help with cammo in N2?
            Only MSV 3 ignored cammo….and there where like 3 of them in whole game.

          • Sin Synn

            Actually a Level 2 MSV allowed you to make a Discover Roll on any level of camo with no modifier.

        • vonDietdrich

          As someone who played with camo and especially TO Camo frequently, it was not fine.

          The way that the rules are written now, you at least have the possibility to ARO a dodge or something when ambushed from Camo or Hidden Deployment, instead of just eating a very accurate sniper bullet and probably dying with no reaction whatsoever.

          The rules were fine.. for the person using camo. For people on the other end of it, it turned the game into a deadlock where you attempted to win with as little movement as possible to avoid stumbling over Hidden Deployments or Camo markers that would instantly kill you with no chance of reaction. Camo was just superior to the lack thereof in every way possible, and that’s not good game design. I’m glad CB realized it and fixed it.

          It’s not a random, unpredictable change. It makes perfect sense and I’m relieved it was done. Camo contributed a lot to the metagame of ‘huge lists of really weak infantry’ so that if you ate a Camo token’s ARO, it wouldn’t kill an expensive or useful model, it’d kill a five point throwaway trooper. With these changes, taking lists of more expensive and specialized soldiers is less painful. No more ‘whoops, you set foot outside, so my Hidden Deployed Dasyu MULTI Sniper blew your lieutenant’s head off in an ARO on your first turn. Tough luck!’

          As far as the Exrah, they obviously decided that they didn’t like the models conceptually (over-expensive, instant death flying troops) and didn’t want to take Combined Army in that direction or include them in a Sectorial, so they retired the models. You could take.. what, three of them in an army, tops?

          The entire point of Infinity is that both players get to participate equally, instead of taking turns removing each other’s models from the board. They also removed the First Strike rule from Martial Arts for the same reason.

          If you don’t like roll-offs.. then yeah, it’s probably not the game for you.

          • Gullinbursti

            The main reason, as stated by CB, was that they were the least popular subset of models in the game while conversely being the most damaging to their molds, so they were expensive to maintain. Personally, I liked the Caskuda model, but the rest of them I wasn’t fussed about.

          • Sin Synn

            Do you also complain about Pan-O’s crazy ballistic skillz, Haq’s cheap as chips troops, Nomads super hackers, etc, etc?
            Every army had something.

            You DO realize that two troops with multispectral visors would completely shut down an all camo list, right?
            Oh, but that would mean giving up a SWC point or two, and you didn’t want to do that, right?

          • Todd

            Pan-O typically has 1 more point of BS compared to a comparable trooper from another army. That’s only a 5% better chance to hit. They pay for it by making compromises in what is available to them, and by having the lowest overall WIP in the game.

            Haqq’s troops really aren’t any cheaper than say Nomad’s, or Ariadna’s.

            Nomads have awesome Hackers, I can’t argue with that. That’s their flavor. However, hacking wasn’t even that great until N3, which you’ve already decided not to participate in.

    • cabaray

      Shas is strong in camo and infiltration and I see improvements on that front. So the surprise from camo has changed greatly, but for the better in my point of view. You could pull of a unchallenged shot in 2nd edition, but if that missed, your opponent could hit you unchallenged. Which I find worse then the 3d option where your opponent gets a minus 3 mod. As a shas you can easily bring your opponent in a situation where it gets in a min 12 mod (cover, surprise, your own camo and rangeband). Embryo’s giving you an extra unconcious state which you can be healed from. Still very powerfull. Exrah killed off is a bummer, but if you have the models, they can use other profiles in the game to still be used.

      • Sin Synn

        Even a combi-rifle fires three shots.
        How was anyone walking away from a camo attack in 2nd?
        If you picked your target carefully it was a wrap.
        Even someone with a -12 modifier can still roll a crit.

        If you really play Shas, don’t you miss marker tricks?
        What’s replacing that? More dice rolling?

        • vonDietdrich

          Yes, that is precisely what was wrong with Camo. Playing against armies with multiple models that could instantly kill your models with no retaliation and no chance of survival is obviously unbalanced. And, against TO Camo models with Infiltration, Hidden Deployment means you don’t get any warning this is going to happen and have to treat the entire table as hostile territory.

          Toss in the fact that most of them had Infiltration and strong weapon choices and easy access to TO Camo, and it’s pretty blatantly broken if you weren’t running MSV 3 (and even then, TO Camo Infiltration is much more common than MSV3, and about half as expensive per model, and that still involves playing the MSV3 models aggressively which is a bad strategy most of the time because they’re expensive).

