BOOM! 10 Shocking Spoilers – End Times Archaon


WOW! Who knew it would end like THIS?  You have to see what happens to the Warhammer World now!

Caution Spoiler Alert(s).


No seriously these are only a tiny scratch at the secrets on the road to the end…

You have been warned.

10. Isabella Von Carstein Kills her beloved Vlad. But then he returns the favor by coming back and killing them both.

9. Valkia meets her end impaled on the spear of the Emperor’s champion.

8. Vilitch the Curseling escapes to the Crystal Labyrinth, but in true Tzeentchian form becomes a slave to his brother Thromin.

7. Lileath revealed she created a new ‘haven’ – a place where life can continue again….

6. ….Unfortunately Be’lakor is lurking in the shadows and learns this secret…cue sneaky music…

5. Mannfred reveals to the remaining Bretonnians that their realm was founded on little more than a lie, as the whole ‘lady’ thing was an elven amusement.

4. Grimgor Ironhide secretly dooms the incarnates by not mentioning that he’s a latent psyker.

3. The Ghal Maraz is reunited with the Emperor…

2. …completing the transformation of Karl Franz into Sigmar himself!

1. As fortold, A selfless act by Malekith ‘the Betrayer’ heralds the world’s demise.

The Old World is dead.

Now grab the book and read how it all unfolds including the mysterious ultimate fate of Archaon…

  • nurglespuss

    this is starting to remind me more of Storm of Chaos now… Stuff happens, but none of it matters…

    • vonevilstein

      Other than the world being destroyed, you’re spot on…;)

      • No no no. something does happen. unless the writer here doesn’t make the difference between the two but…since when are there psykers in Fantasy ? Sorcerers, wizards, witches, necromancers, yes. psykers, no. that and Be’lakor leads me to think a reunion of some sort of both universe could be possible.

        Plus really hate the bretonnian thing. it makes literally no sense.

        • Spacefrisian

          Seems more like a weak excuse to ditch Bretonnia to me.

          That was the 1 army that got me into fantasy, cause knights and fantasy and such.

          • Aezeal

            The fact that the lady was a elven goddes or something doesn’t mean the race get ditched… (they probably get ditched but that is compeletely besides this fluff you mention).

            And it does make sense it’s been in the lore a while now 😉

          • Weak indeed. as for Bretonnia, I don’t understand how GW could mess it up that badly. how hard is it to exploit the knights of the grail theme ? Back when they were re-introduced (with Lizardmen), bretonnia was a fun army to play with or against. a decade and a half later, it’s a mere shadow of its former glory. that’s just a bloody shame.

          • mac40k

            Simple really. GW can’t copyright Authurian legend or stop competitors from making Grail Knights, so they had to go.

          • Retconned Legion

            To be fair it’s not just Bretonnia that’s ditched.

          • Secundum Ave

            Problem was, Brets never sold well.

          • Alan Eskew

            they never sold well because they barely supported them, and never gave them the versatility of other armies.

          • Nameless

            they sold well enough for a 14+ year old army book during End Times for Games workshop to put back into production models that vanished 3 years ago.

            how many times did you see people playing and buying Dark Eldar before they got updated?

          • Secundum Ave

            Which update? The last one and the one before. A I think that was just GW binging them back for a last hurrah.

          • Nameless

            the 5th ed Dark eldar codex and full model update, prior to that they had been ignored for about a decade

          • Secundum Ave

            I played them. =(

          • Alan Eskew

            Total Dick move GW to bretonnian players

        • 6Cobra

          I think it was just a slip of the tongue, so to speak. Rob Baer is a pretty avid 40K player, so “psyker” was probably more of a default word than a deliberate hidden spoiler. I do the same thing: when I play fantasy I call magic “psychic” all the time. I know long-time fantasy players who do the reverse, as well.

        • FiscalHermitCrab

          They’ve been hinting at the Lady of the Lake being Lileath and the Bretonnians were just being used as a buffer state for ten years now. Hints were dropped in both 6ed Bretonnian and Wood Elf books.

          • Heritor

            Yeah, I also liked how Lileath in End Times Thanquol did not give a DAMN about the suffering and dying of humans. All she cared about was Teclis. So yeah, I think for the Bretonnians learning that the Goddess you worshipped and loved was actually an Elven Goddess only using you so to keep her precious Elves alive would be a devastating thing.

