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Today we review Codex Harlequins from a more competitive point of view. Can the latest Eldar faction hold up on their own?

Before I start, I just wanted to say that this is my favorite codex to date in terms of art.  It’s absolutely beautiful, and most of the art in here I have never seen before.  If you’re a fan of Eldar or Harlequins or maybe even art in general, I would pick this up just to keep it on the shelf.  While the fluff is pretty cool as well, there’s nothing to date that matches the level of art presented in this book.  It’s really just that cool.

OK, now that the sappy stuff is out of the way, let’s talk about the book and what it offers.  First and foremost, I will say immediately that the book is not really competitive.  It has some strong, competitive options, but the formations and detachments presented limits the book’s capability by a lot.  Let’s explore this further.


Troupe – These guys are expensive no matter how you slice it.  They’re close combat experts and sport a healthy number of attacks on the charge with Furious Charge, but they’re still T3 5++.  By now, we’ve accepted the fact that stats like those get you nowhere in a competitive environment.  This is further compounded by the fact that if you want to take some of the fancier toys like Neuro Disruptors or Fusion Pistols, you’re going to adding a ton of points to an already expensive unit.  Math puts these guys at roughly 19ppm for the 4 players and the Troupe Master, while every additional CC option makes them even more expensive.  Unfortunately, this is the crux of the problem with the codex; you’re spending 95 points for a min squad of these guys and they’re pretty much mandatory all around.  When you consider that they’re 95 points for 6 wounds, it almost makes me want to take a full unit of Wyches.  At least then I’ll know that not all of them will die to a blown-up transport.  The only plus side is that they can take Starweavers are dedicated transports, but more on that later.

Death Jester – For 60 points, you get an IC that acts as another Shuriken Cannon at BS5.  On top of that, they have Precision Shots and a special rule that allows them to kill a model, force a Morale check at -2, and have the poor guys run towards anywhere you like.  While this is really cool, you’re still banking on a leadership test for the cool results.  The main reason I would take this guy is for the BS5 Shuriken Cannon, that is really important because you can buy multiples of these guys, attach them to the 5-man units of Troupes, and have them ride in a Starweaver because their capacity is 6.  This makes the unit really shooty, but also really expensive.  Just know that this guy dies to a swift breeze and even in cover, he’s still going to die to Ignore Cover.  For perspective sakes, the Starweaver is an AV10 vehicle that shoots double the amount of S6 and costs 10 points more.

Shadowseer – Next on the list is the Shadowseer.  You’re pretty much only taking these guys for two reasons:  If you’re comfortable being out of a transport (WWP Wraithguard deathstar anyone?) to cast most of his spells, or if you’re looking to do some leadership shenanigans with Dark Eldar/Eldar.  I won’t get into it too much here, but by now you guys have probably seen all kinds of posts on the interwebs about their perceived power.  Let me tell you one thing:  This is a trap.  You first need the Shadowseer, and then buy an extra level to bring him up to Mastery Level 2, and then need to roll the right powers, and then bring him close enough to the enemy, and then pass the psychic test..etc, you get the point.   This is what I like to call the “stars align”  scenario and that’s just way too many variables to plan a strategy around.  There is a lot of points being invested here and I think that’s a huge trap for a lot of players.  If you want to maximize on the codex, you will do better ignoring these guys entirely and just go for more shooting.  After all, Eldar should be shooting from their vehicles because that’s what they’re good at.

Solitare – The big daddy of the codex and you can only take one in the army because he’s unique.  What you truly need to understand here is that he’s 145 points for a T3 model with 3 wounds.  Sure, he has Eternal Warrior and a 3++ save, but I really want the 145 points, T3, 3 wounds thing to sink in real deep.  He has some pretty cool rules such as his 12″ move without giving a crap, 8 attacks on the charge and Blitz, but he’s really just a dedicated CC unit that cannot join units and can be lit up by shooting.  This is a really shooty-heavy edition and everything on the battlefield poses a threat for a Solitare.  My best advice to you is that if you want a cool unit to play with, take this guy and use every line of sight blocker you can to navigate the battlefield until you have a good target to charge.  While the caress and kiss might sound cool, just know that you’re still looking for hot dice to get any real damage out of him because he’s still S3 base/4 on the charge.  That’s just not impressive at all.

