Infinity: Just Two Noobs Trying to Learn N3 Pt. 2

000 Inifinity Pan 0

John and I were back at the LGS again this week building on our previous experience. Why don’t you guys come check in on us noobs again and see if we learned anything.

Infinity 001 Setup

Game 1


We went for 150 points again but brought along some cheaper guys for larger order pools. Since I want to expand my Pan-o army primarily into a NeoTerra force, I brought along four bolts, three fusiliers, and a Hexa. Two of the bolts were armed normally while one of them brought along some Drop Bears. The fourth I equipped with a Boarding Shotgun although this was primarily because this version is cheaper and it would keep me under the 150 limit. The fusiliers were the standard Combi loadout from Icestorm, and the Hexa was the Spitfire armed one from the Neo Terra starter.

We decided not to use the Fireteam rules yet even though their benefits are a big reason for limiting yourself to a sectorial army. I also brought along two sets of Icestorm Terrain.

John’s army was a bit odd. His big Infinity order still hadn’t arrived (our LGS doesn’t stock Infinity so we have to shop the web) and so he only had the newest models from the unboxings we’ve been doing. To get to 150 he’d taken an HMG, Sniper, and Doctor Ghulam. Additionally he’d brought along Nathan Explosion – at least that’s who Kasym Beg reminds me of – an HMG Janissary, and four Ghazi Muttawi’ah with Boarding Shotguns.

We decided to go for a scenario this time and chose to do Supremacy. To simplify things we would only worry about controlling the quadrants and ignore the additional rules about the consoles.

John won the first turn roll. In fact he has won every first turn roll in all five of the games we’ve played now. We had talked about using command tokens and even went so far as to count them out and give them to ourselves, but of course I forgot to use them to limit his order pool.

Over half of John’s army had the extremely impetuous trait, so they started their way across the board in earnest. He advanced to get better position and rolled Beg up the board before throwing up a couple of smoke clouds blocking a lot of my view of the board.

With so much of my visibility limited by the clouds and terrain, I didn’t really know what to do with my center, so I sent my Hexa up the left. He ended up being where I spent most of my orders.

Infinity 002 Surprise Shot


He was in the TO camo state and John had no idea what the marker was at this point.The Hexa quickly revealed itself with a surprise shot against one of his Ghazis. We found out later that I was doing TO wrong, moving around normally rather than using cautious movement. This would have cancelled the Hexa’s camouflaged state and you must be camouflaged to use the Surprise Shot rule. At any rate, the Hexa did kill the Ghazi before moving into partial cover and putting a wound on the Janissary.

Ultimately the Hexa didn’t perform too well this game, although he did pass the one Armor save he had to take from the Janissary who had won a face to face roll. With one order left I was looking at a lot of John’s models threatening my order pool, so I decided to spend it on my Bolt and have her toss a Drop Bear somewhere I thought would hinder John’s advance. While Kasym Beg, seemed like the biggest threat, I didn’t attempt to throw the bear far enough to hit him. If you try to toss them too far the odds of failing the PH roll are pretty high. Then they’re wasted. I thought the biker would have to pass by the mine on his way up anyway and hoped that would be when it could take him out.

Infinity 003 Bear
Beg is too fast for mines

The next turn was brutal for me. My Drop Bear ended up doing nothing to Beg. Mines don’t react like AROs. A model has to actually declare or execute an order/ARO inside it’s trigger area. Zipping past isn’t enough to set it off.

Infinity 004 Template

Colossal Wreck Markers make perfect smoke templates.

The Impetuous moves put all of John’s Irregulars one order away from being able to blast me with Chain Rifle and Boarding Shotgun Fire, which they did. At the end of John’s turn I’d lost my Lieutenant and had only two models, putting me in a state of retreat. I still had my command tokens which I could have used to cancel the Hexas retreat state, but I thought it would be better to start another game.