        • Alrich_40000

          According to the Grey Knights, there is no difference between psychic powers and magic. I don’t have the book in front of me, but there’s a segment in the fluff section discussing the matter. The Grey Knights acknowledge fully that they are using magic, and openly refer to their abilities as sorcery. They believe that those who use the terms “psyker” and “psychic powers” instead of “sorcerer” and “magic/sorcery” are really only trying to fool themselves. Performing mental gymnastics to create a false dichotomy between the loyal psyker and the heretic sorcerer, so to speak.

          Given the context of those beliefs, it’s easy to say that the two “systems” are actually one and the same.

        • A Black Knight

          As a long time wannabe brettonian player (I chose the other neglected knights: The Black Templars) The Brettonian thing, like many gods in warhammer should have created a chaos lady of the lake at the very least. But i would whole heartedly support a new direction: Khornate grail knights. Not the rage fueled and mindless type we usually see, but, given that khorne can also signify honor, skill and heroes it would fit perfectly. They still fight for order, as long as they spill blood ( and they should, they are already demigod type beings in some ways) the boons they get from khorne would be justified. They can still function as a nice mirror to the other forces of chaos, showing a rare glimpse of the true potenial of the forces of good, making it all the more grim that so many choose darkness. tragic tales of grail knights embracing the rage of khorne to defeat a great evil may surface, becoming the same monster that they often fight could make for some interesting stories and a conviniant way to keep the knights pure: the unworthy become mindless berzerkers.

          • Nameless

            well there is or I guess was a theory that the lady was a good chaos deity. in fact there are several places where her being Lileath actually doesn’t make much sense.

            the vows work very similarly to a tiered mark system and the grail vow grants magical attacks (something that was a lot more uncommon at the time the book was written). okay so you could argue that it is lazy writing on Games workshops part however it has never been reused in other books except in chaos updates.

            the Lady maintains a domain of her own, Otherworld. here time passes differently and children who show magical talent are taught how to use it for Bretonnia’s bennift. to the best of my knowledge I haven’t heard of the elf gods possessing their own realm where they can take mortals to, but it does sound quite similar to a chaos realm, especially give that time doesn’t flow normally there.

      • Erik Setzer

        While SoC’s “nothing matters” manifests in the world remaining status quo because GW’s newer crop of people couldn’t figure out where to go with it (funny, the RPG was able to do interesting stuff in a post-SoC world), ET’s “nothing matters” feels so much worse… You see all these situations of “Heroic deed happens, someone sacrifices himself/herself to do something amazing to save others!” But even in the cases where it wasn’t ineffective at that time, it all becomes moot in the end, because they were set on destroying the world, so all these heroic acts just act as a bunch of filler to pad 1000 pages of story leading up to an ending that can’t be avoided, because a power far greater than the Chaos Gods deemed it to be so: the Games Workshop Board of Directors.

        I didn’t want a deus ex machina at the end, and I enjoyed reading as I went, but to see all that stuff mean nothing in the end? Yeah, it just kind of sours the many hours I spent reading that story. Think of the fan reaction to the end of Mass Effect 3. It feels the same. You can tell people all you want there’ll be a Mass Effect 4, and the story leading up to the end was great and fun and all, but that ending just ruined it for so many people.

        • TweetleBeetle

          Nations/kingdoms/empires rise and fall all the time. The world moves on from as though nothing ever happened. It’s a blip; remembered in history, but has no effect on future people.

          It’s no different when it happens worldwide. Survivors move on.

          • Retconned Legion

            When empires fall in the real world, the entire planet isn’t destroyed. The Warhammer world is gone.

          • jonathan beatty

            This is the best thing since New Coke. Hope it caughts on the same way that did.

            Now if I can find some New Coke, it always seems to be soldout do to its popularity.

        • A Black Knight

          while i may normally agree with something like this a couple things should be taken into account:
          -the warhammer world is grim (Spoiler alert)
          -a hero saving a city for even five years is a pretty decent contribution to society
          -the positive effect on the warp due to an small increase in heroics and good thoughts is small but important to the sustained existence of good in the universe and other universes
          -a powerful hero may join a pantheon of some sort, aiding good gods in the struggle against evil, if only while their soul endures (like a perpetual Ragnarok)
          – heroes can be immortalized both literally and not, setting an example for others and continuing t o make a difference beyond space, time and realities. their struggle is never in vain
          (Achilles is remembered five thousand years later as a paragon of warfare, inspiring others to create and be reflections of him, Americans love the Alamo as much as Mexicans love their half ton of independence days, Ollandus Pius is a saint in the imperial church and the nameless Brettonian knight who fell on the battlefield may echo into another reality as a diety. it is never wasted.

