Dropzone Commander News – Special Characters, New Cards Inbound

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This week sees a handful of new releases in the Dropzone Commander universe. New characters for each race are coming in hot!

New Commanders


Dropzone players have become accustomed to a high level of authenticity and detail in the miniatures released by Hawk Wargames, and the new Commanders do not disappoint in that regard!

Rather than being a simple points addition to an existing model, each of the special characters are receiving their own custom command unit, along with their own special weapons loadouts and added special rules. These are available in Reconquest: Phase I. In addition to the rules presented in that book, each character will ship with its own special Command Cards. These will be added to the core deck for each faction, giving the special commander their own unique “flavor” in terms of command approach.


While these new models are fantastic, they are only the beginning. There are more special commanders waiting in the wings from the Reconquest book, and they will no doubt receive their own attention in an upcoming release. For now though, each faction has been given a new model to occupy their attentions.

Command Deck Changes

Scourge Symbol

In addition to the new models, Hawk Wargames has tweaked the existing Command Decks, bringing a series of slight power tweaks to various cards.

Many a cynical gamer may be quick to point such a move out as a cash grab, but fear not! Hawk has been generous enough to offer these updated cards in a printable format. Simply slap them into sleeves over the redacted copies, and you’re good to go! This allows the game to move on without additional purchases, and is an excellent show of good customer relations on the part of Hawk.

I am very pleased with the changes that have been made to the Command Decks. Cards that previously offered little to no tactical muscle have been toned to provide better general practicality, making the decks more rounded to multiple situations. Even the PHR cards, which were mostly toned down, received some nice focus to drive their advantage against particular target types. My favorite change came with Countermeasures Hack; you can now shut down those pesky Ferrums and Ocelots at long range, giving you the ability to throw some heavy shots before those units get down to business.

If you haven’t had a chance to look at the Command Card changes, take a peek and see what you think. Hawk has been gracious enough to offer the following link:

What do you think of the new Commanders, Dropzone veterans? Give us your take on the good, the bad, and the ugly of the new Command Deck changes.

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  • Weidekuh

    Great game, great models, great company!
    The new generic commanders all look soo damn cool. I expecially love the new UCM heavy command gunship.

  • Hadrian

    The new UCM Command Deck is sweet. Fighter Escort and Black Project have me drooling. That said, I wish you would have shown the new standard command models that were revealed at Invasion. The UCM Phoenix AC2, Scourge Oppressor, PHR Nemesis, and Shaltari Gharial are all really cool.

    • Randall Madden

      Thanks for the suggestion! We will definitely be covering these as more info develops.

  • Dexter Kingsford

    I can’t wait to have a gunship Commander. I mean there’s that damn desolator but it looks like this one is less…..suicidal.