Harlequin Starweaver Voidweaver Movie – IMPRESSIVE!



These kits are beautiful! GW shows off the stunning new Harlequin Star/Voidweavers in detailed video – Don’t miss these closeups.

Ohh, look at that cinematography.  The depth of field, the pans, the closeups.  Someone at GW is having a great time with their camera.

These models are beautiful.  However, to me the Starweaver is the standout of the pair.  The lower profile compared to the Voidweavers’s oddly mounted rear gun, and the predatory stances of the rear occupants makes for a great looking model!

But I guess if you build Voidweavers, you end up with extra Harlequin Troupers to use for whatever you want…

I don’t even want to think about the time it took the Heavy Metal team to paint up all those diamonds all over the place.

~What’s your artistic opinion on the new kits?
  • I wonder if they hired someone specifically to do these videos, or if they just sent out an intra-office memo asking if anybody had any serious experience behind a camera. Whoever it is, clearly has great fun with it.

    • kingcobra668

      Why wouldn’t they just use the same people that do the photography for their publications?

      • They might be; I don’t know. I do know that photography and cinematography are different arts, and that the skills from one don’t necessarily translate to the other, however.

        • jrallnella

          Yes, they are different but if you take a graphic design degree you are often train in both.

    • David Leimbach

      These high production value videos don’t happen by accident.

      • Not sure if sarcasm, or…

        • David Leimbach

          Not at all. I mean objectively, the lighting, the layout, the angles, the presentation … it’s all nicely polished.

          It’s shows the skill of the people who made this.