          Nerfing Camo and marker shenanigans means that the game is less of a Camo vs Sensor arms race and brings back other aspects, like CC.

          • Sin Synn

            Does no one here know what a multispectral visor is?
            Wow. Just wow.

          • GrenAcid

            Its obvious that you dont know those rules.

            Back in N2, only MSV3 allow to shoot at cammo marker without discovering it first, and yes MSV2 strip -3/-6 mod for it but you still had to discover it, and cammo could shoot at you first.

          • Sin Synn

            So basically what you’re saying is a pair of Level 3 multispectral visors could shut down a camo list.
            Right. Pretty much what I said.
            Anything else you’d like to discuss here? Perhaps the correct spelling of the word ‘green?’

          • Todd

            You know that’s only possible with two armies in the entire game, and costs both of them nearly half of a standard 300 point list, right?

            Otherwise, even with MSV 1+2 in the reactive turn you were going to eat a bullet and hope you survive to retaliate. Discovering without mods doesn’t help when your opponent simply reveals and shoots with their second skill.

    • An_Enemy

      I play Ariadna and my Spetsnaz sniper and Scout don’t mind the change so much.

      Your opponents will be happier rolling dice and dying rather than just removing models.

  • These work, but really, if you need Infinity terrain in a hurry, use iKubes. Even simpler and quicker than this, look great, costs nothing that you don’t already have, requires only a pair of scissors to assemble, and stores flat. I keep 30 of them and the printable mat tucked into the pocket of my Infinity case.

    They can be found here: http://toposolitario.com/workshop/ikube.html

    • Orangecoke

      To be fair, I’m not sure if the printing, cutting, folding, gluing etc (I didn’t full digest the steps on that site) is simpler than “buy box of Kleenex, set on table” 😀

      • An_Enemy

        It is. You never have to get out of your chair. Folding paper is not magic.

      • Print, cut, fold, done. No glue required. They’re specifically designed to be good “emergency” terrain. As in: holycarp, we have six tables but twenty players, we need more terrain NOW. Have a working printer and a pair of scissors? Problem solved.

  • daboarder

    fair article, but I find that if you are doing a demo game it is best to present the game at the finest you are able. Good terrain and visual draw is essential to selling the game to others

    • doremicom

      So while I agree with you from a professional Warcor demo side… the side who just wants to get a game in says that it’s stupid to wait 3 weeks or more to start playing because you want a particular look for an entire table of terrain. This is really geared more for those infinity gamers who are playing with a buddy and find themselves with out terrain or just starting. This allows the games to begin and worry about the pretty terrain factor at a later date with effectively no time or money commitment. I’ve known players who did not start playing Infinity for 2 months because they bought into the media of hype of what a game must look like. None of that is required. And it’s important for people to know that.

      • All totally true… but that’s not what the article presented. In wargamer parlance, “demo” has some fairly specific connotations, and I agree that daboarder raises a valid point within our usual meaning of the word.

        • doremicom

          Would I want to demo with nicer terrain? Of course. But if someone asked me for an Infinity demo, I’m much more interested in busting out tissue boxes than telling that person no. So even in the scope of “demo” terrain, it still fits. And the article specifically notes that this is terrain that falls at the top of the terrain triangle Inexpensive and fast to build with limited scope on the detail of the terrain.

          If my response to daboarder was seen as offensive, that was not what I meant. I simply meant (in my comment) that Infinity has a high demand on quantity of terrain and people should not shackle themselves to the pursuit of pouring all that time, energy, money into terrain creation before they had a chance to play the game for themselves, walking through a demo sized first game.

          • No offensiveness to it at all (and actually I hadn’t realized that comment was you, which makes it make much more sense in context). You do raise a good point about Infinity’s terrain standards being something of a barrier to entry, and given the choice between kleenex and not running a demo at all, I’ll take the tissues as well, but I do still think we as Infinity players have a… responsibility, if not an obligation, to put the game’s best foot forward when presenting it to prospective new players.

            N3 solved a lot of the bugbears that tended to scare people off from the game in the past, but it does still retain a stigma of being complicated and difficult to learn compared to its contemporaries, and the best way we can draw new players into our community is a combination of dispelling the myths surrounding the game, breaking down those complexities into simpler tasks as we are able, and by highlighting the unique strengths of the game… including especially the way it handles and uses terrain as well as just how attractive the game LOOKS when it’s on terrain that’s even half-decent.

          • doremicom