Skyweaver – At 50ppm and comes standard in a unit of 2, these guys are not bad.  They still have Eldar Jetbike movement and have a natural armor of 4+ and 2W a piece, but the fact that they come with Shuriken Cannons is what you take them for.  You threaten 36″ a turn and a unit of 3 (which is the number I recommend) puts out 9 S6 shots a turn with a possibility of AP2.  Ideally, you can pop out of cover, deliver a hail of fire and then get back into cover.  Hopefully with Mirage Launchers, you can keep some of these guys alive long enough to do some damage on the battlefield.  With regular Harlequin stats, you can also give them Zephyrglaives for close combat, but I would keep them with Star Bolas because 12″ S6 AP2 Blast is a very scary tool against some armies.  Sure, you can only use them once, but you’ll see a lot of dead MEQ if you use these properly.

Starweaver – My favorite thing in the entire book.  They’re basically the same thing as a Venom except they come with 2 Shuriken Cannons and Mirage Launchers.  The Open-topped and 6-model capacity is huge because this allows Death Jesters to join them for another BS5 Shuriken Cannon, potentially putting out 9 S6 shots a turn from a single firing platform.  Keep in mind that you can take these guys by themselves, and for 70 points, they’re simply great to have in your list because multiple S6 shots gives you a lot of battlefield application.  Best of all, both of its guns are forward-facing.

Voidweaver – Not my cup of tea mainly because it looks utterly stupid.  I would immediately drop the Haywire and look at the Prismatic Cannon because I think it has greater battlefield application.  S7 AP2 Lance is not all that bad, but the S5 AP3 Blast a very attractive option at punishing clumped MEQ.  Even the S3 AP4 Large Blast can be pretty good too against GEQ mainly because of the AP4, and at 80 points with the suggested loadout, I can’t say it’s a bad unit.  The aft Shuriken Cannon can shoot at another target, but I really feel like it’s wasted because of the positioning.  To make matters even more complex, you can take these guys in squadrons of 3, but I wouldn’t buy more than 1 because of the negatives I pointed out above.  It has no transport capacity either.

Alright, so I said the units overall weren’t so bad, so what am I complaining about exactly?  Well, for one, I see the mandatory Troupes as a tax for the rest of the good stuff.  At 95 per unit, they’re not exactly cheap, especially when you consider Dire Avengers are only 65.  Skyweavers jetbikes are Fast Attack and so are the Starweavers which poses a big problem for me because I needed them to be troops.  The typical detachment wants 3 Troops, 2 Fast and 1 Heavy which means you have to spend at least 285 points on Troupes which I would rather not.  However, you can buy Starweavers as dedicated transports for the chaff Troupes so you have 165 points for 5 T3 5++ dudes inside a S6 shooting solution with 2 HP.  For perspective sakes, a unit of 5 Warriors with a Blaster inside a dual Splinter Cannon Venom is 120 points.  Different strokes for different folks, but I want you guys to realize what you’re paying for here.

In terms of raw competitiveness, I see the Starweaver, Skyweaver and Deathjester as the winners of this book.  Everything else falls behind sadly with the Shadowseer and Troupe tax in dead last.


p.txt-31Style and Grace


The biggest limitation in this book is its creative freedom when it comes to list building.  Since you’re forced to either take the fixed Masque detachment or some of the multiple formations in this book, you’re basically shit out of luck when it comes to building a competitive list.  While you can do something like Unbound, I think most competitive lists want the flexibility of having Objsec for more tactical use.  The lack of an HQ also means that you cannot take these guys as allies since they don’t follow the regular allies chart, and you’re looking at a hefty points investment if you follow even the most simplistic of formations.  In fact, I wouldn’t even look at bulking up the detachment and immediately focus on the formations because they provide some decent options out there.

Out of all the formations here, a few of them caught my eye.  The default Masque detachment is not bad, but the mandatory troop choices are what really kills it for me.  Ideally, I would want 3x Troupes inside Starweavers, 2 additional Starweavers, and a mandatory stupid Voidweaver.  That brings me up to 715 points for the lot, and I have 7 additional Elite slots to buy Deathjesters for all of them if I want.  Let’s pretend I’m insane and buy Deathjesters for every Starweaver, and all of a sudden I have 1015 points of Harlequins on the field.  What does this do?  Well, it puts out 48 S6 shots a turn, 15 of which are BS5 and can shoot at separate targets that can potentially force an exposed army to run out of cover and into the Voidweaver’s S5 AP3 blast.  Pretty exciting right?  Yes and no.  Yes in the fact that the firepower is respectable, but for the same amount of points spent at 715, you can take the same amount of points in Wave Serpents with an Autarch.  Are the two really comparable? Absolutely, because this is a game about points and that’s the one variable you can truly control (list design).