    • SacTownBrian

      Well it should because this is the detailed version of that event.

  • WarlordEXE

    So Malelikth gets the last laugh? MUAHAHAHAHA eat that high elves. If the true king doesn’t get the crown, then no one does!

  • Aezeal

    I don’t get that last one… Malekith has a selfless act (which usually is sacrificing your self to save the rest)… but it heralds the end of the world?

    • Jabba

      He pushes alraiel out of the way of an avalanche of ice and dies.

      • Jabba

        He does not even no why he does it either which makes it sort of hollow and she does not even register the sacrifice he made. So all and all lame

      • Red_Five_Standing_By

        How do you push someone out of the way of an snow tsunami?

        • euansmith

          Big push? But then how could she not notice?

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            “How did I wind up a mile away from where I was? Oh well, no sense investigating that little mystery.”

  • mclargehuge

    So wait….are Bretonnians disappearing or coming back? I like Bretonnians. I will buy some right now if they are going to disappear soon….

    • Anon

      But not if they stick around? Hmm…there’s logic for you 😉

      • Culial

        There’s a ton of projects I’ve had in the back of my head for a long time using Fantasy kits (Bare-chested, cool-haired Doomfire Warlocks crossed with Hellions anyone?) but they’re not near the top of my To Do List…

        If we had some sort of time frame here, GW’d no doubt see a huge leap in Fantasy sales kits because you get them now or lose them forever!
        Unless that’s the plan, and all the kits/factions will still be valid with the new edition and this was all a sales stunt…not that I’m paranoid or anything :-p

      • Nameless

        If there is any chance they will stick around the unthinkable might happen and they might get a new book.

    • Erik Setzer

      You want spoilers?

      You’ve been warned.

      The entire world is consumed at the end of the book. The last page describes the whole world being eaten by raw warp energy. All that’s left is something “that might have once been a man” floating along and some shiny bauble he finds that contains a “miracle” or whatever.

      So yeah, everyone pretty much disappeared. Unless they got off-world, like the Lizardmen and Skaven did.

      • It makes me wonder if Lizardmen and Skaven players would want to have their armies 40K compatible. That could be very cool. Maybe?

      • Jabba

        A fair few escape dwarfs included by a spell Balthasar casts to save them

        • Jabba

          It’s a beautiful book though and well worth the coin if you can spare it.

          The art is just amazing and battles are quite good as well

      • euansmith

        … and that man… well, children… he grew up to become the Emperor of Mankind… which is nice… but that is a story for another day…

    • A Black Knight

      Take heart: the spirit of Brettonia will live eternally in the hearts of all heroes…

      …and in the shops of Chinese re casters…

      …and in whatever army has the most powerful cavalry at any point in the future (Those bloodknights are grail knights and those undead thralls are actually really smelly peasants

      • mclargehuge

        Bugger it. Time to buy Bretonnians just incase. If they stay, awesome. If they don’t, I have horses.

        All this stuff is too vague hahaha

  • Ben_S

    A latent psyker? So WFB is indeed in the 40k universe then?

  • Alex Williams

    and thus jerrod told the elves to stick their head up their asses.

  • Rezeil

    And you thought Matt Ward was screwing your Old World background? BOOM! Eat that you filthy Fantasy fellows! GW made it even worse but just destroying it all. Easy!

    • Tyr

      Id be more concerned if I were you. Squatting a whole world, multiple armies… It sets a dangerous precedent for 40k. But no, continue being oblivious to GWs bullsh*t.

      • Spiritof69

        Especially with the HH thing. “Psst, turns out, all we have to make is Marines! They don’t even have to look different, the idiots will buy them if we just put in different sets of transfers! Eldar, Tau, ‘nids, who needs them? Just make six sprues of Marines. Winning!”

    • Guest


    • Secundum Ave

      Matt Ward was an integral part of End Times. He wrote Nagash and Khaine, and co-wrote Archeon.

  • Rezeil

    And you thought Matt Ward was screwing your Old World background? BOOM! Eat that you filthy Fantasy fellows! GW made it even worse but just destroying it all. Easy!

  • Simon Giles

    Presumably the guys at Mantic must be feeling like all their Christmases have come at once ?

    • euansmith

      I think that’s how they always feel; they seem to be a happy bunch and get very giggly during kickstarters 😀

    • Dan

      I expect there’ll be a hell of a lot of new Kings of War players because of this.

  • David Leimbach

    Kind of pointless to kill everyone at the end. Game of thrones wannabees!

    • euansmith

      Khorne, “I am the God of Blood and Skulls!”