Although impetuous is a carries a significant downside with proper placement and the ability to always go first it seems to have worked out fairly well for me so far. My Ghazi and Mr. Beg seem to work pretty well as a team so far. I don’t think they would be as good without each other though I will give it a try. I placed my Ghazi on the flanks and covered them with an HMG and Sniper Rifle. With the buildings and Ben’s cautious placement to avoid my HMG and Sniper it allowed me to have a fairly clear path to get my impetuous guys across the board.
Begs Smoke launcher really shines during the impetuous phase allowing him to shoot it off to obscure either himself or the Ghazi as they advance preventing a key ARO here or there.  I was able to win the first game by allowing my Impetuous troops to run up the field and shotgun Ben’s Army while my Janissary and Sniper stayed relatively out of harm’s way and sniped people as they poked their heads out.

Infinity 005 Game 2

The number of crotches in this shot is a good indicator of how many people were interested in Infinity last Wednesday. It was like this all night.

Game 2


Game two I put more thought into how I set up the fire corridors in my deployment zone. John moved up again and covered the board in smoke so I couldn’t see anything on his side of the table. I had just started my turn when someone happened to pass by who politely informed us that smoke doesn’t last through into the next player’s turn. I thought John should leave all his models out in the open for me to shoot at, but he wasn’t into it, so it was time to reset and move on to game three.


Infinity 006 Game 3

Game 3:


The same player who’d noticed the smoke reminded me that models can be deployed prone and suggested I put some of my bolts on the roof in this state. I think it saved some lives, but at the end of the game I couldn’t help but wonder how things might have worked differently if I’d kept my deployment how it had been. Would I have been able to get the AROs I wanted?

John tricked me by playing his first turn more agressively than he had the last two games, driving Beg deep into my lines to blast away with Chain Rifles and limiting my AROs with smoke from the very beginning. I’d even remembered to use the Command tokens this time to limit his order pool.

Infinity 007 Lucky

Since he hadn’t bothered to attack me first turn in the past two games I’d deployed my troops in a way that let him blast a lot of them with that big template. I was exceedingly fortunate and dodged a lot and passed a lot of saves. Each of the templates John placed only seemed to let me space my models out more thanks to the dodge moves, and by his third attack the Hexa had jumped completely clear and wasn’t even touched by the template. He’d passed his first Armor save, and dodged the second blast. I did lose a Fusilier, who happened to be my LT (of course) but the Hexa’s success at not dying would inspire him to later acts of heroism.
The Hexa was just a TO marker at this point, so I’m still a bit confused as to how all of this should have gone down. There are complicated rules for blasting TO Markers with Intuitive Attacks from templates and these can be found on p. 58 of the rulebook. But the Hexa just happened to be under a template John was placing on other models. So did John need to make the WIP roll to place the template since it happened to have a TO marker under it? Or was my Hexa in the wrong place at the wrong time needing to roll to dodge like everyone else? I’m surprised I can’t find the answer in any FAQ since it seems tricky to me. We did it the second way this time.
With no smoke in my way, I was able to kill Beg and two Ghazis on my turn, despite my army’s irregular state. I didn’t know it at the time, but my Bolt’s Veteran L1 ability would have allowed them to stay regular despite the dead lieutenant. I think this goes a long way to their points cost. My Drop Bear bolt failed to deploy one of her bears over the side of the building because she failed her ph roll. The Hexa and Boarding Shotgun Bolt went up the right and left flank respectively.

John’s two remaining Ghazis killed another Fusilier and Bolt. One of them went climbing up the roof to engage the Drop Bear Bolt, and the other died by ARO. We both thought that being prone would make my bolt an easy kill in CC, but if there is an actual rule that says this, neither of us were able to find it. John was a good sport and left his Ghazi engaged despite the fact that he would have been better off shooting. No one was hurt in the ensuing CC.

Infinity 008 MVP


On my turn my Hexa went to town killing three models. He almost died to a Ghazi after losing his Face to Face roll against the boarding shotgun with its +6 at short range. His failed guts roll left him in cover, and I almost spent an order to recover his TO state after which the plan was to hide him. Instead I attacked again. His second order killed the Ghazi, his third the Janissary and his fourth order finished the Ghulam Sniper. Like. A. Boss. Seriously though I had some ridiculous rolls with this guy.

With my LT order I moved my new LT, the fusilier, to engage the Ghazi on the roof. It was risky, but with two of my models in the combat I’d get an extra burst. The combat was still uneventful, but on John’s turn he had lost enough of his models that it was time for him to go into retreat. He hadn’t technically lost but it had gotten kinda late at that point so he decided to call it. I’d finally won a game of Infinity owing a lot of credit to my dice.