The next ones that stick out to me is The Serpent’s Brood and The Heroes’ Path.  When I look at Serpent’s Brood, I see everything that I think is competitive lumped up onto one formation.  You have the mandatory Troupe tax, but you have 3 Starweavers, a Voidweaver and 2 units of Skyweavers.  If you take 3x Jetbikes, you’re looking at 875 with the suggested config and a Prismatic Cannon.  Not the cheapest of the lot, but you get the Skyweavers for additional shots and Eldar Jetbike movement.  Frankly, I would still go with the Starweaver spam in the Masque detachment as long as you keep things cheap.

Lastly, we have the Heroes’ Path.  So you have the Death Jester, Shadowseer and Solitaire, but they can’t join units, cannot join other characters, but gain Infiltrate, Shrouded and Stealth.  This is what you take on top of the Masque detachment, giving you a Solitare with Infiltrate, Shrouded and Stealth to increase his survivability while he makes his way to exposed enemy units.  The Deathjester needs to go into one of the empty Starweavers before he dies from Ignore Cover, and the poor Shadowseer needs to be kept back, kept cheap, and hopefully you can roll something good on Telepathy.  Why Telepathy?  You will at least be able to Witchfire from a Starweaver instead of having a useless Primaris because he can’t join units.  Plus, Telepathy just has better support spells since the ones you really want (Shrouding, Invis) are both Blessings.  Remember, stay away from the leadership bombing bullshit.  It’s a points trap, especially when you consider that the formation itself is already 265 points at its base.

Just for perspective, you know what I think 265 points for 3 guys can buy you instead?  Maybe +4 Venoms/Raiders in a RSR detachment, 2 Ravagers, 2 Razorwings, another full stock gunboat + more with blasters, 2 half-stock gunboats with blasters, a gunboat plus a WWP Archon, a Wraithknight, a unit of Fire Dragons in a WS, an almost full squad of Dire Avengers in WS, the list goes on and on.  While some of you might be getting irritated by my constant comparisons, I think it’s much needed when it comes to competitive choices.

p.txt-32Poise and Precision


When it comes to synergy, you have to consider the points investment that you’re going to commit to the army.  If you take the suggested Masque detachment, you’re paying 715 points (3 Troupes in Starweavers, 2 empty Starweavers, 1 Voidweaver) for 33 S6 Shrukien Cannon shots from 6 AV10 Open-top vehicles with 2 HP a piece.  The Harlequins themselves are not really going to do anything except for hiding in cover, out of line of sight and play the scoring game.  Not being a normal force org means you can’t load up on Starweavers and you’re limited with how many you can take for Troop and Fast choices.

Like I said previously, the lack of list flexiblity is what’s limiting this codex, not the actual units themselves.  Well, the Troupe tax is frustrating, but 165 points for 6 S6 shots is not bad.  It’s just not as good as a unit of Dire Avengers in a Wave Serpent with Scatter Laser for 185.  If both units inside are considered tax, you’re still spending money on a more accurate shooting platform, with greater damage, much more durability, and tactical flexibility due to Ignore Cover.  Before you commit to this codex, and especially if you’re looking to pair either Harlequins or Eldar to your Dark Eldar, I think the choice for better allies is painfully obvious.

So that’s what I mean when I say the book is not really competitive.  There are just better options out there with all things considered, especially if you’re looking to ally Harlequins with Eldar or Dark Eldar.  Dark Eldar would rather have Eldar allies because of reliable psychic and shooting, and Eldar would rather have more of its own units because it has the capacity to do so.  That makes the Harlequin codex the red-headed stepchild of the 3 Eldar choices sadly.

Play for the fluff, stay for the art, but keep these guys away from the tournament scene because there’s better options out there.  For more Dark Eldar or Harlequin stuff, check out HERO’s Gaming Blog.

  • Bartosz Koc

    It is not competitive? Geewiz, looks like GW is forcing players to play like it was meant, rather than trying to compete 😉

    • ReverendTiberiusJackhammer

      Really not sure why there’s this idea that competitive and fun/fluffy are mutually exclusive. If anything, competitive design makes the fun/fluffy stuff more fun and fluffy – a pitched battle is much more entertaining than a curbstomping.

