GW: Next Week’s Products, Prices & Hints TODAY!

Harlequin Avatar

Here they come everybody.  Get your wallets ready and take a look at next week’s tasty teaser!

images via El Taller De Yila


First up we have this week’s prices:



Standard clampack prices of $26 for the Deathjester and Shadowseer.

This week wraps up the awesome 4 weeks of Harlequins! I’m so excited to see these guys on the tabletop.

Then next week’s teaser:


Yeah – I’m thinking that’s all about the Brass Throne – how about you?

Hmm, I’d say the appearance of the End Times books and the Khorne hints point to End Times: Archaon and probably the plastic Bloodthirster!

End Times Archaon Roundup


Bloodthirster Roundup


It’s gonna be Khornetastic!


  • iguana1981

    Khorne Porn!!! I know what my next Puurchase is gonna be!!

    Blood for the Blood God!

    • Mr.Gold

      Finally we can see under the censor…

  • shotgun_justice

    I read the photo as saying Shadowqueer.
    That’s a very different type of dancer

  • Wasn’t Altdorf under siege in the old MMO?

  • Christie Bryden

    though I would love more stuff for chaos (as in tzentch stuff) it looks like we are in 40k

  • Houghten

    Clearly, the week of 28 Feb is going to be all about Slaanesh.

  • AircoolUK

    Let’s release a Necron Codex, but with no new models except one. It’s not like nearly every Codex needs new troops models…

    • Tim Currey

      What are you complaining about? The Necron warrior kit is good. Necrons didn’t need new kits.

    • Tigirus

      Yeah the warrior kit is fine in my opinion, other factions need it more like eldar warpspiders being the same mold from 2nd edition.

  • Jason

    By the all father there better be a dragon.
    Please mummy make there be dragon as well.