In this game I saw how well the strategy worked so I thought I would try it again except this time let Mr Beg get more of the action. Ben taking our passerby’s advice placed his guys prone on the roof which seemed like a very bad idea to me as they would most likely get shot a bunch when they popped up by the way I deployed my troops.

This time I think my strategy might have gone even better for me in the beginning. Mr Beg was able to take several chain rifle shots at a good chunk of Ben’s army. Neither one of us could figure out how that works with a TO marker, but we played it as if I hit his Hexa. I was able to take down his lieutenant which was nice early but he was able to take down Mr. Beg fairly easily during his turn.

Here is when TO: Camouflage took over the game Ben’s Hexa went boss mode and just started super soldering all over the place. When we looked back at some of the interactions in hindsight there were a few things misplayed. The Janissary had been in Suppressive Fire mode, so he should have been at -3 to hit. But even with the modifier, Ben’s hot dice still would have wrestled victory from my jaws and planted it firmly at Ben’s feet. Both games were a blast to play and there are still so many interactions we haven’t touched on yet.

I look forward to uping our points to 200 next week and adding hacking and Remotes for more headache filled page flipping.

Final Thoughts


We found ourselves handling a lot of things we hadn’t dealt with before, including retreat, loss of LT, Command Tokens, and the guts rolls we’d been forgetting in our last games. Well, we still forgot a few of those but I don’t think they would have had much effect on the game.

I think John and I are both keen on taking troops with MSVs: that’s Multi Spectral Visors. The level 2 version of this gear lets you ignore both smoke and the penalties from TO camo so we both have reasons to want them in our lists.

I think the cost of the Bolts reflects the fact that they can be linked. The extra burst and +3 BS on light shotguns seems pretty nuts, and they have special weapon versions too of course… But I haven’t painted those yet.

Navigating the rulebook continues to be tricky and we’ll often have to check multiple sections to resolve an issue. That’s just the way it’s written – like it’s meant to be read from the first page to the last in order. No information is repeated. We’ve been having enough fun that we’re more than happy to flip pages, or search PDFs on pads.


Initially I thought we were playing TO: Camo wrong because it was way too powerful. Turns out there were a few minor things we had missed that took it over the top although I think it can still be a very powerful ability. After reading ways to defeat it I learned that there are a good amount of them and that MSV are not the only option so I will have a few tricks up my sleeve next time Ben fields that little bugger.

That rule book. I love the fact that there are so many complicated interactions in the game because they allow for so much strategy. Figuring them it that’s another issue, the one good thing though seems to be once you understand the different interactions, that is it you know the game and it can’t change that much beyond that unlike other games.

I wish I had gotten the chance to use my doctor, the jury is still out on them I think they are worth the extra points but my guys either died on the other side of the field or were killed outright. I think some of that falls on Ben’s dice.

~That was a long but there was a lot to cover. Hope you guys enjoyed this one as much as you seemed to enjoy the last.

  • m3g4tr0n

    Solid write-up. Keep the Infinity love rolling. I’d like to see more Combined Army articles, since they are the superior faction.

    • Gentle_Ben

      I have some more Pan O I want to finish then it’s combined army after that. John has picked up some Tohaa. I also really want to do some Ariadna since those wolf things are grand.

  • michael

    ok dat game1 game2 game3 good for me
    love dat game

  • michael


  • Centuryon

    From Battle 1, why do you think moving normally with the Hexas would have cancelled TO? TO is not cancelled by short move skills that do not require rolls such as a basic move, unless I am totally out to lunch you can move-move and not be cancelled automatically. If you don’t cautious move your opponent can react with a discover at -6 but you still get the added mobility. If your opponent has models with good WIP then cautious move is a better idea or moving outside their LOF.

    • Xig

      Yup. See Page 71 and Page 73 of the rulebook. Cautious Movement or a Short Movement Skill that does not require a Roll cancels the Camo/TO Camo state. Movement is a short skill that does not require a roll.

    • Gentle_Ben

      “A trooper’s TO Camouflaged state is Cancelled, and its
      Marker replaced by its model, whenever:

      The TO Camouflaged trooper declares a Skill other than
      Cautious Movement or a Short Movement Skill that does
      not require a Roll”

      -the rulebook

      I guess we were reading it as: if the marker does something other than cautious, or if it declares a short movement skill that doesn’t require a roll then the state is cancelled.