      • mac40k

        It’s the difference between buying the models because they look cool, I want to get them to paint them up and then figure out how to get some use out of them on the tabletop vs. pull out the spreadsheet, do the analysis this guy has done and determine that for the equivalent points, there are better choices, ergo don’t waste money on the models. GW is not hiding the fact that their market is the former rather than the latter.

    • BrianDavion

      the minute I read this was a review “from a compeitive standpoint” I pretty much assumed the review was going to be summerized as “IT’S NOT OP ENEUGH IT SUX!”

  • dakota5X5

    Am i the only one plotting to use death jesters embedded into dark eldar kabbalite squads in raiders to destroy any non-fearless unit with their directional fall back shenanigans?

    de archon with armour of misery (-2 enemy ld)
    kabbalites x5 with raider +-death jester

    another unit of kabbalites or similar with shadow seer ( helm of mysteries (-2 enemy ld) in raider + another death jester.
    bomb up to enemy unit that’s non-fearless in the raiders. park up the raiders side on to form a “v” as close as possible. shoot the unit with death jesters. enemy taking wounds from them must make LD check at -6. if they fail force them to run into the oncoming raiders. enemy is auto-destroyed as they’re forced to double-back (see trapped! BRB pg58).
    won’t work on fearless units, but against most stuff that will wipe them without saves, know no fear etc.

    • Charon

      And how do you get the DJ?
      You either have to buy 3 troupes, heavy and fast attack to unlock them (which is around 500 points without equipment) or… nothing really as the only 2 formations with DJ do not allow him to either leave his troup unit or join any other unit.

      • hokiecow

        Easy, you purchase the DJ. You pair an unbound Harlie list with a DE list.

        • Charon

          Because everybody accepts to play unbound.

          • hokiecow

            Why not? It’s no different then a formation with out special rules.

          • Charon

            If it is not different from a formation without special rule why not just pick this formation?
            Aaah… right because it does not exist

          • josh kendall

            If you don’t accept unbound, then go play your home brew game with someone else. It’s part of the game, get over it.

          • Charon

            It comes down to consent. should I force my parners? Should they force me?

          • Jacob


          • Charon

            “It is part of the game”.
            Does this mean I can force my gaming partner into accepting unbound? Do I have to just accept anyone going unbound?
            It comes down to consent (even the rules say so). No consent, no unbound. And my gaming group does not play unbound anyways. So the advice “just go unbound” is a little bit stupid.

          • deris87

            I don’t consent to use Overwatch. It hurts my assault based armies, so I don’t consent to the Wall of Death rule.

          • Charon

            Other than unbound, Overwatch is not optional as stated in the basic rules.
            Sure nobody stops your gaming group from ignoring the overwatch rules – your choice.
            But the same as unbound, you are not entitled to force your chosen playstyle upon others who agree not to use this optional army creation tool.

          • endbuster

            At this point they are just flaming you to get a reaction. Better off to just let it go. If they want to ignore the fact you can choose to play unbound casually and very often players will discuss the type of game beforehand, they can. But honestly they are just trying to get a rise out of you.

          • deris87

            That is a vacuous statement and could be said of any facet of the game. I could refuse to play any legal unit or army for any variety of reasons, it doesn’t mean that unit/army is not legal.

          • John Bower

            Unbound is no worse than a formation or a CAD, what is people’s hang up with it? Tell you what, face a bloody good player with a necron Decurion Detachment at 1500 points, we’ll see whether you think unbound is so bad after that.

          • dubhgilla

            Do they really have to be a good player?

          • John Bower

            Probably reasonable; a poor player like me can lose with anything. LOL

          • In an article referring to the competitive nature of a codex, bringing up unbound as a way of validating their competitive worth is kind of silly since unbound is rarely allowed in competition.

          • deris87

            Then your group has a serious problem. There’s plenty of CAD compliant lists that are broken as anything you can do in Unbound. If the people you play against find a single Death Jester in a legal list to break the game that badly, then I don’t know what to tell you.

          • Charon

            And you are in the psoition to make such a statement because you are someone special?
            We all agreed to not use unbound. No matter if it is one additional DJ or 8 Riptides. We decided not to play unbound. How is this hard to understand?
            We do general rules. No means no. Not that hard.
            That also means we have more time to play instead of arguing out what is ok and what not.