      Tyrion, “And I am the God of…”

    • Heritor

      Comeon… the Warhammer world was always going to end in complete destruction. Every bit of fluff hammered home that Khorne alone was the most powerful God in existence and would kill any god that dared face him. The chaos gods destroyed the Old Ones and casted out the other gods from the Heavens…

      The only thing they were waiting for was a champion that could actually coordinate their forces in the mortal realm to victory. Warhammer was about a world doomed to destruction by Chaos Gods while 40k actually has an entity that can destroy them..

      • Nameless

        I can’t remember reading one bit of lore stating the old ones where destroyed, they just departed having created life daemons and chaos only arrived after they had gone.

        The gods of Nehekhara, the Elf pantheon, Sigmar, Ulfric, The Lady, Gork, Mork and the Great maw want a word about this rumor of being kicked from anywhere.

        • Muninwing

          the implication is that the Old Ones had webway gates at the poles, and when a massive amount of warp energy flooded the area (perhaps the birth of slaanesh?), they collapsed and chaos flooded in.

          there is no mention of what happened to the old ones, why they never came back, or where they went to.

          there’s also a great deal of debate about the “khorne = strongest” argument. he’s definitely the strongest in a head-to-head confrontation, but that doesn’t mean most powerful overall.

          • Nameless

            there was quite a bit in the 6th ed lizardman army book about it, but I don’t have a copy anymore unfortunately. I am pretty certain that it wouldn’t mention webway portals, although there is something a little similar that the lizardmen use to move from continent to continent.

            as too strongest, whilst the argument might stand up in 40k where other gods are few and far between, pre end times warhammer has several pantheons of gods just as real as the chaos gods.

          • Muninwing

            6th lizards, 4th necrons, and 7th high elves (?) all had parts of the story…

            the first appearance of chaos in the world happens after massive explosions at both poles, where the Old Ones had giant machines set up. it’s from here that the chaos taint seeps into the world, and it’s from here that the armies of daemons invade the world.

            the necrons codex tells of the Old Ones that fought the C’tan and the Necrontyr, who harnessed the Warp, created the Krork/Eldar/Humans as warpsensitive races as weapons/allies, and were the original builders of the webway

            the lizards book talks of the old ones who made the slann in their image and the elves later, who would come and go from the world via portals at the poles, and who one day stopped coming back.

            put it all together, and you have Old One webway gates at the poles that were breached like the one beneath the Golden Throne when Magnus tried to warn the Emperor… only nobody was there to stop them from getting worse, and the people were left to fend for themselves. it could have been that the were weakened or destroyed when Slaanesh was born, or it could have just been an accident, but something happened and inflicted chaos on that world.

            which, it seems, was enough to eventually tank a game nearly as old as i am…

  • Spiritof69

    I miss Mat Ward.

    • euansmith

      Practice… you will become more accurate over time…

      • Spiritof69

        Cute. As much as the guy had issues, he would not have done this if he were in charge.

    • Secundum Ave

      Matt Ward wrote Nagash, Khaine, and co-wrote Archeon. (go check his bibliography on his website)

  • Christie Bryden

    so people that might still be around, sigmar and archeon, and the lizardmen that flew off or were savd by the sacrifice of the slann, also all the demons but that dosnt need to be said, Now for what we want to happen, archeon to suddenly be wisked by the chaos gods to kill abadon and bring back the chaos legions, and the ashes of grimgor to be hindhaled by grazkull combining the two.

  • Nom


    • euansmith


  • dinodoc

    Honestly, I can’t believe they Squatted the entire setting. How do they plan on getting players of the armies they excised to start over?

  • euansmith

    Here is the leaked video they are going to use to tease for 9th Edition…

  • StingrayP226

    I’m now really curious what the setting of Warhammer 9th Edition will be. Will it be RIGHT before the end of the world, or on a new world? If on a new world and GW is basically resetting the Fluff then it will be interesting how this plays out as Fluff has always been GW’s biggest strong point, but they just nuked the Warhammer world.

    Its daring and risky as now the Warhammer world will have less “living” lore than many competitors. Will this allow GW to really rebrand it as their own world (IE be able to copyright EVERYTHING) and revive the game. Or will this be the nail in the coffin?

    Honestly here is a thought of mine: With the Lore nuked… the rules will have to stand on their own more than GW rule sets have had to in the past. If Warhammer 9th is a good game it will sell and be revived. However if its heavily flawed… its likely to continue its downward spiral until the line is Direct Order Only.

