Codex Daemonkin: A Look Inside


Today we take a peek between the covers of the newest Warhammer 40,000 codex.  Don’t miss it:

images via iTunes, Black Library:


first let’s start off with the fantastic artwork.  The codex looks like it stands up to GW standards.  It’s not hitting the high notes on the artwork side like Harlequins did, but it’s solid work!

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And now onto the rules teases. Well there is the mighty Lord of Skulls, finally with a codex to call his home.  I’m thinking HQ really wants to see more of the big red guy moving off of store shelves – and TADA he a Codex Lord of War!






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So, how interested are you so far…



  • Looking forward to this. This has generated quite the buzz at our store.

    • Moik

      You may want to check for hornet nests.

      • generalchaos34

        I don’t really even play chaos and I’m excited about this! Just sounds like a lot of fun all around

  • crazyredpraetorian

    The lord of skulls is in progress!

  • Malkov

    Gorepack and the Tithe itself has me excited, but not much else unfortunately.

    I think LoS is going to need a serious overhaul to get more than the random sale. Definitely many missed opportunities with this release.

  • Did I really just read ” He a Lord of war”. “He a”.

    • Ironside_Online

      You sure did. Followed swiftly by an “off of”.

  • deuce1984

    The Lord of Skulls is quite possibly one of the worse GW models, period. I am seriously hard pressed to think of a worse sculpt.

    On a happier note, I seriously hope this gives those deserving devotees of Khorne their motivation back.

    Good job, GW. Smart release!

    • Malkov

      Yup, all the bandwagoneers have already jumped ship lol.

      Just means more Blood for me.

      • silentRaven

        There were bandwagoneers for Chaos?

        Well I guess up until they nerfed the Turkey.

        • TweetleBeetle

          There’s no such thing as “bandwagoners” in gaming. Technically, everyone is a bandwagon player – at one point, you weren’t on board with a faction; then one day, you thought they were cool/competitive/whatever and jumped on.

          There’s no rule or requirement, spoken or otherwise, that says a person has to be born into a faction and stay with it forever.

          • Carnage

            not yet

          • heybiff

            Was born into Chaos during v1 and been there since.All at my FLGS looked upon this and said it was good.

    • Nathaniel Wright

      See, I like it.

      There’s nothing subtle about it.

      There is nothing small about it.
      It’s big, it’s bulky, it has a hideous face. Khorne in a nutshell.

    • Tesq

      what are you talking about, it’s just wonderfull for your 300 euro custom chaos knight !!!!!

    • Jacob

      Just make this, all of a sudden he looks much better.

      • silentRaven

        Best use of those two kits.

      • Djbz

        Now that looks so much better.

  • ClockworkZion

    The Lord of Skulls was already a Lord of War for the CSM.

    • Malkov

      But now we can’t pretend it doesn’t exist lmao.

      Obviously I’d want to take it with the Codex without access to Be’lakor.

    • Retconned Legion

      And now you don’t need a separate book to use it.

  • silentRaven

    If GeeDub wants me to buy the Khorne Tractor, he’s got to have WS5 and i4 at least.

    • TweetleBeetle

      Why would something that big and automated be a skilled and fast fighter?

      No reason for it to have those suggested stats.

      • Samuel Sanchez

        It’s possessed by a demon and while it looks mechanical it probably moves like a living creature on tracks swinging an axe the size of a building.

        • Well if other possessed vehicles are a guide, daemons are bad fighters and gunners (WS3 Maulefiends, BS3 possessed vehicles and forge fiends)

      • silentRaven

        It’s an expensive model and a Super Heavy. That’s my reasons for not wanting it to suck.

      • heybiff

        Because its the updated equivalent of the Lord of Battle, which had same stats as Bloodthirtster.

  • Azrell

    Super heavy walker?

    • Christian Filip

      Its special rule, tracked behemoth, makes it move like a tank, but it still works like a walker in most other occasions. I don’t remember the exact ruling, but it was something along those lines.

  • Matt Sweitzer

    I wonder why a Chaos Rhino is listed under Fast Attack???

    • amaximus167

      that is exciting! Now, if only we can assault out of them as well!

      • Matt Sweitzer

        Yeah, that would be too good to be true. Then again if it were true, i can see GW saying that it is an assault vehicle “ONLY” if driven in reverse. Front armor 10

        • amaximus167


      • Orodruin

        Count on it! 😛

    • To transport Cultists? Maybe or daemons?

      • amaximus167

        I am guessing they made them fast as way of trying to help get your assault only army into position quicker, probably considered angry possessed rhinos or something like that. Seems like a small peace offering for how difficult it can be to get your assault units across the table.

        • Fast Attack, they aren’t fast vehicles

          • amaximus167

            I think I was hoping for the rules that the BA got. Otherwise, no idea why that choice.

          • Every dedicated transport since Space Wolves has been a fast attack choice, it would have been unusual If the rhino wasn’t FA

    • Cary Gould

      The newer format of the 7th ed codexes has the troop transports for marine based books in the fast attack, the rhinos, razorbacks, and drop pods as well as dedicated transports. This lets you buy a rhino for instance and put cultists and demons into them that did not have the option before at the very start of the game.