          • deris87

            Then you’re playing homebrewed rules and need to stop casting value judgements on people who use the rules as written, and acting as if your group’s house rules are the standard others should follow. You are reading an awful lot into the “players must agree…” clause. I could just as easily not agree to play against Battle-forged lists because I find Command Benefits categorically broken.

          • Charon

            Yes you can. Your game. But I do not expect you getting a lot of games with your preference. And to be honest, you seem like a dick anyways… so refusing to play you is probably better anyways.

  • David

    My plan for the Harlis(though it was too fragile) was to force multiple tank shocks at -4 Ld with a forced reroll. Also to do the forced fall forward into the Talos detachment for extra VPs

    • Da Masta Cheef

      Why bother with that? This past weekend I saw them used to force fall backs right off of the table edge…

      • Matt

        Exactly! Put the objectives close to the edge and force them off the table for the win. The army is clearly going to take finesse to play, but calling it noncompetitive already is silly. With the right skills, this army will be ballin. The thing that hurts it the most is no objective secured to be found since everything is outside a CAD.

        • TweetleBeetle

          People said Lictors and Tyranids in general were not competitive as well. Yet they’ve won the last two major tournaments. Granted, that has more to do with the player, but that’s the point: play them well, they are competitive. Dumb/bad players who just want to push models across and hope to win don’t deserve to.

          • ReveredChaplainDrake

            Nope. What’s competitive are the various gimmicky formation and detachment combinations that lets you field a dozen single Lictors each as independent units. The fact that the useful formations and ancillary what-nots can only be found in what amounts to $80 of turd polish is what ticks people off. The sticker shock alone makes a lot of Tyranid players want to rely more on the base codex wherever possible, and the base codex still sucks bricks.

            Look, we all know on some level that the game is pay-to-win. It’s just not supposed to be this obvious.

          • CertainlyNOTmccarthy

            Nice how you gloss over the fact that he also had 3 flyrants. Which are known to be crap right?
            Those licktors are the hard counter to serpent spam.
            Licktors are not amazing. They are just good against another very common list.

  • Nathaniel Wright

    because toughness 3 stopped any of the other pointy-eared gits from doing marvelous things.

    • Nathaniel Wright

      And after looking back, has this guy -ever- had anything positive to say about a new codex? Jeez.

      • archied

        About 40k codexes? Not for quite a while. Make of that what you will.

    • Charon

      To be fair, not the T3 space fairys doing these marvelous things. Mainly their AV12 Transports and their T8 knights. All min squad T3 Eldar are safe and sound in the belly of their transports, just leaving if they are in hit range.

      The main problem is that “glass cannons” do not really work well as shooting is a big factor in 40k. The best melee units out there are cannons with additional armor plates around them. Bikes, Thunderwolves,…
      Beeing a glass cannon in 40k means “I suicide”. You point them at a valuable target (as they are expensive themselves) and hope they blow it up before they get shot to shreds next turn. It is not that they are difficult to get into combat, the problem is that it is difficult to keep them alive after a combat. and even then there are not a lot of units that are expensive and can’t fight them off on their own.

      All in all the Codex is not bad… but far awy from good. The detatchment and formations prevent you to pick the good stuff and forces you to pick multiple bad units.

      It is also quite hard to ally a small faction of Harlies to your DE or Eldar (or both, as ambassadors between their forces) as they are so point heavy as you can’t just pick an allied CAD.

    • deris87

      Eldar and Dark Eldar are solid because their units are actually appropriately costed for their abilities. The basic Troupers are pretty pitiful for their points. Compare them to Daemonettes or Incubi (assuming you buy the kiss) and they don’t stack up well at all, and it’s not like either of those are considered uber-competitive choices.

      • endbuster

        How does the threat range compare with Eldar and DE, though. If you get the Rising Crescendo, shouldn’t you be able to land a charge from 30 inches away on avg dice. (12 inch vehicle/disembark from front 6 inches/pyschic phase stuff/RUN 6ish/CHARGE 6ish).

        • deris87

          You can’t disembark if the vehicle moved more than 6″. So you’re talking 6″ move, 6″ disembark, ~5″ run, ~10″ charge. So more like 27″ charge assuming average dice aftet Fleet re-rolls. The problem is still that an average Overwatch will reduce a Harlequin squad to unimpressive mediocrity given their high points cost, and you have to take a number of tax units to even get Rising Crescendo in the first place.

      • PinkyandtheBrain

        For 2

        • deris87

          For 2? It sounds like your post got cut off.

