Mantic Unboxing: Enforcers & Peacekeepers


Today we walk you through two of Mantic’s newest sets of upcoming miniatures – the Enforcers and Enforcer Peacekeepers.  Take a look.






Enforcer Peacekeepers


Enforcers Lore & Background

I’m thinking these minis are going to be pretty popular standins for some others on the tabletop as well as in Deadzone.  How about you?

  • I really don’t like Mantic’s style of armor. Their humans are ok, but these just don’t quite work for me.

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      I really like a lot of Mantic’s stuff, and some of the DEadzone stuff is great (the human Rebs are very cool IMO), but agree, compared to Dreamforge’s Eisenkern for example these look pretty poor. If I played Deadzone I’d proxy with Dreamforge stuff.

      • mrrshann618

        I dunno, being a huge fan of the Mass effect Saga, these just seem to catch my fancy

        • Kyraxis

          Yeah, those Enforcers are straight out of Cerberus.

  • Myu

    I think the armor looks alright but that paint scheme is terrible. They maybe made of plastic but they shouldn’t LOOK like they are made of plastic 😛

  • petrow84

    I like that they’re moving away from restic to hardplastic. Are the cards for Peacekeepers provided, or you’ll have to buy them separately?