      And you’re saying we should have read it basically that cautious, and short movement without a roll are both ok things to do if you don’t want to cancel TO state. Is that correct? I guess that interpretation makes a bit more sense, since in our interpretation the second sentence would basically be redundant.

      • Xig

        Made a quick edit to my statement. Cautious Movement or a Short Movement Skill that does not require a Roll DO NOT cancel the Camo/TO Camo state… what I get for typing fast.

      • Centuryon

        Yep, that’s right. Things like Jump or Climb because they are full orders will cancel but moving or going up a ladder/over a short obstacle (normal movement) do not cancel TO. They allow ARO’s so a discovery roll could always go bad for you but it does not automatically cancel the TO state.

    • Centuryon

      Also, from TO Camo Pg73 of the main rulebook regarding the template weapon under Cancellation, the TO state is cancelled when “The TO Camoflaged trooper receives a successful hit that forces him to make an ARM/BTS roll or a Critical hit without previous Discovery (by means of an Intuitive Attack or A TEMPLATE WEAPON WHOSE TARGET WAS A NEARBY MODEL, etc.).

      Emphasis added was mine. Because there was another model nearby it was not an intuitive attack and because it was a direct template weapon, all models under the template would be hit. Your TO Camo model could chose to ARO shoot in which case he would be auto-hit and take an armor roll, or ARO dodge, or no ARO. Either dodge or shoot option would be a normal roll. Under all cases TO would be cancelled as either you would be taking an ARM/BTS roll or declaring a non-cautious non-short movement skill.

      If no other troopers were nearby, your opponent would have to declare an intuitive attack which would turn your ARO shoot into a Face to Face roll, your BS vs. his WIP instead of an auto-hit vs. your normal BS roll.

      I don’t mean to offend, just passing along information. Great write-ups and keep them up!

      • Gentle_Ben

        thanks for clearing that up. We were just looking under intuitive attack and also template weapons. I can never guess the right spot to resolve any given rules conflict.

        • Centuryon

          No problems, I’m an Infinity noob as well. N3 is so much better written but the game is inherently complex because of how few minis you field. It is great getting good articles with awesome pictures out there to have people give the game a fair shake. The game is so cinematic, I like it as a change of pace from all the other mini games I’ve played.

          • daboarder

            its very elegant in its complexity though, once you understand the F2F roll you know how to resolve almost every situation in the game

  • michael

    ♫ Hey My Friend ♫ – A Minecraft Parody of Avicii – Hey Brother

  • Frostvulf

    Do what do you mean by ‘bolts’? Is that referring to the troop or the gun?

    • Frostvulf

      NM, found it in article 1. Neoterra Bolt. GentleBen, might be good to not abbreviate all the time on this kind of article or use it once fully and then do the abbreviation in parenthesis just to keep things clear. Neoterra Bolt (bolt) and then use bolt from then on out. Not trying to tell you how to write but the names of minis in Infinity can be hard to keep track of if you’re starting from scratch (like me).

      • Gentle_Ben

        sounds fair

        • Frostvulf

          Thanks. =)

  • vonDietdrich

    ” A model has to actually declare or execute an order/ARO inside it’s trigger area. Zipping past isn’t enough to set it off.”

    Moving past a mine is executing a move order inside its zone of control. In other words, that sets it off.

    It literally makes no sense otherwise. A motion-triggered mine that isn’t set off by movement in its zone of control? lol

  • daboarder

    theres been good points made by people in this thread already, but I’d like to point out that you really should use the command tokens, the -2 orders and the way they are used to make coordinated orders are essential tactical aspects of the game.

    Two simple yet very effective uses of coordinated orders are,

    1) placing your defensive/cheerleader models onto suppression fire (which does not have a time limit therefore they can stay that way all game)
    2) Using them to advance your force quickly into position without wasting your orders to move each unit individually (so you can use them to re-position your entire force with a single order each turn before then using the remaining orders to do what you need to hurt the opponent.

  • Manwiththedogs

    Just wanna say, the Pan-O force looks freakin’ amazing. Epic paint job.