  • sethmo

    “Primaris. Veil of Tears – Warp Charge 1. You know it. You love it. You swear by it. Anyone who tries shooting at your psyker’s squad has to roll 2d6x2.”

    So you totally ignored this. And seeing as turn two on you have a massive threat range on every unit….

    • Drayke

      Yep unlike the author said you don’t need a shadowseer at psyker level 2. The Primaris I plan on casting almost every turn. where as, the warp charge 2 powers I’ll cast a couple times a game if i get them. Usually that’s going to be when I’m not going to be casting the Veil anyway.

  • life of adept brian

    Note to the author: ppm is already a term of measurement. If you are going to make up abbreviations, you’ll have to be more creative. Otherwise you are saying that the models are 0.000019 points each. Besides, you are already writing a lengthy article, so why not just write “points per model”?

    GD internet these days… you can’t just make sh!t up. It’s laziness trying to look clever. No other issue with the article – sorry, but things like that put me off… Don’t just make sh!t up.

    • Note to the responder: lots of abbreviations exist that share the same letters but are used in totally different context. I’m glad you remember high school science – my tax dollars at work 🙂

      • Me

        As an ex-military, ex-medical, and current I.T. person, I can attest to this. Some of this makes for hilarious confusion during career switches. It really helps to view the acronym or abbreviation in context.

        • Nom

          Hence the practice of the first reference in an article being the nomenclature in full followed by the abbreviation in brackets.

        • Damistar

          The military has always had a problem with TMA

  • Right, but lets look at it in the context of its allies the way it seems like it was designed to be run, not as a stand alone book.

    • plasmaspam

      Exactly – I’m quite optimistic about what Heroes Path and Faolchu’s Blade will bring to my Saim Hann.

    • Drayke

      agreed I’m starting to take harlies with my tau to test them out. My first game a squad of harlies wrecked a necron back line before my opponent sent his entire army into assault with them to kill the squad. The squad easily made their point back I just hope I can turn that into a regular event.

      Although my opponent made a mistake at the beginning that set up the first charge.

  • Crablezworth

    If it can’t stand on its own, why is gw calling it a codex?

    • Nom

      Because it’s a book.

    • benn grimm

      Adds value I guess…;)

  • Nom

    Repeating the tired, old “This is a shooting edition” nostrum, eh?

    • endbuster

      Yeah, I’m tired of that, and I even play Tau (who are somehow less shooty than Eldar in this meta). I think that even though ignores cover is pretty often seen, troupes in Starweavers cruising 12 inches across the board, disembarking, getting pysker buffs, and then charging will be pretty good, if not great.

      • archied

        they cant disembark if the starweaver moved 12

        • endbuster

          Yeah I forgot its 6, well. Ill settle for 26-28 inch avg threat range.

      • Except that’s not rules legal.

        • endbuster

          yeah 6 inches, my bad. But still respectable provided you can get past overwatch.

          • Junks001

            Overwatch really isnt as scary as people seem to think it is, either. Even rolling 20 bolter shots, snapshotting, wounding, and then saves, you only cause something like 1-2 wounds on average. If my math is right.

            As a Dark Eldar player who enjoys his wyches, you kinda just have to deal, and more often than not you take very few wounds.

          • deris87

            That’s assuming no flamers, which are hardly rare in tactical squads. 8 bolters and a flamer will kill 2 Harlequins on average, leaving you 4 from your Starweaver squad. Those 4 (with Harlequins Kisses) will kill 3 or 4 Space Marines. I honestly don’t find that all that impressive for a dedicated melee squad that costs almost as much as the tac squad, being as it requires you to take one of two formations that have a lot of tax units. It also assumes everything goes perfectly for the Harlie player and that he doesn’t get blown out of his AV10 transports.

          • endbuster

            Cool girl Shadowseer is there to maybe drop that pin too with the nade launcher and really make the boys sweat.

  • jonathon

    I can’t wait for the day when we can look back & re-evaluate all these books without the grim specter of the wave serpent looming over our shoulders…. Wave serpents, grav-centurions &Tau suits with missiles… how the game could go so wrong in the spam of just six months…

    • ReveredChaplainDrake

      I remember how we all thought the game would be better when we no longer had to deal with 5th ed Grey Knights. Pretty soon we’ll be looking at all armies under the looming specter of Decurion Wraiths. GW is incapable of fixing old broken without putting out new broken to replace it.

      • endbuster

        Its not the decurion wraiths you should be afraid of. Its the Judicator Battalion’s Praetorians with targeting protocols.

