Baharroth comes to 40K: Conquest




Baharroth, Urien Rakarth and more show up in FFG’s Warhammer 40,000 Conquest.  Here’s the details:


Descendants of Isha $14.95

Long ago, there was only one race of Eldar, but their depravity led inexorably to Chaos. Now, you must choose whether you will walk the path of asceticism and self-denial with the Eldar or revel in unlimited excess and devour the souls of your enemies with the Dark Eldar. Whichever faction you embrace, however, you’ll find new options to draw upon the power of the galaxy’s ancient races in Descendants of Isha!

This expansion contains two new warlords, one Eldar and one Dark Eldar, each with an eight-card signature squad, alongside forty-two other cards (three copies each of fourteen distinct cards). Each faction in Warhammer 40,000: Conquest finds useful tactics: you may clear entire planets with a deadly Space Wolves tank, fire the devastating Artillery of the Astra Militarum, or transform your opponents into Squigs with the uncontrollable psychic power of the Orks. InDescendants of Isha, the Warlord cycle comes to a resounding conclusion, challenging you to find victory as the battle for the Traxis sector reaches new heights!

Contains cards 111-134 of the Warlord cycle.

Take it away FFG:

Lord of the Winds

Baharroth (Descendants of Isha, 111) is known as “The Cry of the Wind” in the Eldar Lexicon. He is renowned for his speed in battle, and he has led his Swooping Hawks to countless victories. In Warhammer 40,000: Conquest, Baharroth’s ability text consists of just one word, but that word conveys everything you need to know about the Swooping Hawks’ fighting style. Baharroth bears the Mobile keyword, allowing him to move to an adjacent planet at the beginning of any combat phase.



While plenty of other units in Warhammer 40,000: Conquest have possessed the Mobile keyword, a Mobile warlord opens new strategies for Eldar forces in the Traxis sector. Because he’s Mobile, Baharroth may win the command struggle on one planet, then move to an adjacent planet for battle. Baharroth’s mobility also allows him to threaten an attack on multiple planets, forcing your opponent to spread his defenses thin. In addition, no other warlord can so easily avoid the hunt of Ragnar Blackmane (The Howl of Blackmane, 1) as the Phoenix Lord of the Swooping Hawks.

Of course, Baharroth is not the only Mobile unit the Eldar command. Four copies of Baharroth’s Hawks (Descendants of Isha, 112) join him in battle, and each of these units bears the Mobile keyword. In addition, these units gain three additional ATK when they’re at the same planet as Baharroth. With two command icons each, these units can easily win command struggles at planets across the sector, then flock to Baharroth’s side for battle, becoming dangerous attackers.



Legend tells that Baharroth’s sword was forged in the dying fires of a supernova, and now you can wield The Shining Blade (Descendants of Isha, 114) against your enemies. The Shining Blade can only be attached to a Mobile unit, but between Baharroth and Baharroth’s Hawks, you have plenty of Mobile units at your disposal. This attachment grants a crucial Interrupt to the attached unit. Whenever the attached unit declares an attack, you may declare that attack against an enemy unit at an adjacent planet instead. By stretching your attacks to adjacent planets, you can easily clear your opponent’s units with minimal danger to your own units, preparing the way for your eventual conquest.

You can boost your attacks to even greater potency with Banner of the Ashen Sky (Descendants of Isha, 113). After a unit moves from one planet to another, such as through the use of the Mobile keyword, you may exhaust this support to give that unit a heightened ATK for its next attack. With a Mobile warlord, you can be sure that you’ll trigger this Reaction almost every turn, increasing the power of your attacks and destroying the enemies of the Eldar craftworlds.

Finally, in some cases, even a Mobile unit can’t move fast enough between the planets to reach your objective. In those cases, you can play one of the two copies of Cry of the Wind (Descendants of Isha, 115) included in this signature squad. By playing this free event after a unit moves from one planet to another, you can move that unit to an adjacent planet. This naturally increases the mobility of your Mobile units, but it also gives you a response to your opponent’s Mobile units, allowing you to force them back to the planet they originally came from or draw them further on into a deadly trap. However you use Cry of the Wind, it’s certain to secure air superiority for your warlord and his armies.

~ Descendents of Isha is available for pre-order.

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