    • Heritor

      Warhammer needed to be rebooted. There was nothing to expanded into. The Lore had nowhere to go without changing it to keep it from ending. Warhammer fantasy isn’t like 40k where even if they decided to do the 13th Black Crusade that battle isn’t the end for any except Tau and specific lore armies like Cadians, maybe some space marine chapters, some Chaos Marine Factions, and some Eldar Factions. However, Eldar, Imperium, Chaos, and what have you still have a massive war that may take 500 years to fight to see if Chaos can even reach Terra.

      Warhammer did not have this as it literally is..the final war once Chaos invades.

      • Nameless

        well not really; pre end times Chaos has never had the forces nessersay to coordinate an invasion of the Oldworld, Nagoroth, Lustria and the Southlands. and even then that wouldn’t have much of an impact on Nehekhara or the ogre kingdoms.

        Chaos has invaded the old world countless times, each time being repelled after progressing slightly further.

    • Muninwing

      given that my 6000 points of beasts weren’t invited the party after they got kicked out of the chaos party for being too awesome (then lost their herds and became less cool), i’m curious about what 9th holds in store, but i’m not excited about it…

  • Alexander Lucard

    So , just finished the novel “The Lord of the End Times.”

    All I’m going to say is that at the end the last three standing are Arkhan, Neferata and Khalida. As a Tomb Kings player, I’m pretty happy.

    • Secundum Ave

      What about Settra?

      • Alexander Lucard

        Settra is there. He swerved Chaos and stayed true to order. He even saves Nagash and demands fealty from him. It’s a very “Tomb Kings rule!” novel. Which, if there are no longer part of the game in 9e, is a very fitting way for things to end.

        Reading the novel and something Arkhan says to Nefertata before the incomplete “how things end” spoiler that has been going around leads me to believe that the one who survives and performs a miracle is Nehekharan, not Sigmar, an elf or the like.

        • Secundum Ave

          Waitwaitwait, So Nagash ends up as Settras whipping boy?

          • HyperSpiral

            No, he tells Nagash that the Chaos gods offered him power in exchange for killing Nagash for them (pauses to kill a dragon ogre charging Nagash), but SETTRA RULES, so you do your thing and I’ll think about being lenient. Then he gets his send off charging into the chaos hordes while Nagash is all “LOL, K.”

          • Secundum Ave


  • gordon ashacker

    Who would believe Manfred about anything???

  • Heritor

    I want to know about Archaon!

  • Yawn.

  • “Hello GW customers!

    We want to thank you for all of your many model purchases over the years, and congratulate you on all the time and effort you put into building and painting your armies.

    However, Games Workshop is not a games company; we are a miniatures company. To this end, we are going to blow up the entire game universe and all of the races and characters you know and love! Along the way, we will release ridiculous “End Times” models as a final cash grab–which you will merrily buy.

    Thank you, now f*** off and die.

    Please don’t forget to purchase Endtimes: Archaon and the preposterous new Bloodthirster on your way out.”

  • Matt C

    My favorite part was where Archaeon took a full on hit from Sigmar, who is essentially a God. And shrugged it off. I threw the book away at that point. Just make the damn game about Chaos only. It’s what they want anyways.

  • ChacoStylez

    All of these spoilers and no mention of Archaon? Bad form my man!

  • Dan

    I guess we’ll never find out much about the Kingdoms of Ind, Cathay and Nippon then. Damn, I was always curious to know more about that part of the world. I guess Warhammer Fantasy is dead… Oh well, anyone up for a game of Kings of War?

  • Vaddok

    And everybody died. The end

  • Dennis J. Pechavar

    So basically this book is going to be a bunch of annoying crap?

  • Dustin Barlow

    Sooooo after all this there is just no more Warhammer??? I’m not a fan of 40K so if Warhammer Fantasy goes then me and game workshop part ways I suppose…

  • Kaptain Badrukk

    So, having finished reading this (speed read ahoy) I’m stoked for/by a few things;
    1) Where the setting goes from here.
    2) Adding this to my “historical refights and what-ifs” run
    3) The theme of lost and tragic loves finally being resolved was nice.
    4) Grimgor being amazing, SPOILER I mean he headbutted Archaon so hard he STOPPED BEING A WIZARD!

    But I’m not worried about the future of fantasy. I don’t see this as a last hurrah, but the start of something I’ve been asking for for a long while, which is renewal of the setting.
    And it’s not as if being able to play with dead characters in my army has ever been an issue before (Gorbad, Grom and and Azhag being long dead in O&G but still being playable for example).
    All in all I’m expecting cool stuff in the next few months 🙂