40k – Harlequins Wave 4 Arrives

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Death wears a smile in the last but certainly not least batch of Harlequins from Games Workshop!

Get your diamond painting hands on the new characters next week.




Death Jester $26

Embracing the role of Death in its entirety, there is no mercy in the heart of a Death Jester. His outsize shuriken cannon reaps a deadly toll on his enemies as each round, impregnated with virulent biotoxins, causes its victims’ metabolisms to spectacularly detonate.

This 10-piece plastic kit makes one Harlequin Death Jester armed with a shrieker cannon, and has a choice of 2 face masks. The model is supplied with a 25mm round base.

99070111001_HarlequinDeathJester01 99070111001_HarlequinDeathJesterSprue01





Shadowseer $26


Illusion, misdirection and terror are the psychic tools at the disposal of the Shadowseer. Wherever the Shadowseer treads on the battlefield discipline collapses, replaced by a bedlam of screams, gibbering and panicked, aimless gunfire. Through it all strides the Shadowseer – an island of sinister calm in an ocean of madness.

This 11-piece plastic kit makes one Harlequin Shadowseer armed a shuriken pistol, miststave and hallucinogen grenade launcher. The shuriken pistol can be replaced with a neuro disruptor which is also included. The model is supplied with a 25mm round base.



99070111002_HarlequinShadowseerSprue01 99070111002_HarlequinShadowseer01


That’s it for the clowns from space folks.

Time to figure out what to put on the tabletop!

  • Mordrot

    I think they are pretty cool and I don’t even play xenos… Yet

  • Majere613

    I like most of them, but I’m really not a fan of the Deathjester. I don’t like pet rocks at the best of times, and multiples of that are going to look really daft, really fast.

    • Morgrim

      The feet don’t look too hard to get off the rocks, at least, so rebasing shouldn’t be a huge issue.

  • SonoftheMountain

    anyone know a good tutorial for painting those diamonds?

    • Check the last four weeks of White Dwarf. They’ve been kind of diamond-obsessed lately.

  • Myu


  • Death Jester is A-ok in my books, anyone who packs a gun that makes people splode is pretty awesome.