  • Larry Mann

    I have done quite a few games, I take no skyweaver transports and use the Masque formation. I would have to say that your use for various things is 1 dimensional. Watching Dethjesters force units off the table in turn 1 instead of pulling them closer just for an example.

  • Commissar Molotov

    I don’t need ’em to be “competitive.” I just wanna have fun with ’em, dern it!

  • Matt Lewis

    Weird the book is so poop when it comes hot on the heels of Gws latest Brokecron game balance abortion…

  • Kevin Maloney

    I’m in agreement that I’m disappointed that I can’t field Harlies as a CAD or Allied Detachment. GW is pretty much forcing me to use formations (and thus have them dictate my army list for me), or go Unbound and further kick internal game balance out the window.

    Kinda makes me despair for how the game is progressing, but maybe thats just me.

    • Pascalnz

      when you use a cad or ally detachment you are being dictated as well…. you’re just used to it

      • Kevin Maloney

        Except in a CAD, I am just restricted to the slots I can use, not being straight up told to use certain units. As for allied detachments, its a big deal– if I want to use Harlies with my Dark Eldar, I cant simply take a (nonexistent) HQ choice, a Troupe unit, and a unit of Skyweavers to compliment my existing force, I HAVE to spend a lot of points on the miniumum requirements of a Masque detachment.

        • Pascalnz

          Just like the detachment you can take for harlies. Legion of the dammed has less choices but no one moans they are forced to take only that unit…. it’s the only one available. By not allowing an allied formation and CAD they empahsise that harlies just aren’t objective secured guys and that they really like to perform together in groups and don’t like to be split up form there “troupe”

          It’s a brand new army with only a few slots and units…. you can’t be annoyed at GW for organsing a new army in a certain way, you never had a way to play them before so it can’t step on your toes with what you had before.

          I personally love that GW are making good use out of detachments and formations. It’s harder to cherry pick just the best units… OH NO! 😛

  • PinkyandtheBrain

    Yes the codex is by a large distance the weakest out there at the moment. That is not surprising as it is a new codex with very few options. Heck following your list building advice leaves you completely incapable of harming AV13+ (apart from 1 AV10 two HP vehicle) and really struggling with even AV12. I agree the detachment is ludicrously over restrictive (I personally would never advise anyone to go near the Masque) and likewise most of the Formations are awkward. You can use them as Allies fine just not use the Allied Detachment.

    However the formation you’ve missed is Falchou’s Wing which is the strongest in the book. Yes you get more S6 shots from the Starweaver but you get JSJ from Skyweavers which is huge for Harlies. Add in rerollable jinks and either S6 Ap2 blasts or Ap2 CC punch and the Skyweavers are the heart of the book. Use that as the main the building block of your force and you can be a little competitive.

    As for the Solitaire and path of heroes. Use the DJ as a throw away distraction unit. Hide the shadow seer out of LoS and mask plus Psychic shriek make him a threatening annoyance. Pop out of hiding fire mind bullets then run back out of LoS so you don’t get fired back at so the enemy has to come forward to get you. Hide the Solitaire out of LoS in midfield. Don’t throw him into combat use him for board control. Your opponent won’t want to come near him so just keep him in midfield hiding and waiting. He can win you the game without ever killing a model. Harlequins need lots of LoS blocking terrain to work competitively but they can just about manage if but require you to outplay your opponent.

  • BT

    Damn GW for not making them competitive, damn them all to hell!

  • dubhgilla

    This should have been a great money maker for GW but forcing people to play using formations is going to cost GW a lot of potential sales. I personally would have brought a couple of Skyweaver and Starweaver boxes to go with my 80’s metal Harlequins. I believe I wouldn’t have been alone in that $200-300au purchase to field a cool ally. GW you are far to greedy and its really P’ing your dedicated fans off. What a horrible missed opportunity.

  • ken

    Troupes come in 6s not 5s and afair, you have to take at least six, so no ics riding along.

    • archied

      Not true

      “4 Players

      1 Troupe Master”

      Though i will agree, that makes it odd that they sell them in boxes of 6

      • ken

        Wow, not sure how I missed this! Lol. Thanks.

        • archied

          easily done, when i got the book, i hadnt even looked at the troupe unit size, just assumed it was 5. But when i realised the troop box had 6 guys in it i had to go back and check the book.

  • Matthew Trent

    Any merit in allying with Imperium or Tau?