    • deris87

      Because all 7th ed dedicated transports are available as fast attack options.

    • BossmanRich

      In several codexes you can buy empty transports as fast attack choices in your army. This allows you to buy transport for your allies and they can begin the game in them.

      See: Codex Space Wolves and Drop Pods.

      A guy at the LVO put allied AM in the drop pods since they were not dedicated transports.

    • I think you mean cheap blood tide points muahahahaha

      • silentRaven

        While I can see the justification, I probably wouldn’t do that myself.

        • O i know, I was just having a laugh lol.

  • Mr.Gold

    i understand that in the codex there is an artefact (Special
    armour) that gives you 3++ Feel no Pain and Eternal Warrior, can this be given to Demon Princes???

    • Captyn Bob

      That could be a bit good haha.

    • Kevin Buesse

      Unlikely, if they hold with how things were done in crimson slaughter. The armor specifically said a DP couldn’t take it. Now that was another book in another edition, so maybe we’ll get lucky.

    • Orodruin

      Not a 3++, guy with codex said “3+”

      Hopefully he MEANT 3++, though!

      • Mr.Gold

        i found the additional rules on here:

        also if a DP cannot have the armour, what about a juggerlord? +1 T, W, A , 3++, FNP, EW. – rock hard… (add spawn as well)

        • Orodruin

          Thanks for sharing! That appears to be taken from the leaker on warseer.

          As an aside, it’s amazing how many people in the world cannot spell berzerkers/berserkers properly.

        • He’s misquoting Warseer, it’s a 3+

  • Im just happy that I can feild my Chaos / Demon army and not have to lug around 2 codexes… and by that I mean 1 codex and a PDF, lol

  • Mozz

    The book had potential but there are 3 major, unforgivable flaws that just ruin the whole package for me.

    1) Kharn is *the* iconic Khorne model. He’s on the cover of the special edition. His rules are not included with the book.

    2) Forgefiends, Maulerfiends and Helbrutes are all given Khornate upgrades. None of them are available through Formations and so you cannot use them with the Super-Detachment, but they have to be in a separate CAD.

    3) Finally a God-specific book, and they *still* manage to miss out the Cult Terminators and Juggernauts!

    • Where is this information about khornate upgrades for vehicles!!!

    • amaximus167

      No Kharn or Cult Terminators? To all the people that said, ‘here is your legion Dex, now shut up,’ guess not. To GW, why do you refuse to give CSMs cult terminators? WTF? I think I am out. I will still give it a look just encase, but it seems like they missed 2 very key things for me.

      • TweetleBeetle

        And yet the book will still attract a boatload of players and be a blast to play. One less whiner can only be better for everyone.

        • amaximus167

          Whining and legitimate complaints are 2 totally different things. I am sure it would be fun to play, but leaving out 2 key things is stupid on their part. One less player is not a better thing for everyone.

        • A blast? That will depend greatly.

    • Tim Currey

      your second point will most likely be wrong. In the Necron codex, which started the whole decurion type formation thing, not all the units are in mini formations. Some are just auxiliary units that can be taken individually. Still get the bonuses the detachment has too. This I think works better as then you can take just one or choose how many rather than having to take multiple or none. Also “cult” terminators wouldn’t be much different than the standard ones with the MOK so what’s the big issue. We may get the option to give the termies axes of Khorne which could be cool. Juggernaughts with khorne berserkers would be cool and could still come in the form of a data slate or something like the nids got.
      All in all I’m super happy with this release

      Also kharn isn’t on the cover of the codex, artwork of him is on the folder that holds the khorne tokens. Yes it’s a miss to not have him in the Dex but could also be a sign they have something else in store for him that’s not ready.
      This is wish listing but it would be so cool to see a new kharn sculpt come out with some juggerzerkers in a data slate or campaign release

    • Cylux

      Perhaps they didn’t want Kharn to steal Skulltaker’s thunder.

  • GodFather

    Still no resculpt for berserkers apparently… disapointing 🙁

  • LordKrungharr

    Axes of khorne on the biker champs is cool, ap2 at initiative and str 5 on the charge. And instant death on 6s might make them viable in challenges sometimes.

  • latro990


    • Chris. K Cook

      Aaaaaand you be screaming if it was a supplement that required you to buy both Codexes.

      Are you ever happy?

      • latro990

        oh Chris are any of us really happy, or here at all in fact.

        • Chris. K Cook

          I’m just a brain in a Jar. I wish the Tech Priests would hurry up and install me in that cyborg body already

  • Sean Scanlon

    looking forward to this book and even if there is no kharn in the book there’s always a way to bring him in. and this is a stand alone codex from what i can see it’s not a supplement. So i see no reason why it cannot take allies. and as for the power level i mean i don’t have my copy i won’t have it until Thursday at the latest and once i have it… then I can figure it out and see how it plays and make a determination of if i like it or not. as for kharns detachment i don’t see a reason as to why it would not contribute to the blood Tithe if you take your primary as Demonkin and ally in the burchers detachment the bodies should count but i can see the rules not passing over.